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Sharing here because no friends.
I finished highschool this week. My dad was out-of-state for 4 says now and landed a few hourse ago and didnt text me at all. Ive been at work for 9 hours now, entire shift realising that i will very probably die alone, any female in sight looks at me with disgust (am a 6'1 chad looking autist) and my birthday is this month and realise no one remebers it, and will probably be working that evening. Just cant get away from bad shit, almost didnt finish high school and after realization that i did, noticed dad couldnt give two shits in my direction, and feel bad for myself over first world shit no one even cares about and im writing this on an image board filled with cucks, weebs, and mentaly-challenged-steroid-fuled-tards including me. From the one shitty place in my life to another.
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>realising that i will very probably die alone

You mean just like the rest of us?
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guess you'll have to choose between being a man and being a cuck for the rest of your life.

we all know you will choose to stay here though...
don't fret brother, you're one of us

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what's the point of doing anything when the universe is going to end eventually?

what's our end goal? we can't stop the universe from ending. we can't stop entropy. are we going to try to leave for a different dimension? what if that's not possible? 20 billion years down the drain. why bother?
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There isn't necessarily a point , but you're already here, regardless. Might as well make the best of it.
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I hope that we'll get reincarnated into a new universe after this one ends. Sadly, it doesn't seem very scientifically logical.
Still, I guess we should just make the most of the time we have.
in 125 years every single person currently on earth will be dead

2142. everyone will be gone. what an odd thought. an entire new earth of people.

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>this comes up to you
>""Asian girls are my favorite!""

What do?
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High five him and dance in the street with him.

For what good reason?

Mind you, I'm not trying to contract SARS.

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Reminder that fapping to traps is not gay if you only do it a few times a week.
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Fapping to trap isn't gay as long as you've made the decision to start transitioning
thats not a trap dude
>Reminder that fapping to traps is not gay if you only do it a few times a week.

You're fucking nuts, OP

At what point did you give up on trying to get a gf?
I stopped when I was around 16
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by 13 i figured out it was hopeless
I'm too scared to do anything, so I just said fuck all.

Friends keep trying to invite me to hang with them and a few girls, but I always say no. On several occasions they've had girls talk to me, but I always find an excuse to get away from them.
I hate having Chad friends. I know they are trying to help, but there's no point for someone like me.
At 16 I realized it would never happen. Although, I've never tried. I'm 20 now.

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folk punk.jpg
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how is it a lost sale if the person pirating the game had no plans on buying the game anyway? It's not like the person downloading the game is preventing other people from buying the game.

Amusement park analogy doesn't work either since you're not taking a seat away from someone who paid tickets to go on the rides.
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It's not a lost sale. People who are against piracy are idiots. They're usually younger too.
No need to attempt to justify yourself, just don't give a fuck.
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Who are you expecting to argue with? This is a board for NEETs.

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wife with child.png
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your face when you will never have a wife and children.
Literally... How can life be that unfair?
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another innocent vessel forced into existence to experience the shitheap that is life

im good :)
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My face when I cum please
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>mfw will never have wife and kids
Kids are parasites. I'd rather keep my money and be happy now instead of waste resources for someone who doesn't care

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Can straight men tell if other men are attractive?
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Yes, Chad knows youre an ugly fuck
I always thought I was ugly, but apparently I'm not
Yes but they don't cause society says it's gay

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Let's have a depression wave thread
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pepe and wojak.jpg
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bumping cause I love this kind of aesthetic
Maybe you are a whiny faggot hows bout that?

fsghot lol Hagen

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>be STEM student happy as bee because he is succeeding in school
>forget about chicks
>jog around park to get exercise and just feel alive
>2 qt 3.14s see you
>ask what school I go to
>tell them the university
>"oh anon I thought you were in 8th grade, hahahah"
Fuck this fucking shit. I was feeling good and a bunch of cunts ruined it. I'm sticking to my academics and work 110%. Fuck women.
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get /fit/ anon, the fems will fear you afterwards. once you talk to them they well beg for you to accept them
grow a beard. that way people will know you're a grown man
I forgot to mention I'm a manlet. That's why they though I was an 8th grader.......but fuck women. I am just focusing on my studies.

