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Sometimes it takes half an hour or more until there is a reply to thread. Pol is way more agile.
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have you ever thought that theres more people on pol than r9k?
We had this discussion earlier during the day.
We were waiting America but now it's our turn to sleep.
Go the fuck back to /b/ if you like your boards flooded with retards.

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which one should I get? I can only afford one and I can't make up my mind
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get the middle one
you can actually wear that one in public, the other ones are too blatant that normalfags might feel disgusted by them
If you're a fag/trap or something, the first one
Middle one if you're not a fag
>this tranny is unironically making ironic betabux off other peoples art

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No one will ever love you this much

How does that make you feel?
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I want a dog. If I had a dog I would cry like this.
I accept it, I am ready to die.
Legs in that pantyhose got me rock hard.
That said I would've kept the plush pupper, it's absolutely cute.

Planning on doing a 2B cosplay for Halloween.

How long do I have to work out and be on a diet to achieve a thick ass like 2B's?
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Until October 31st
I'm 5'3" and 120 pounds. I have a slender body.
are you grill?


What's going on with my bf?

We've been dating 7 months and are sharing apartments. He's normal enough, but we've never got in a normal argument. He never criticizes anyone or gets angry. If I get mad and criticize him or yell at him he just ignores me. If I unplug the computer, he'll go read a book. If I take away his book he'll just leave.
Is he emotionally damaged or something?
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You know what would really piss him off?
Posting pics of your feet with lotion on them. He'll flip his lid and you can have it out while we masturbate. We all win.
Well you sound like a huge bitch. He's going to leave you soon and be better off.
Same with me and my gf. I just dont get mad at stuff. Like im just chill. If theres a problem ill just try and fix it

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>redheaded loli mascot
>always smiling at us
>delivers fresh, never frozen patties
>her 4 for $4 deal is unbeatable
>her frosty's achieves a perfect balance between ice cream and shake

Is there a more perfect fast food mascot?
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>He's not an anarcho-burger-monarchist
Burger King is the best.
god i want to fuck the hamburglar
What did Wendeys say to "@Wendys and 3 others" to get blocked?

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Will someone please play halo 5 with me? The game reminds me of when I played Halo 3.
>i know its halo but it's fun
>robot friend for life on xbox

>add leprachaunheart with a brief funny message for xbox live party chat

>29 and socially retarded

>don't hate on post
>love you guys
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even if you dont play halo. a casual friend to have in a xbox party while you play your game or what not.
Woah. Halo is up to number 5???
yeah i did not know either until i saw it on walmart on sale for 20. its fun.

Who else is never having kids here?
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Probably gonna have my own kid in 8 years after my wife's son is 18 and out of the house.
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>missing out on this
I view it as a moral choice. I'm not happy in this society so the genes that have led to my unhappiness in this society should not be passed on to another generation of misfits. I'm doing my part for the human race by not reproducing.

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All of you people are pathetic fuckers who know no love what so ever.
I have my amazing wife Narancia who loves me and I love him.
One day I will return to my homeland and make those who turned against me repent.
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You people will always be below me.
I love Narancia!
>tfw no mafioso gf(male)
Narancia isnt real,
also hes an idiot

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Daily Ballbusting thread.

As usual man and wife been together for 8 years now and practice Ballbusting daily for that entire time. We met at 13 and 15 years old and were both raised in a small southern town. Come talk with us or ask us anything..

And yes my balls are working properly and I've never had permanent damage to them
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Stop making these threads.

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I will ones all the nice people and fun people have left and only hungry hungry hippos remian. Until then remember

>hide thread

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maid wojack.png
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Tell me what your unusual obsession is
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dressing up as a maid on this planet but no one will allow it since i have xy chromosomes as a man
i kill, bisect and burn those big blue lizards that are always in my yard
I collect peanut husks and hide them in discreet places throughout the house and I check on them every morning and night
That's mine. I made this thread so that other people with weird feelings would make me feel better with their existence.

Also I'm uncomfortable knowing that people on here yesterday are on here today.

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> another day, another 6000 calories. Just kill me now
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Sounds nice. What did you eat anon? Pizza? Chips? Ice cream? tendies?
too late to purge?
Pizza, coconut ice cream, pasta, chicken, bourbon, rum

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anime figure 1.jpg
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-use nerdy wallpaper that references things you like, flavor the month games/anime/cartooon/shows/tabletop games, music, and obscure things that only NERDS would know
-minimize the amount of Pop! Vinyl Figures you purchase. They're super tacky and cheap looking. Real nerds spend over $100 of a beautiful intricate handcrafted figurine of the characters they like
-Remember to genuinely like the nerdy things you're showing in your home. You don't have to know every bit of trivia, but if you own a figurine of a show you never watched it'll come off as a red flag to the guy you're trying to seduce
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-be able to call people out on their bullshit. no man wants to deal with a woman that is never critical of anyone.
-be able to support yourself or at least be working toward a stable income
And how did she end up in my home in the first place?
>no man wants to deal with a woman that is never critical of anyone
My wife is my high school sweetheart. She's very nurturing, funny, but I rarely get to hear her negative opinions of others. Typically she just agrees with whatever I say.

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I hate all gays and I want them to burn in hell, I'm also a white Christian-is this a coincidence and am I wrong for thinking this ?
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Kill yourself you fucking normie ass nigger.
Fuck off faggot. Go masturbate to your gay incest porn
your such a fucking cunt op. Goddamn everybody from the south should be killed

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>he isnt on the r9kfemdom omegle tag right now

Whats your excuse?
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a-a-are there real girls there?

>tfw no qt anime loving gf to bully me

Im trying to shill this for that exact reason
Please tell me there are dom fembots there

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