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None of these reasons apply. Except my parents but fuck em.
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Same, don't have a dad, and I despise my mom. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I had been considering it anyway, tomorrow the Sherrifs department will be coming to evict me from an apartment i was suoposed to move out of 5 months ago, but theres no where else to live.
Guess it's time to say good bye, I'd like to say it's been fun, but it's been almost 30 years of living a nightmare.
>being in romantic relationships and having a best friend that cares about you is normal for other people
Wow, I wonder how that feels like.

If I killed myself my parents would probably be sad for a while for realising they fucked up when raising me, but their life would improve greatly by not having a disappointment like me leeching off them. My 3 friends would wonder if it was their fault for a few days and then forget about me entirely and go hang out with the cooler friend they have - they already forget about me now, anyway. I think the only reason I haven't killed myself so far is that I would at least like my death to have some sort of impact where my life didn't, but I don't see that happening.
>wahh i was a piece of shit to my friend or family member who killed themselves, now that they're dead I play the victim card so I don't have to deal with the crippling weight that I was partially responsible for driving them to suicide

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>You may have no gf.
>You may have no friends.
>You may never experience the warmth of love.
>You may not have a job.
>You may have disappointed your family.
>You may feel like you have failed yourself.
>You may feel lost and alone.

But you are not alone...

Someone is there for you...He is waiting with open arms in acceptance.
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But I don't know which kind of Christianity to pick, and if I choose wrong, I will suffer for eternity.
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Amen. I tried to create this thread the other day. How many christfags are out there?
Jesus? I think I met him. Or at least that was his name. He's the short Mexican down the street who gave me 2 poppers and some weed and fucked my boypussy

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Get it out folks. You know what Im talking about.

>try the trap gf meme multiple times irl
>had one for months

>sucked his dick
>salty taste, immediately disgusted after
>licked his balls
>cold and ball smell
>I get disgusted after smelling my own balls nowadays
>jacking him off
>his hot cum touches my hand
>whenever I jack off and cum gets on my hand I think about that

there is worse...

>have gay friend who wants to be a tranny
>fat, bitchy gay
>one time after party let him suck me off
>dont know why I done this
>disgusting memory

And what I listed, I never had an ejaculation, but that might be for the better.

>bring home roastie
>we proceed to sex
>her vag is hairy
>lick the vag thru the panties, even though I know it will sure not be the best
>lick it
>disgusting piss smell

I dont know anons. When I first had sex at 14, a girl sucked me off and it felt so good. Now sex is becoming like a strange thing to me. Even masturbating just feels weird, as if Im losing sexuality. Im lonely and these memories are destroying me.
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Get the fuck out you fucking non-virgin normie.

Non-virgins CANNOT be depressed meaning this thread is just a troll. Saged and reported.
Why don't you try to abstain from sex and masturbation for a few months? Also from porn, while you're at it. Just so you can reset your brain
I dont give a fuck, man

Yeah, I thought about it, but then I would still need masturbating. If I dont do it for 1.5 weeks my brain will become a potato

Give me gf or give me death
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I just want death now.
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It's easier to give you death at this point.
I want my brain and heart to explode while I'm sleeping so I won't wake up ever again.


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>go to class today
>95% of roasties are luggging around their Starbucks iced coffee

why are women such a pathetic hivemind?
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I wish I knew senpai

this is original
>tfw like starbucks recently

Haha...it's expensive yet somehow good?
Females are like lemmings.

Show a strong leader and they'll follow mindlessly, even if the leader is a psychopath.

post yourself as a gf/bf and see how many anons would date you
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Here's a template for guys
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the mods are deleting these threads now guys

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Why does the average woman look so ugly without makeup?
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Because we are accustomed to seeing make up on their faces, and its a glaring difference when someone doesn't have it now.
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They seem ugly because we're not used to seeing most without it. I know some girls that look decent without yet they continue to wear it
Because most women are ugly. The makeup bumps them up to average or above average but they're still ugly. Makeup is a trillion dollar business aimed solely at artificially raising female SMV.

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Are Charity fucks real? How can I get one? do I put a little coin dispenser near the register at the market and with a pic of me with a dirty sad face covered in flies saying "women,donate phone numbers for sex to help a poor robot in need"
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I wish the world worked like this,anon. I really do.
If only it were that simple
Yes, my friend Chad gets charity fucks all the time.

