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Tell me about kekistan and their leader pepe
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underage summerfags
holy fuck die
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I don't care if this is bait, you got under my skin with this one OP.

Don't be so bashful, anon. You would totally do Dahmer.
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I kinda would. The problem is that this is one of those images where the subject looks unusually good.
No because I like having my head and scho on

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Best blink song

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This weekend was my third and fourth days as a NEET

This weekend I:

>Read some of Mrs Dalloway
>Played some chess
>Rented a car and drove to my gf
>Hung out with my gf
>Drove the car back to the rental place
>Got dinner with my parents
>Wrote an email negotiating more severance from my old job

Tomorrow I will:

>Go to a coworking space and try it out for a day
>Make at least one 3d model
>Learn HLSL shading language
>Play pool
>Play chess
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>He has to make a daily journal online to feel like he's making progress in his NEET life

Do you have friends LOSER?
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No I don't socialize with anyone outside of my family and haven't had a friend since 4th grade

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>Refresh Catalog

no new or particularly interesting threads to read or save images from that i haven't already lurked in for the past hour
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I cant sleep senpai
I just want to sleep
calle in my captcha again
please let me sleep

Remember when we used to refresh threads?

Now we refresh catalogs and we still aren't happy.
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a particularly interesting image for you OP

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>mfw I made a girl delete her thread just by bullying her
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>reply to "femanon here" posters solely to bully them
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>tfw my sole motivation to get /fit/ and swole is so I can bully women IRL and get away with it

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happy birthday.jpg
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my grandma gave me this for my birthday
she gives me it every year with a different newspaper clipping about autism inside
what did she mean by this?
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for her birthday get her a book about being senile
it is nice when you can wrap a thread up in the first replay
oh yes this would be good. plus a newspaper clipping of an obituary. that'll teach your cunt of a grandma, op

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>be on vacation in beach town
>go out to bar since nothing else to do
>sit in bar sipping my Corona by myself
>generic cover band playing shitty normalfag music
>sit there thinking about how I'm living a wasted life
>all of a sudden, spot qt walk in with her roastie friend
>short brown hair, black thick-rimmed glasses
>become infatuated immediately
>she goes to dance with friend
>admire her from afar
>keep sitting at bar reading Wikipedia on my phone
>middle aged woman next to me with her husband looks at me
>"get off the phone and get up and dance, you'll regret it later if you don't, you're not gonna find happiness on that thing
>she's right
>I get up and go to try and dance with qt
>start dancing, but feel retarded and stop and go back and sit down
>try at least three more times in span of 40 minutes to get close to qt and ask her to dance
>tell myself I have nothing to lose
>force myself to approach qt
>she's looking at her phone
>I stammer like an autist
>"w-wanna dance?"
>she doesn't notice but her friend does
>her friend looks at me and laughs in my face
>feel so humiliated I sperg out and go back to the bar to finish my rum and coke
>go out to smoke a cigarette after 10 minutes
>see them waiting for their ride
Well, I tried. I finally grew some balls and asked a girl to dance and it went just as horrendously as I expected. Being a loser sucks.
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it's a numbers game, anon
just gotta keep putting yourself out there

at least you tried, half of these pussies wouldn't
Learn from your mistakes and try again another time
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The old people were trolling you, dipshit

They got over 60 years of mastering bantz, they ARE bantz
Thanks man. I don't think it'll ever work though. I'm 21 now and this has happened over and over again my entire life. I was simply born to be a loser. I still like to go out, even if nothing happens. I like to drink, plus I still like the feeling of being around people at times, even if they aren't talking to me. At least I'm not completely alone when I'm there.

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How long has it been since the desu and senpai filter was put in place?
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Probably more than 1year now
I think it's been a couple years. Hard to remember since I never used them.
Almost two years now
t.bh I was expecting more
The 7-1 massacre being exactly 3 years ago hit me harder.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

So, how much dick do you think Kate Middleton took in college? And you think she ever got BLACKED?
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It's best for your sanity to never try to think about how much dick any roastie got in college. It will always drive you mad.

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What was the last thing you schlicked to?
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this pic
It's hard to fit all of the images into one screenshot so you'll have to use some imagination
wew lady are you a serial killer?

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Why is aesthetics everything in life?
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That girl is Mexican. Blonde isn't her natural color. Her dad is a legit Native American Indian.
Loved that episode
Native American
Choose one poopy

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Today is my 19th birthday. I spent it in my room on my laptop, as I have done so with every other day for the past 8 years. The only friends I have ever had have been from /r9k/. I have DPDR disorder, and it will only progressively worsen, so I have decided to end my life now, and wish to share my last moments with you all. Please, post whatever you want, whether it be disparagement or how your day has been.
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Don't do that senpai. Where do you live btw?
File: 31.png (29KB, 680x359px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's cool anon, how are you going to proceed?
DRDP is not an excuse to kill yourself it's a low tier shit which is curable and can't worsen too worse.

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