I would like to talk about depression.

Has anyone here had this problem? Did you get over or are you taking the treatment?
Could you describe it about your improvement?
I started with the medications now and I am pensive about life after depression.
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>"has anyone here had this problem?"

I doubt it
File: 1493427578364.jpg (19KB, 480x268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Has anyone here had this problem?

>Did you get over or are you taking the treatment?
last year i had some sort of a mental breakdown i hated my life and i wanted to die, i couldn't laugh, cry, concentrate, or enjoy anything, i felt like a worthless sack of shit all the time.
i stayed like this for more then a month until my mother recommended that i try to visit a psychiatric, i got prescribed some ciprlax and xanan, i felt change from the first day i was so fucking happy i was so immersed in a game that i couldn't stand playing for 10 mins i was very happy and even my anxiety that stopped me from leaving my house disappeared.
after the first two weeks on medication i had to up the dose but it had a negative affect it made me so fucking tired and i started going back to my depressed state i stayed like this for a month, i had to go to the doctor he changed my medication to zolfot,
Zoloft worked i wasn't tired 24/7 i felt okay but i didn't return to my normal state i stayed on Zoloft for 2 months until i quit cold turkey.
i quit because it turned out SSRI had a negative impact on a penis and could cause erectile dysfunction, the withrawl sypthoms lasted for a weak i felt some jolts in my body from time to time some wired headache and i was very tired,
after a week i was okay.
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I'm sure at least 90% of people on here have dealt with it in some way.

But I'll just talk about my experience I guess.

So my mom had always dealt with mental illnesses, she had really bad manic depression, and I inherited some of her problems.
Through high school I was never really happy, I had friends, but I just wasn't happy. But it never got really bad, I was never thinking about actually killing myself, but after high school I went to college away from home, and it started to get really bad, so basically my first year of college was really bad, and I felt like I needed to change something in my life. So I started to go to church cause I thought God could help me with my problems.
I decided to go to the Mormon church because my parents were raised in it, and everyone one in Utah went there.

So after a while they tell me that I can go on a mission, and that If i didn't go God wouldn't love me.

So I was pretty broken already and I hated school and Utah and I wanted to leave it, but I had no money, and the church would pay for me to go to a different country for 2 years. It sounded like a pretty sweet deal. So I figured I would go.

Should I keep going?

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Rainy days.
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End your fucking Iife.
I've noticed you've been posting random Steven universe pics on r9k.

I like the show and these pictures are cute.
i want connie to rain his dick milk into my mouth

Haha mods are fucking moralfag douches.
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lol I pity the sad fags that moderate this board.

they do it for free!!!!
File: 1499019705963.png (32KB, 640x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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mods have been moralfags since 2004 or even before
nothing new here
hahahaahahhaahahhaahhaaha phone posters. what's it like coming here because of the 2016 election?

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>this goofy looking fuck can make a popular game and thousands of dollars a month
>you're still a NEET
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>>this goofy looking fuck can make a popular game and thousands of dollars a month
Who is he?
File: ac40da0d9.png (132KB, 500x579px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>thousands of dollars a month
Kek, do you really think that army of 12 years old weebs will keep supporting him forever?
evaxephon, also known as yandere dev
what game is it OP?

You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original

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I literally can't stop masturbating.
Please help me.
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Seems like you're helping yourself pretty good already.
>don't fap for two days
>consumed with sexual thoughts and tfwnogf
Nofap is literally impossible without a gf to fug
This, when I had a gf I'd do nofap and after a few days my sexual energy would boil over to the point that I'd basically molest her and as soon as we were alone I'd rape her. I think she loved it even more than me.

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