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ITT: things all robots have in common

>we aren't important even to one person
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I'm sure I'm important to my mom.

Not personally like she really cares but it's important for her that I succeed so she doesn't feel like a failure of a mother.

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Hmu [email protected]
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you gun get raped desu
Just go to a bar, once the Warriors beat the Cavs.
Plenty of drunk girls that will want to fuck and suck
dick fiddler... hmm....

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I don't know what to do anymore, there's this deep almost sublime sense of hopelessness and sadness that seems to layer everything I do and I'm really fucking tired of feeling this way, and the worst part is I can't figure out what is causing it at all. Literally nothing brings me any form of joy any more, even though I might be doing something that seems like fun I'm really not getting any more pleasure out of it than if I was sitting and just blankly staring at a wall for hours. Anyone else felt this way and how did you change it?.
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The best of times are when I'm staring at the ceiling and my mind is completely blank. When it isn't like that, there's just pain.

I don't think there's a way out, except for gradually hollowing out inside.

I know exactly what you're talking about OP. For me, I got to that stage of emotional desolateness through years of heavy depression and social isolation. The disconnection from people and my reality soon followed. Once you reach this stage of perception, it's a hard ascension back to feeling "normal" again in the sense of not feeling entirely apathetic to your existence or anyone else and anything.

My means of escape was a strong desire of overcoming, and a desperate attempt to find something that would help give me insight into how I could change things for myself emotionally and psychologically.

Religion never gave me any fulfillment in existential terms, nor did I ever see the benefit in a cathartic way to channel my suffering. It felt like a cop for the self-overcoming I truly wanted. I began to get more into philosophy and certain thinkers/writers. I got myself into therapy (I've always been lucky with getting great therapists/counselors) as an extra measure of checking in with myself so to speak. I began writing again to better collect my thoughts and express my true feelings.

I was able to get a part-time job, and I began to use the environment of it to get better at communicating with other people and throwing away my inhibition regarding social anxiety. It's been 2 years since I've really tried and exhausted myself many times in order to better my state in existence. It's a hard, arduous road to get out of that state, but you can do it OP if I was able to.

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Is it possible to be happy and unattractive?

My stupid ape brain really wants a wife and to impress everyone, but that's impossible.
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>tfw too intelligent to not lock myself in my room all day, eat ramen, and post on 4chan
would penetrate that ass hole tobehonesto
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as a robot, the only time in my life I was ever really happy was being a NEET for about a year while living from savings money. I could just distract myself from reality and not worry about what normies think of me.

Normies will probably tell you to try to compensate.

oh dear
my life is over at 20
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What do you mean it's over? You've barely even started.
My life literally ended at 22, I'm ready to pull the trigger now, 3 year later.
I'm 20 too and just got my first gf.
Kissing is nothing like that.
When her and I kiss I just suck on her bottom lip with my lips, and she sucks on my top lip with hers. It feels silky, but lukewarm, and there really isn't much of a taste to speak of, its just a very faint skin like taste. You'll be too busy focusing on the kiss to focus on how it feels to touch her elsewhere, and my gf doesn't wear much perfume at all so I hardly notice it.

It isn't nearly as mind blowing as your pic describes it. Its really rather mundane. It feels nice, but it isn't pure ecstasy.

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>you are now the president/ruler of your respective country
How would it change under your rule? Would your feelings override your duties, or could you power through your term/reign?
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Rogora khar, wagie? That means "How are you" in Georgian, a language I was able to learn while you dealt with pushy customers and snippy managers and co-workers.

I'm amazed at all this free time I have on my hands. Later, I shall go lift. I'd invite you to come join me, but I just remembered that you have work on Monday. Oh, well. Your collars aren't going to starch themselves.
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>Georgian, a language I was able to learn
Why? For what purpose did you spend time learning this?

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things have calmed down, so we are back for another round. we offer a new and welcoming atmosphere for arcanines without shitposting or circlejerking, we have a good amount of activity and robots talk about interesting topics, can't get much better then that. there are no bots or vc and lurkers are welcome. bullies, shitposters and normies stay OUT.


if you do not know how to use this invite code, please ask. feel free to post your own discord invite in this thread.
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just like me, i cant tell if this server is gay or not
if you want to hit on femboys and squeeze out fat shitposts this is the right place
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yeah well, it seems gay people post a lot are very communicative, compared to other people...
discord gg/mEfFNBu
join this comfy server

>clean my room
>still a primitivist
I thought cleaning my room would make me a functioning member of society.
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Where are you going to sit?
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Outside, where nobody will bother me.
Where the weird girl is to get my dick sucked.

What he said because I can't deal with talking.

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small cozy discord server
not a cesspit
come join us and have comfy times

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Cute maus desu
This comfy lgbt discord server is better.


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angry feel.jpg
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My coworker told me "Your place is in a mental hospital."

I think he's right.
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Can you even imagine living a life this fulfilled, every single day? Every moment is a constant build, a constant improvement on the one before. When he's gone, people miss him. When he dies, people will remember him.
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My week is this full actually. Except the weekend.
On the weekend no friend calls me and I stay at home alone, often I work at night listening to eurobeat.
I always wished I wasn't so dumb/bad in school. There's a certain level of education that will forever be unavailable to me because of it, and I want that more than anything.
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>My week is this full actually
Why are you here then?

Just made a fresh general serb, come H Y D R A T E urself: gg/PpvNzZV (all are welcome)

Feel free to shill your own, rec comfy ones, etc.

Or just talk heaps of mad shit about others.
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origioli (drip)
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if people are interested I'll stream always sunny on rabbit or something else




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>You will never be a part of a close knit Mexican-American Chicano neighborhood

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>be in Ecuador
>taking the bus from Guayaquil to the coast
>driving through a small village alongside the beach

>everyone is outside in the town's only square
>kids and young teenagers are all playing soccer and laughing and smiling and high-fiving each other
>lots of adults lounging around the edges, drinking and joking and smoking cigarettes
>some adolescents and older teens dancing and socializing

Probably would fucking suck to actually live there, but it looked nice from the outside.

I live in a suburban part of the Rust Belt and people are just cunts here. Nobody interacts with anybody they haven't known for at least several years, unless they're trying to get laid or are obligated to make small talk due to the circumstances.
My father went to Nicaragua, and he said it was a totally different way to live.

You could walk right up to homes and start speaking to random strangers.

Yeah, I went to Nicaragua in 2015, too. I agree with that.

For all of its many problems with poverty and violence, Latin America has always just felt more colorful and vibrant than where I live in the United States.

I've traveled a fair amount and never thought I'd like the region, but I can't fucking get enough of it now. Going to Mexico for a month in two weeks TBQH, looking forward to it.

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