>be me, 18, fresh out of highschool
>skinny and pale, convinced I have some Asian in me because completely hairless and little dick
>sticking around before going to uni
>been working at this grocery store I live by as a bag boy for about a year and a half
>This guy, we will call him Jose, works as cashier
>he's 20, we've been talking for a while and are decent friends
>6'5, super fit body, goes to our local gym 5 times a week
>Always cashiers my station and we chat a lot
>One night he comes over to my house for a sleepover with friends. He brings weed cookies and we're all having a good time watching adult swim late at night and getting high
>I eat half one and it doesn't kick in
>friends all leave at midnight but him, he's sleeping over
>were playing mariokart and shit when my high kicks in at 2 am
>whole memory is kind of fuzzy but Jose starts getting touchy, grabbing my thigh sometimes and my shoulder occasionally
>always been straight but a little curious as well
>Were playing Overwatch and he says if he can get 5 Merle kills as mei in a row I have to blow him
>I laugh my ass off and say you're on (I'm constantly laughing and giggling from the weed anyway)

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Fuck off to the gay board with this shit, for fucks sake.
>Fuck off to the gay board with this shit, for fucks sake.
hahahaha someone is PISSED HAAHHA


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Robots need help

>have gf
>be with her for almost a year now
>everything is cool
>first issue is she had an ex she hasn't spoken to in 2 years.
>she cried a lot because he stopped talking to her and she lost his friendship (we were dating when this happened)
>he never responded so I figured whatever
>now I look at her phone while she's in the shower
>she texted a guy last night saying she missed him and hoped he was doing well and linked him to one of her favorite songs
>guy said he missed her too
>when I confronted her about it she said they were just friends

Robots should I be concerned? She says she just wants friendship with these guys but this is suspicious. That said she doesn't have a lot of friends.
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Install a keyloger on her phone. If shit goes downhill with her and the friend, just leave.
>Not controling your GF
That's the problem with girls who have exs. They'll always have feelings for them and they will go right back to fucking them if the opportunity ever arises.

Unless she's the kind that convinces herself she utterly hates her exs. But she won't keep contact at all. She'll cut them out of her life completely and act like they never existed.

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Femanons,would you date a ladyboy?
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>two legs
>lack of chitinous exoskeleton
>weak jaws insufficient for ripping her mate's head off to consummate the mating ritual
gay as fuck. i'm a human by the way
As a translesbian,I too must know.
Something is wrong with his right breast.
but i'd suck it anyway

OK, lets see your 10/10. Only ones so qt that it's hard to believe she has ever put penises in her mouth but deep down you know she has .
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1036536894 (1).jpg
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She's so pure looking but she had a kid, so at some point a guy put his dirty penis inside her and dropped a load in her.
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She's perfect 101. Too bad perfect girls date perfect guys.
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I guess no matter how cute they look, they eventually overcum to their inner desire for semen.

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>tfw I am literally incapable of enjoying things unless i am on a copious amount of drugs
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>tfw start drinking out of sheer boredom
>yesterday I got the shakes for the first time
>gonna drink again this night
Dabbin on my health and future hahahah
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>tfw nicotine withdrawal
>tfw eating like a fucking pig to compensate
Try crack and amphetamine, nicotine withdrawal is absolutely nothing compared to that.

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how does r9k feel about drug legalization?

reminder that no one deserves to be tortured by the State for consensually consuming something
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In before 2014 newfag /pol/shitters
your precious fuhrer was buzzed to the gills on meth
tfw alvvays album dropped this week so at least I got that going for me

I support legalization btw
File: images (2).jpg (5KB, 276x183px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
images (2).jpg
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all drugs should be legalized
>stop crime
>quality control
>tax income

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>being a brony
>current year

Just stop. You're not funny. It's not something quirky and interesting, you're just showcasing the signs of being a pants-shitting autist.

I want to know how you people can still exist. What makes you crave the disgusted looks of normal people? Why are you forcing yourself to watch a retarded cartoon? What makes it worth it? Some of you are actually attracted to these cartoon horses, which is absolutely disgusting, but why do you feel so proud about it? It should be obvious that you have a mental problem that needs to be solved.
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> It's not something quirky and interesting, you're just showcasing the signs of being a pants-shitting autist.
everyone knows that ... I wonder where you come from that made your brain almost accept their idiocy to the point of saying this. tell me OP
That's great go talk to them >>>/mlp/
Bronies still exist? I thought the fad died off a long time ago and the only people still obsessed over it were the people on /mlp/ desperately trying to, pardon the pun, beat a long dead horse.

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