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Well, I've been going out with my 1st gf ever for about a year. The relationship was great till I started reading redpill bs and 4chan threads.

So I started believing my gf was a roastie meme. For the last 3 months I started fucking like she was a whore, real rough and demeaning her, spanking her and calling her my little slut. Obviously she liked it the 1st few times. It was something different then what we always did. I interpretate this as 'its true she is a roastie whore'. Keep fuckinhg like this.

We had a huge argument about I how thouht she disrespected me about something dumb. She is destroys me in the agrument using logic and common sense. I say she is just playing victim. Argument lwads to her telling me that i have made her feel unloved, used and like a piece of shit during sex, which has lead to her to hating me. She wants nothing to do with me...

Thanks 4chan, thanks internet. Thanks anons. Plz kill urselves
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>tfw you fall for jewish tricks
your fault for being such a autist you fucking retard, only a pussy blames the fucking internet and 4chan for their own stupidity
Problem is that i) it's out of your character - incongruent with past actions. ii) it's just not her cup of tea. iii) blaming other people for the fallout for your relationship. iv) if it ain't broke, don't fix it - you tried to fix an already 'good' relationship, should have just warned her first. v) kys

suckle on mommys milky udders
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so delicious, come suck on mom's titties
I hate dumbass "hey anon, *something*" threads but those nipples are fairly attractive. I do indeed want to suck on them.
But, I must sleep. Fuck your thread.
Post suckable nips like in the op and don't bloxpost, faggot

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i can only fall asleep when i'm dead tired because if i lie in bed with my eyes closed every depressing thought possible comes into my mind.

anyone else have this issue?
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I doesn't halt mt sleep but it sure as hell delays it
It's gotten much worse through the years
I listen to Nujabes to help me sleep, I also leave the tv on because it drowns out the bad thoughts

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Why do girls do this? What is their problem?
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The steroids abusing balding manlet on the right deserved it though
he's not even big
Because roasties need to put others down too feel like they're above the rest

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I'm starting to think that I'm destined to die either in a freak accident or by my own hands before I hit 30.
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>by my own hands before I hit 30.

i thought the same thing but i turned 30 this year and have been too much of a pussy to actually kill myself.
One of the reasons I want to die by the hands of someone else, like a mugger or some shit.
>missed out on teen pussy
>gotta be a mature man now

Your anus.

I will take it by force, anon. And there's nothing you can do to stop me.
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Can't take it by force if I give consent and beg you for it
I like that Russian asuka cosplayer
Goodnight anon, hope you have a good day/night
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Oh, that can be arranged. More energy for foreplay.
that guy has big nipples

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>it's another "anon has a dream of a several month period in which he meets and falls in love with a beautiful girl, has hundreds of intimate moments and happy memories, then wakes up to a boiling hot windowless room alone" episode
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i wish i had dreams
Stay up for a day or thereabouts until your really really tired, like can't keep eyes open, then sleep, you should sleep 10-14 hours and have a deep sleep, it's pretty likely you'll enter REM sleep because of this which is when dreams happen
Try this:

set your alarm clock 3-4 hours before you usually wake up.
When it rings wait a few 1-2 minutes before going back to bed.

if everything goes ok you should have a dream you can partially remember

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>start workout and diet plan, eat half as much and go to gym every day
>weigh myself after one week on BMI machine
>gained 1 kg
>machine also records height
>says i'm 5'10
>thought I was 6'1
>this nightmare never ends
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You probably gained muscle. If you're pretty overweight and you're doing workouts that would build muscle, I find the best thing to do is pay less attention to the number on the scales and just take notice of your body changing in the mirror. It's more real to see the change rather than a number go up and down.

Also stop complaining you're 5'10. I thought I was 5'6 until I measured and found out I was 5'5.
>getting dismayed after one week.

get back to us after one year, fag.
this >>38864535

muscles weigh more than fat, hombre

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>tfw you will never be a level 3 completely new to Runescape killing cows and excited to get that cool blue armor the guy next to you has
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i've just lost like 4m doing bandos with my brother (i bought a fucking whip with a kraken tentacle and a shitload of supplies, we only did 9 kills, not even a good drop)
Can we have daily runescape threads please? If the britfeel fags can do it, we can do it
>Posted a rs meme of 3d graphics.
Tfw rs 2000 will never be a meme again. God these fucking millennials have no idea how exciting party hat drops were.

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Women are not human. They're not. They aren't like you and me. They look like humans but they aren't.
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>One women does and says stupid things
>women aren't human
did she seriously say this shit?

Even if she unironically felt like this what kind of asshole would say this garbage?
She said what every woman thinks.

(((hypothetically))) could I hang myself with one of these lightning cables? They seem pretty strong but they are thin. I want to kill myself but I know if I leave the apartment I wont do it so i am trying to find a way to kill myself with the stuff I have on me. I have a ten foot cable and I weigh about 160 lb give or take a few. Also i'm 6'0 but I would be hanging off of a balcony so I wouldnt be worrying about it being too short.
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There was a youtube video testing how much force it takes to break one. If you have an expensive one with good protection for the part where the cable and the charging thingy meet it might hold. The cable itself will most likely hold, but not sure about that weak spot
The one on that pic though will definitively not hold
The cable being that thin would be severely painful.
I recommend a rope pretty easy to get your hands on

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>finally stand up to bully Chad

>chokes me out in front of everyone
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>not being physically stronger than Chad
>not knowing Krav Maga
>stand up to Chad
>actually manage to kick his ass
>everybody thinks I'm a horrible person for beating up Chad
This actually happened to me. At first I was the shy weak guy Chad & co. loved to bully, then after I beat his ass I became the violent guy with a potential to be a school shooter.
There is no justice. Not in this world.

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Underrated thread. It's a shame the normies don't appreciate beaming examples of robot heritage like this.
I believe this masterpiece is a copy paste form another thread
Lines 1 and 2 I'd switch the order, line 3 change Refreshing to something with 2 syllables, like Wholesome or something. Line 5, could go either way on the repetition, perhaps instead Want it! Bring it! Give it now! Instead of 3 give its. Also line 6 there's no reason not to use cow instead of sow since udders were already used and the whole song is about milk. Line 7 just do Till instead of Until, 1 syllable too many. Line 8, either do I'll 3 times or And 3 times but not mixed. Line 9, same as 7, Till rather than Until.

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>tfw no fat gf to jiggIe
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But how jiggly do you like your belly gfs?
I am getting hard at the thought of fucking her fat ass
Please don't post fat acceptable Tumblr bs shit on this pure board.

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>promoted to store manager
>beat 4 others, and 2 with more experience than me
>asked area manager what set me apart
>"well you were confident; eye contact, strong handshake, and just wanted the job more"

Fucking meme magic man
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Lemme guess, the others were SJWs and the manager was just covering his ass with that excuse?
Proud of you, Champ. The handshake will be with you. Always.
>wanted the job more
how do you want something?

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