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>afraid of spiders
>nervous laugh
>make remarks that aren't funny or original
>smile like a retard when meeting someone I don't know
>bad eyesight
>big feet but average dick
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That's not genetic you're just bad
Only 2 of these are genetic.
Which ones knowitall?

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Why does /pol/ hate men who look like this?
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Because they are faggots

Maybe not literally, but still faggots
looks like the average /pol/ user hehe praise the sun :^) my memes are dank right guys make america great again am I right
they're the male version of the tumblrina that has dyed her hair in 14 different colors by now

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Oh Anonymous, this is the best moment in my life. Thank you for this, for everything, you are the world to me.
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kys originally
originally originall yoriginally
Now post the one where you walk in on a big black man fucking her
If only you were 2D. . . ROASTIE WHORE! *slaps everything out of her hands and pushes her away, laughing at her* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA *runs away into the night and never appears again*

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>finally lose my V card to this thick desperate chick that I met during volunteering
>sex was great
>feeling guilty and grossed out
>made clear to her that I'm only in for sex but she still messages me every day on hopes of forming a relationship

I'm feeling even more miserable than before bros
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This is a good idea anon. Where did you volunteer at?

And I'm sorry things didnt go well anon, but look on the bright side, you finally got laid! Fat girls aren't that bad anon, don't take this so seriously.
Well happy?

You're now a normie and can make fun of virgins!
That's why he's posting here

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I'm going to start Theater class next month guys
What should I expect? Mom said it will help me getting friends and with my depression/anxiety. I think it will be good but I'm nervous. I mean, my plan is doing theater class then becoming a Voice actor for living, since it doesn't seem like a stressful job. Again, what should I expect?
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Theatre kids can be extroverted, but generally accept people easily. They tend to be nice people, often lgbt of some sort. You'll likely be nervous and mess up things, but anyone experienced will understand.
At least that's been the experience with the theatre groups I've been in
I could never do something like that I'm way too introverted and have very poor body image. You'll probably end up backstage somewhere.

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my hairline is like pic releated

am i fucked?

i dont know if it's receding hairline or my natural hairline

im 19yo
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Is that Shia Lacuck?

M shape foreheads don't go bald

It will on slightly receide into your 40s

If you have the c shape you have a high probablitly of going comletely bald
Looks like a NW2. You don't need meds yet just take pictures every 6 months to see if it is thinning or receding further.

My hairline was also like that at 19 and it's still the same at 28, but some of my friends who had the same are almost totally bald now. So you just have to keep monitoring it and get on Finasteride if it gets any worse.

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>realize I made retarded post
>close that board and go on another board
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>get mad
>type out 50 lines of insults
>realize I'm a sperg
>pretend it never happened
>Lose an argument
>Call him a retard and say his argument is wrong
>Leave thread
>Hide thread
>Pretend it never happened
This is the best part about about anonymity, only half of the anxiety about what I say, because I can hide a thread when I mess up what I say and shitpost elsewhere.

>ywn have a view like this in real life
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Yeah because my dick isn't that tiny.
Hey, it's bigger than it looks
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>mfw I did but I lost her to her coworker

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Why aren't you listening to trap music yet? It gets you hyped and full of energy. The beats are energetic and the lyrics are catchy. What's your excuse?
>inb4 nigger music
Fuck off and go back to listening to your sad songs and cry for being sad.

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Why's the nig in the background with a pacifier?
i listen to lil pump, unironically.
kill yourself unironicalIy please

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Serious question for normies: HOW the fuck can any self-respecting married man live with the fact that his wife, the woman whom he is legally tied to and to whom he's dedicated his entire life hard work and earnings, the woman he legally allowed entitlement to half his property, has had another man's penis inside of her?
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Oh, this thread again. The closeted homosexual OP who thinks of nothing but cocks and cum.
Answer the question faggit
Well for one I know that a vagina self cleans.

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how do i make a hangover stop? i have to work tonight and i'm afraid it's not gonna go
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You stop drinking you alcoholic piece of shit.
Regular intake of water, plus dehydration formula if you can buy any.

If not, you can google making your own dehydration powder (sugar, salt) and add it to warm water.

Try to eat some fruit if you have any and if possible eat some hot chips or fries (US) or similar because this will give you a boost of carbohydrates (this is a good thing in this situation).


>stop drinking now
>drink water, lots of it until belly is full >wait... drink more water
>eat something high in fiber to poop
>enjoy rank poop
>drink water after that
>no more alcohol
>eat before sleeping for work

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If a woman doesn't have her virginity anymore, what does she have?

Our modern world has completely forgotten that virginity is the most prized possession a woman can have.

I can almost hear feminists screeching autistically.
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the physical adoration of potentially hundreds of men
You are correct anon.

If a woman is a non virgin and is single it shows she has commitment issues and or fucked a chad like a slut
File: 1498460781088.jpg (595KB, 896x891px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what if you're a virgin because you're an ugly, repressed lesbian?

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I'm sure you guys tried at some point to make youtube videos and make $.

Go ahead and tell each other all about it!
What cringy ideas did you have?
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I'll start.
>Tried to make youtube channel about..
>playing old retro games!
>found out I was really boring and my voice sucked
>couldn't add any interesting or funny input whatsoever.
>can't just scream at the game and be funny
>feel too fake
>give up
hyper-autistic runescape "comedy" videos....

Could not even buy a normal screen recorder b/c mom wouldn't give me money...

Begged her eventually to buy me Vegas Movie Studio to help me make more autistic videos ...

kill me....

I have a ton of AV equipment and I can't bring myself to do anything.
I'm just too dull and boring.

Who else here gave up after you found yourself thinning/going bald? There is no point in trying at this point since all the confidence I built up is thinnning by the day.

And no I don't want to get jacked. I went from 350 pounds to 180 pounds and I do not have the facial structure that pleases me to be bald

This isn't about living up to others image of me, it's about being content with myself. And I cannot imagine a me without hair that is happy. I've always had this anime type visualization of myself, and it's autistic, sure, but it gave me confidence. Similar to the reason people buy new clothes: it's not the clothes that give you confidence, it's the feelin of comfort they give that allows for confidence. Like on a fall day there is nothing more comfortable than having a well fitted hoodie to wear.

I don't have that for my hair and That stresses me out.
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Can you grow a beard?
I got on fin once I noticed shedding at 19. Haven't lost any since.
Welcome to my world. I will never see myself as attractive, nor do I expect women to look at a 23 yo bald with no beard and think "wow I want to fuck that". I know I wouldnt fuck me.

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If a Japanese guy who wears a cowboy outfit, swings a rope and yells "YIIIHAAA I'M AMERICAN AND I LOVE BURGERS AND BEING A COWBOY" with a very bad american accent, would you take him seriously?
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I would make him my best friend.
He doesn't need my respect. He's a true American and he can do as he damn pleases.
Absolutely. Nurgers are great and he probably is dying to go to a shooting range.

Why not?

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