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What matters more when it comes to whether or not you are attracted to a girl, personality or looks?

Or are they equally as important?
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It's the whole package.
Looks have to be there.

But personality is like getting a star in super mario. bing bing wahhooo!!
equally important, but I'll fugg a girl I like with a good personality over a pretty cunt any day

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The story of the most retarded series of decisions I have ever made

>be me
>the kind of faggot that likes to collect old military things
>have a couple of gas masks
>wonder if they still work
>buy a can of bear spray (pictured)
>mask #1 (a czech M10m if you care) up first
>friend sprays me and the mask holds up
>mask #2 (a Canadian C3 if you care) next
>I can taste some spice coming though the 30 year old filter, but otherwise I feel fine
>friend leaves, I clean the masks and go to take a shower
>my hair was fucking soaked with the stuff
>an hour of intense pain followed as my entire body was doused with burning liquid as I tried to wash it off
>my hands were pretty messed up with all the scrubbing, so I put some moisturizer on
>I have now locked in the burn, fucking retard
>today after work I decide to jerk off
>ended up rubbing the stuff into my dick
>I am currently in a great deal of pain

Feel free to share your own experiences
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why didn't you just use some air freshener or something you fucking retard
Because I'm a fucking retard, obviously
Heh that's pretty f
ucjing funny oP. i think

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ITT: Post lyrics that hit you hard.

>I've spent days trying to decide
>Which knives I should use to lobotomize
>The rotting tumors inside my brain
>They're always whispering, "You're not okay."
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what an emo little faggot you are
>no one told you when to run
>you missed the starting gun
>*one of the best gilmoure guitar solos starts*
>but it was only fantasy
>the wall was too high, as you can see
>no matter how hard he tried he could not break free
>and the worms ate into his brain

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I have a deep dark desire to talk about my feels but as a man with two nuts in the sack I know I can't.

Besides anime how can a robot contain feels?
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you can vent here dumbass
You can always get rid of the things that make you a man and become my qt gf. Then you can tell me about your feels all day.
what kind of feels?
it's okay anon, if you want to talk to me, sure

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Does prolonged use of 4chan warp who you are in real life?
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I have developed the autistic habit of referring to people as Chads and Stacies in my head if I deem they are one, so yes.
I used to be blissful and motivated.
Now I'm cynical and apathetic.

Fuck you niggers.
(I love you guys.)
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kind of, aftee ironically posting here for years I have noticed that I unironically hate girls.at least i didn't become a Nazi i guess

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I have been editing random vids for the last 9 years but am considering quitting. I was never very popular but I did enjoy watching and making ytps as a hobby. It was also a way I connected with people online

now with the trendy shitposting everywhere, ytp is dying. Everyone assumes the meme they repeat is the shit, but I just don't find any modern memes funny, like at all. the meme has made it harder for me connect with people too.
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All things must come to an end anon; change is ever present. At least you had 9 years of enjoyment.
>Friedrich Nietzsche
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modern classics.jpg
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YouTube Poop is great, don't give up the dream

If anyone has an archive or information regarding NukaPooCola, I will be eternally grateful

>Your first ejaculation will never be with a girl via sex
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I don't think anyone's is. Usually happens through a wet dream
fuck off you fag no ones first ejaculation is with a woman
What the fuck even is this? You think people never cum or jack off till they're virgins?

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>go on /r9k/
>feel sad while browsing, skim through shit tier threads, find 2 good threads after hours of searching
>decide to give /b/ a try

>go on /b/
>have laughs
>get into good discussions with other anons that are actually nice
>porn threads are easily filtered and there's a surprisingly large amount of good threads
>have a genuinely good time
Explain yourselves /r9k/
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there are more people on /b/
so its a matter of statistics alone
>He still browses /b/
Enjoy being 15 years old.
/b/ has always had the reputation of being the shit quality board and /r9k/ is supposed to be the quality board, but it seems their roles have switched

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For me it's my family and few very close friends.
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I have no student loans, women regularly hit on me, and I don't have to pay for weed or alcohol
I still hate my life and want to die
lol I'm a fucking fat loser and i still manage to find happiness. all i have to go for me is that I'm smart and funny.
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NASCAR memes are yet untouched

how do yall fuck niggas feel about this shit we out here fuckin yall hoes
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lmao manlet

lmao tranny gf

lmao nodad
stfu white boi before i hit a stain on yo bitch
My gf, whom I have crazy rabbit sex with, is a 6'1 black woman.

Where did you think you were going!?

Not checking the chart daily is a crime in some countries
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>tfw 11 inches
>tfw 3 1/2 in circumference

It's a hard-knock life.
What difference does it make
penis will never be used
That's like a spear.


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>The Holocaust and the Congo genocide are a myth.
>All non-Whites besides East Asians are subhuman low-IQ animals who should be kept in zoos and have contributed nothing to the world besides rape, theft and murder.
>White people built this world that shitskin monkeys live in.
>If you are a nigger, sandnigger, Pajeet, spic or some other brown-skinned subhuman reading this, know that you are filth, lower than dogs, and your very existence is making this world sick.
>Segregation is not enough. Genocide is the only permanent solution.
>White pride, worldwide!
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Whom are you quoting?
I've been done with my stormfag phase for a year now but I still hate jews

today's whites are basically genetic refuse desu

those world wars did a number on the white gene pool

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If suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem then what's a temporary solution to a permanent problem?
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it's homocide
You sound retarded, stop.

>taking medication when you're suicidal

too low in mehoy minoy

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Can you die by jumping out of a 3 story house? I know that you'd have to land on your head, but would landing on concrete do the job? Also, don't waste your time on talking me out of it, I've heard it too many times. Thanks anons.
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Enjoy being paralyzed.
Probably fuck up your brain and not even die
Jump off something taller and seal the deal for real
no, just turn into a vegetable.

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*block's you're path*
What do?
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Play a song
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Keep sitting on my ass as I always do
Take out emergency hair gel and model my hair into a perfect building block slope

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