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Who here has a chad brother/Stacy sister?
>older brother born with male model face
>was in the Marines
>dates a hot chick who's taller than him (he's 5'10")
>I'm have a round face
>greasy hair and fat
>can't not spurg out
Other robots must know this feel
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>spurg out
sperg out?
>older brother i a chad
>always had to see him cheating on his gf
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I now have a stacy stepsister my mother just got remarried last year and wanted me to meet her since she's starting my college soon and she wants me to watch out for her. She spent the whole time on her phone taking selfies for instagram and texting her multiple boyfriends.


Manlets on extended suicide watch!!!

Manlets what does it feel like to know you will never produce offspring and pass on your genes? You are quite literally a failure at the purpose of life.
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I'm 5'11 and sometimes I wish I was taller but I'm thankful that genetics didn't fuck me over and make me 5'4 kek
Holy shit this guy is so fucking alpha. I wish i could be like him
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i'm 5'4 at age 21
is there any fucking semblance of hope for people like me?
pre-teen girls are fucking taller than me for fucks sake.

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Is it gay to get your ass crack hair waxed? I don't like how it feels.
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If you have to ask than your always at least bisexual.

That's the rule.
It will make your butt cheeks sweaty beyond belief. I don't know how women can live like that.
Get a home waxing kit or use nair

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<Cyborg in need>
Hello random internet children and adults. Today I have come to plead with you to shell out your sheckles for my self-pity fueled desire for worldly items. I am a cyborg trying desperately to obtain normie status: car, job, relationships ect. I have worked at a number of places (mostly restaurants) over the past couple years and I work on my career aswell (IT helpdesk is my dream job) But currently I have crawled back into my parents home to try and get back on my feet (setting pride aside) I am trying to become a respectable man, someone who can provide for himself and those he cares about. Just this shitty year I have been jumped on the street twice and hit by a car, not to brag about this shit in my life I know my problems arent like worse than anyone elses but when my girlfriend was raped I lost all sence of self stability. I believe in myself and I know my situation will get better but what I am asking for now is fallout 4 on steam (currently 15$) to distract me during the times when i can sleep or I want to get my mind off shit. Anyone willing to help me out? You can e-mail me at my jump e-mail
>[email protected]
Also I will be responding to questions and giving advice in this thread.
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You better delete this thread OP.
Do it now.

I'm very near to losing my cool
you don't need a game. get a little dope and enjoy a line with weed
don't lose your cool.
have some dope and smoke a joint to mellow out.
you don't have to shoot up

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>neighbour runs hair dresser/beautician
>Most of her customers pay in cash
>Found out today that they NEVER tell the tax office about payments made in cash
>She goes on a cruise worth $15,000
>Realise that this probably happens with lots of family owned businesses
>Realise I am being cucked in to paying taxes
>This womans own daughter is a single mum tax leech
>Her mother doesn't pay any tax

I am so angry and jealous right now. Wagecucking is a joke.
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Fucking rat her out, you fucking cuck. She isn't doing her ONE civic duty by paying taxes, she deserves prison and her daughter deserves the foster system.
Get off your fucking ass and report her to the IRS for tax fraud, but who am I kidding, that would require a slight bit more effort than shitposting on a korean enema newsletter
jealousy is a really ugly emotion

Is this an accurate representation of the ideal female form?
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In reality she'll have stretch marks cut marks stretched out pussy flaps body odor problems bright colored hair likely a support of communist agendas and probably still want chad.

A roastie is a roastie there is no "ideal female form"
they are all deceptive pathological liars and brood parasites in human form
Eww that's not true at all. Body odor? Jesus you are a retard. Pussy flaps are also unrelated to weight. You would be right about the stretch marks.

