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>Big penis
>6 foot 2
>7/10 face
>women are scared of me
>can't get a girl because of social anxiety and aspd
Any other robots like this?
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>blonde + blue eyes
>7/10 facial features
>skinny pale
>/fa/ as fuck
>constantly get hit on by women
>the densest living thing know to man
>severe social anxiety
>low selft esteem
>borderline MDD
>spaghetti EVERYWHERE
>a real human bean
>MFW i could be chad if i managed to be just a little bit less retarded
yep you basically have described me; basically identical to you except i am 6'5". If you are trying to lose your virginity, assuming you still are a virgin, my advice is to drink before you talk to women. With the right combination of booze and my tall size I was able to overcome my social awkwardness and get laid. There is still hope for you. Literally you show up enough times and something will go your way eventually. How old are you?
I know the feel. It's like as though you want her but just don't know what to do. Once you get in a private you know what you should've done

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rays farm system.webm
2MB, 360x360px
non virgins of r9k how tight way your first pussy
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wtf, they have live births?
yes they are mammals
So tight I ripped the skin that connects the foreskin to the head. So much blood she fainted.

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Should I just try to get laid by a fat girl? They've gotta be just as desperate, right?
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Nah, you'd think so but with the advent of the "THICC" meme it's even harder to get a pity fuck out of one of these overindulged ham planets when they can get with Tyronne at the drop of a cake.
Naah fat girls be like: "oh im so beautiful and no one can tell me something different"
They are like the hardest to get fucked
And they crush your dick

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susie (20).png
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I hate being a NEET, not only am I a leech but a stupid leech that can't reach for his dreams.
any sort of energy I have is long since gone, I don't have the willpower to pick myself up, more and more gravity pushes me down and I can't do anything but sit on my computer and browse the net while a sword of damocles hangs above my head, waiting for the inevtiable day I get kicked out into the streets or I work up the courage to end my life.
I hate being a coward, I hate being me, and I hate the nice dreams I have once in a blue moon that shows a better alternative.
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your parents should help you kill yourself

I wish mine would
Are u the same guy who did the vocaroo thread.
heres some fucking original content

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Delusional artists thread
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I don't know why I enjoy this shit so much
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Why are people so proud of their shitty art?
oh fuck hahah
How can he be so proud?

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I gave up many years ago. I know I am a lowly peasant who is unworthy to even look a woman in the eyes which is why I'm 26 years old and have never approached a woman. I'm subhuman. An ugly, disgusting revolting mess and, even worse, a manlet. I don't deserve happiness, I have nothing to offer a woman and could never satisfy anyone. The only thing I can give a woman is my money. I should live in a stable with the other animals because I am certainly not a real man. I deserve to be beaten and whipped everyday.
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The evil has infected your mind. Stop.
so youre saying you think your problems would stop if you get a gf?

boy let me tell you theyre just beginning.

i usually pray for death but if i remember to ill pray for you.
This is a cringey amount of self-loathing, even for /r9k/

Snap out of wit, females are useless holes who have no power, you would have raped plenty of them in a pre-civilization envrionment

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images (12).jpg
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Antinatalism has to be correct by necessity
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yeah, if you're a total fucking loser.
truths are not qualified
humanity will embarrass themselves into extinction. Theres no winning this game

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Is that an actual little girl?
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Somos perderdores my friend
I like that song, especially the chorus.
Its anzujamu. Please dont report me. Im not into that.

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I want to kill myself so bad.

I hate this world, there is no god.
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what's the matter, did abdul steal your crush?

you couldnt get her anyway

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>tfw too scared to confront my boss to quit
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Just stop going
Boss may be a faggot, but putting in two weeks notice is better. If you wanna just leave, do it. If you are being mistreated or just dislike the job that may be best thing to do. Have you tried talking to fagboss? He may be a bitch, but is also human. Stop showing up if need be. They call you block the number. If it is a entry level wagecuck job might not effect future job search. Leaving my job Friday. Put in my two week notice. Trust me a week after you quit they won't even remember you left and be busy cucking.

bump for interest


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who wanz be my frans
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Dud some one say
File: 1497320434449.png (70KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how be frans
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go away normie peep this is autis peep thread ONLY

we be fren by sayin we are fren

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i masturbate at least 5 times everyday i need help
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I really need to shave again
Time to Clip the boiclit
Nigga what in the fuck is wrong with your feet?

Nigga did you paint your toe nails too?


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What did you achieve today /r9k/?
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I came like 5 times today

Also I produced some beats and uploaded them too sound cloud. I'm proud of my self for once
>woke up depressed
>Drew some preliminary character art for a commission.
>Drank like 4 cups of coffee
>lent a friend my bass guitar so she can learn, borrowed her keyboard as collateral because im no dummy
>had a heartfelt conversation with my brother about our goals and insecurities
>feel okay

I was a real person today, and i so rarely feel like that.
i re installed windows on a new hdd, old one went to shit and started losing data

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This is the closest to irl anime you will ever get
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looks like a boy with a wig on
Open up the picture to full resolution otherwise it's hard to see
Open up the picture to full resolution

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>tfw failed benching 135 today and only did 1 set of 4 reps
>have to deload by 10%

this feel is so shit, worked my way up to 135 and now i have to restart at 120. Being a weak manlet is suffering.
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I know this feel buddy
I finally got to 235 after a century and I got epilepsy
Now 165 feels like a ton
Just got to keep fighting the good fight anon
Something normalfags won't ever appreciate
>tfw no one to spot me so i just do chest workouts on machines
You better be doing SL and eating a lot

You don't need a spot unless you're maxing. You also better be doing SL and eating.

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