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God has revealed himself to you through a burning bush
He tells you
"Humanity has sinned for too long, damnation they will receive".
You are given a choice
>You solely bare all of humanities sins and burn excruciating in hell for eternity while all others will enter heaven
>You experience heaven while the rest burn in hell
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Option 2. Jesus fucking christ.

I've spent every day of the last 11 years of my life sitting in front of a computer browsing 4chan and watching anime.

I'm so worn out with NEET existence now but I'm completely isolated from society, have no friends, no hobbies, no need to work.

How do I get back into life?
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It was too late yesterday

How old are you? Have you lived with your parents for 11 years?

Start out small. Begin some sort of hobby which doesn't involve your computer, start a routine where you wake up at the same time each day etc. It's impossible to simply jump back into society from one day to another
dude work and school suck and i still have no friends. I envy you.

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>weeb white girls going under the knife like Korean women do is the final form
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whats the purpose of 'get a job' if i cant have a qt gf because im a 5'6 ugly manlet?
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>Entrepreneur/Business owner/Model
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But anon I am an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses and I have modelled in my early childhood.

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please tell who is this guy???????????? why someone post this here
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is he suicidal or something....???
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someone said its tutkija

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If a girl rejects you should you bother talking to her anymore?

I know that the answer is 'no' usually, but I was wondering if it would ever work
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If you like her as a person, a friendship can't hurt. If you only wanted to fuck her then there's no point.

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>tfw no self-effacing bf
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>tfw no self-raping bf

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>Anon, somebody tried to set my building on fire! why do people is so bad! i'm sure he is a ugly kissless virgin!, we should kill them!
what do you say
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Um. But white weeb girls
>not setting your oneities's apartment on fire so you can offer her a place to stay
Get on our lvl scrubs
Well, if i'm seeing this, it's most likely because I've finally snapped.

"Eh, I've had a good run. Who needs to die first?"

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>tfw your favorite trans pornstar has a bigger dick than you
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all the gay porn i watch, amateur or not, they all have bigger dicks than me. but then again i am pretty small so i don't mind that much.

When you're bidding on something on ebay, does the seller have to sell you the item no matter the price? That is, if he didn't set a reserve price. Does he have to sell his shit to me even if the price came to like 2 dollars?
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I think there can be a hidden reserve but im not sure, I just use buy now sellers.
Most sellers set a minimum bid.
Pretty much yeah, they cancel the whole thing if they think it won't go higher if he bid is still going but if the bid ended at 2 dollars he has to sell it for 2 dollars.

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Do you guys actually believe a girl will tell you the truth about her sexual past? If chad fucked her in the alleyway she wouldn't be proud of that and will just think that one doesn't count. Please tell me you guys aren't this naive. You will think you got a virgin girlfriend then 20 years later find out she lied. She is not obligated to tell the truth.
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Nope, that's why I can't stand women 99% of the time. All my friends have girls that regularly hang out with us, I mostly stay at home when they do. Or maybe I just am autist.
>I am insecure so I will attempt to make others insecure

Who cares. As long as she doesn't have an STD/STI, and we get along well enough it wouldn't matter to me.

Personally I think virgin girls are overrated sexually speaking, but emotional attraction is circumstantial for me. People want to follow their biological instinct, luckily we live in an age where contraception and birth control prevents unwanted pregnancies.

/r9k/ has a hard on for women with virginity (in the hopes they're virgins well on into their 20's and 30's) simply because the insecurity of being a virgin themselves in contemporary society makes them feel emasculated.

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Post examples of you being devilish or devilish things in general

I'll start
>see someone's thread is at page 9
>type "bump" in text field
>type "sage" in options field
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Saaave miii
bump your thread

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This might be my chance to lose my virginity /r9k/ to an actual cute girl. I got a date off tinder with a cute girl, like the kind one might post in a waifu thread here who seems like she wants to fug bad, like made it explicit over messages (inb4 someone calls me degenerate scum because I actually want to know what sex is like)

But the issue is I'm not so sure on a place to do it, she says her folks are here and I'm home for the summer from uni so my parents and brother are too. I might be able to have the basement all to myself at night time but my mother has a bad habit of waking up if the house literally creaks so it worries me.

Why aren't there things like love hotels in the west or how could we do this quietly.
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you didn't put "fembot/femanon here" in the title
Step 1: Post cowtits as pic related....
>on 4chan

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