Yeah yeah I'm falling for bait blah blah blah sageing my post.
I'd want a cute fatty Of anon, with nice pink nipples and colored hair

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What are some signs that someone is a robot?
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They post on /r9k/
my comment wasn't original, thus I have been muted for 2 seconds
They stay away from liquids
>Constant foot tapping/fidgeting
>Excessive clothing, like wearing a winter jacket in spring
>Only wears long pants, never wears shorts
>Has a hard time maintaining eye contact

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It was raining earlier, though I believe there to be thunder. It was it lightening? I forgot. Either way the rain was brilliant. What're you all up to tonight? I'm dulled out after being out so much. If that makes sense?
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Do you live in Florida?

It's been raining a lot and really triggering my (completely rational) fear of lightning.
Your threads keep getting deleted. I don't like this.
How do you forget the difference between thunder and lightning? Baka desu ka?

>17,300 (seventeen thousand, three hundred) people upvoted this
>Normalfags actually believe this
Is there really any hope, /r9k/?
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>everyone is an example
>no one chases

Got the ol' gears a turnin
It sounds very reasonable. Give one (1) argument against it.
>The people who belong in your life will come find you and stay.
It doesn't work that way, hun. If you want anything, you'll have to put out some form of effort.

Honestly, that if even more normie than "just b ur self xD".

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>6th month into being gay
>went from khhv beta to having sex with 40 guys
>even have 2 boyfriends on rotation that buy me things.
>even managed to fuck 3 girls because of guy who wanted a threesome with their gf.
>his gf recommended me to 2 of her friends and I fucked them both.

Seems like only heterosexual males have a problem in society.
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>be 20 years into being a faggot
>still robot
>still virgin
What went wrong here
are you cute and effeminate?
Nigga you lying and posting for you's

My friend's sister (who I havent even seen in YEARS) randomly invited me over instagram to come to her house to smoke and "do whatever"...what does this mean? I've never been approached by a woman before and all of a sudden a hot older lady wants me to come to her house?

tl;dr am I being punkd
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forget it you are too much of an insecure weird loser to do anything anyway
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Woman who initiate contact are easy lays

But they're also probably used roastie whores who want something

Don't be a beta bitch boy
Thanks for the sage advice anon.


For a second I almost believed there was a god or something lol

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Hello Robots, im here to talk about a concerning situation that you might have found yourself in the past, or maybe in the future. And that is getting your PC getting fucked in the ass by the FBI.
Now i know you people are smart enough in order to not get nothing fucked up (legally) in your computers, but overall if you want to erase and kill your Harddrive, i have some options for your D-Day
Most common (and fast) options are:
Burning(melt this shit, fire wont kill 100 percent)
Free Data Softwares (keep a good eye on this)
(There used to be a thread on Lainchan about this, give me some time and ill update this)

Now, you can take the risk of smashing it, but it wont be perfect, hell, after all, you are running against the clock, right? Unless you got really quick hands, by the time you are drilling it the popo would have already stuck a MP5 up your ass.
Will update, any contribution welcome, as well as questions
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Also, encrypt your shit.
Also, i learned english on the USA-MEXICO border, so bite me
>Rei fag
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I dont have misato on me rn

File: lowt.png (30KB, 736x248px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Should I go through testosterone replacement therapy? I'm too worried about the risks (acne, gyno, increased chance of stroke, and a lot more), but I'm at an all-time low mentally and would like to feel better, both health wise and in my self-esteem.
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Bump. Please help lads.
You realise that having low test is the worst possible thing that can happen to you as a man? You'd have a better quality of life even if it only gave you 10 years to live.
How do you know this? Have you gone through TRT yourself?

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Amerifag tanks are a joke.
Nothing can stop the T14

Prove me wrong
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Looks good but how does it perform? I think we need an expert opinion on this.

I am guessing the T14 is better for Russia's budget.
Broke down during parade
That way.

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She's Live now.


She's talking about Austin Jones.
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>She's Live now
if you call slowly starving to death live.
yes I know it means she's streaming now go "cyberbully" her
Say "you should eat something, I care about you"

Post her reaction
File: 1490225764546.gif (459KB, 200x158px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fucking christ her arms

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