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Did he ever make you smell his feet ?
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In Boy Scouts they used to make me sleep in a small tent by myself then would piss on my tent in the middle of the night.

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Sunflower seeds have been helping quit drinking and it's fun spitting shells everywhere I go to piss people off. What are your favorite brands and flavors?
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i used to just suck the salt off
It's fun eating them in stores and spitting shells on the floor and stuff
>tfw cracked a tooth eating them/
Never ate one since

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Come play territory wars with me r0b0ts
Its fun
Not a shill
proof= I h8 niggers
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This is just a daily reminder that you're not a robot if you don't participate in the day of the spray.
>it's almost time to bring out that acid boys
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We all be packing 10 inches and shit nigga
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whitey desperate that he made fake videos

Meanwhile IRL
That's not even long it's just fat
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Meanwhile IRL.

You're not an "INTP", you're not even autistic. You are just a beneficiary of our conquering of the infant mortality rates of the old days, a genetic mistake that modern technology has prevented nature from correcting.
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yes whooping cough used to wean out the rational personalities

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Why are black people so fucking obnoxious? What part of their culture compels them to hoot and howl at the top of their lungs in the most public of places?

>at the gym
>black manlet comes in with his thicc white girlfriend
>continuously groping her
>bellowing his encouragement as she does some sort of wheely-push-up thing across the room
>"YEAH, now DAT's what I'm talking about! Yeet! Yeet!"
>every fucking person is staring at the two of them

>park my car to walk to library
>nig-nog pulls his Dodge Ram onto the sidewalk
>walks out to greet another nog and leaves it running, blocking a fast food restaurant's only driveway
>"Yeah, homie, lemme tell youse bout dat pussy..."

>now at my university's main library
>sitting in a secluded section in the basement
>don't have to worry about noise because most students are gone for summer
>starting to get in the flow with an article I'm writing
>two or three black women come out of nowhere
>"Yeah, uh, dat one da most expensive... it like, fiddy dolla'!"
>take the table adjacent to my carrel
>talking noisily about stupid bullshit
>other white dude at the table opposite has a bamboozled expression on his face
>we make eye contact and share a White Man Moment

Seriously, what the fuck?

I really don't want to be racist. I've met fantastic black people here and there, but I can't help noticing African-American folks doing shit like this just because they can.
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Being racist is pretty natural. They have a culture that glorifies failure and living at the bottom of the totem pole with a crab mentality. I'm surprised there were some at a library.

I have absolutely nothing against people from Africa, India, the Middle-East, or Asia.

It's just fucking African-Americans and their loud-mouthed bullshit.

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>tfw you finally decide to go through all of your hard drives and sort the tens of thousands of shitposts, memes, anime, vidya, etc. that you have accumulated over the years
My stuff totals ~4 TB, how fucked am I?
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Who here /crazyeyes/? My family has already told me that I stare a lot when I talk and that I look crazy. Incidentally I have psychosis. Anyone else like this?

Also general mental illness thread
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It's the wide eyed look that makes you look crazy

If you can see the white on the top then you're giving the crazy look
Should I try and cultivate my crazy look to scare off the normies?

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>talk to normie coworkers for a change
>they just dismiss me like im bothering them
>make a joke, they ignore me
>mention anything to try a conversation, they just say something like "uh okay?" or "uh what?"
>send a friend request on facebook, get ignored
>only about 1 in 20 people respond and act like an actual human being

what the fuck is wrong with these people? I am a bit awkward, sure. but what the fuck do these people think they are playing at treating me this way?
and they do it in the way you can't call them out on it. these fucking people, it's really getting to me how pathetic these people really are.
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Why are we here? Just to suffer...? *bro fist* xDD
Huh... what?

Im sorry anon, but can you please leave? I'm tring to surf /r9k and you're just annoying me
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just be yourself faggot its not that hard rofl

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I'll start
>be 33, NEET for 8 years
>urge to buy drugs and drug accessories and a new, pimped out PC was too much
>get a shitty under the table dishwashing job.
>been at it for almost 3 weeks, already bought a bunch of cool stuff
Even though I've toughened up a bit after being a long term NEET it's still back breaking work, my hands feel arthritic, and I have to take aspirin every day. I'm sore and tired all the time, too tired to do yard work which has been piling up. Even so, things are looking up, I'm buying cool stuff, I have a short and long term plan, and I want to make my dead best friend proud. She always wanted the best for me.
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>have the flu for the last two days
>missed last two days of work because every time I try to go into the office I end up puking in the bathroom there
>don't know how I'm going to pay my rent at the end of the month
>going to try to make up for it with overtime
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from may-sept I work 55-60 hours per week, come home dead tired and drink myself to sleep.
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>Recent Uni dropout
>Spending my life at the Jobcenter looking for work so I may have the privilege to be a slave

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Could Bitcoin be the hidden weapon of the beta uprising? Back when it was brand new only basement dwelling incel like myself took it seriously, allowing us to gain the the early upper hand in coin trading. Now that Bitcoin is gaining widespread attention, normies will start padding the pockets of us incel and we will become the new wealthy elite.
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Isn't bitcoin falling.
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buy the dip you moldy cumrag
Just wait until it crashes and then buy. Hold onto it and cash out big time during boom number 3 at a later date.

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Come sit down in the comfy meme bar and share some music lads, original music welcome to put on the jukebox

Here's a cover just done by a robot found it in the britfeel thread it's pretty comfy I think

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classic you can't quite catch all the lyrics on the first listen takes a couple to get them all

why visit japan when you have the magic of the internet


another great live stream to chill too

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What's the point of playing video games anymore? Most of them are stale and forgetful. Also the gaming community ruins the hobby for me.
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>What's the point of playing video games anymore?

To pass the time, to fill the hole in your life that is otherwise not filled. It's an ersatz way of getting the experiences our brains crave.

>Also the gaming community ruins the hobby for me

I don't associate with the "gaming community", my Steam accounts are friends with lots of people and lots of groups but I did that for giveaways and gamers can be quite generous. But there is nothing gamers can do that I haven't seen before online.
Fembot here

Because they're FUN
>new vidya
I don't bother with. Haven't really for a few years. It's all cash grab shit these days, I've found.
I have a few video games that I play daily and have for years/decades (SC:BW/SC2/CSS) and just stick with those. In CS:S I have a regular server where everyone knows each other, so I can pretend I have friends - and I like starcraft a lot and 1v1 all day every day when you're a NEET is a good way to pass time.
I'm 26 and thought I'd be sick of vidya by now but nah, I have done nothing but since I was like 10, really, so I figure I'll be playing them in one manner or another till I die.

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