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What does a benis taste like?
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Go out there and find out for yourself
>What does a benis taste like?
Get out there and find out
Probably tastes like your asshole faggot.

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>finish college class
>group chat is dead besides the odd 'how was the exam'
>friends I hung out with don't text me, I don't text them
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>hey how come when people don't want to talk and I don't text them we never become friends?
>this shit is so crazy I just don't get it lol
Should have made friends in high school, nigga.
b-but how do I know I'm cool enough to hang out with them?

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Christianity Q&A Thread: Ask and I will try and answer any questions you have.
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Do you beleive in Christianity because you truly 100% think what they say is true or because it is a nice thing to imagine is true and so you try to believe it?
Do you know that you're wasting your time?
Do you believe in an afterlife or at least heaven and hell

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Who is this guffy looking spic?
Can I get the quick rundown on this gollum?

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>perfectly healthy baby boy is born
>cut his penis up seconds after
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b-but not cleaning it is so much more convenient!!! I didn't want to enjoy sex and masturbation without lube anyway!!
Jewish mind tricks
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What is it anon, you don't like our oral suction circumcision tradition?

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don feel bed
-b-but Blink is DEADDD! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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>I woke up it was 7
>I waited till 11 just to figure out that no one would call

>I think I've got a lot of friends but I don't hear from them
>What's another night all alone

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How the fuck do I make sure I never visit this board again? You cunts are fucking depressing... Seriously, it isn't that hard to just fix your shit.

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Find a job or graduate high school
Killing yourself will ensure you never visit us again, now fuck off
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>lol why don't you fags just stop having problems
>why don't you just be yourself, bro

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watch out /r9k/
it's an invasion!
rapping Tomoko
will try persuasion
to warn you about
the tranny take over
boypussy's just ass
they're hims, not hers
they're shtting up your board
with gay nonsense
and you took the bait
fool you must be dense
to think the mentally ill
could be a waifu
but that's the trap
of the faggotry jew
so just hide those threads
don't post / reply
or else your board
will fucking die
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goddamn this is the best one yet
But Madoka Magica is easily the #1 most loved anime by traps and trannies

traitorous swine
these threads are the bright spot in my day, thanks rapping Tomoko

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>tfw too afraid to say hi to the girl sitting next to me on my flight
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Good, no one really likes being bothered while flying, especially women that get bothered all the time.
Don't say hi to girls retard, 90% of the time she's just gonna think you're a creep and try to virginshame you.

Happens every time.

You either wait for her to start or do zippo
I had a girl sitting next to metrying to start conversation with me once, but after realizing how much of an autismo I am she told I might want to return to reading my magazine.

wow who knew it was this simple :^)

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>r9k will deny this guy is right

keep coping fags
>just beeee confident
Thanks buddy I'm alpha now.
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Every single thread on this board is just another version of the same goddamn topic.

I want you to just take one moment to drink in and appreciate the irony of r9k - the board that was originally conceived to be a factory for original content became the least original, most cancerous, faggot-filled place on the entire internet. Ain't that some shit. I bet Moot is rolling around in his grave over this one.

Any other Hapa robots here that struggle with being half-mixed? I have been born by a japanese father but grew up not looking asian (almost no one pointed out any asian features) and forgot about it. But once I got out of high school I realized that I was different and that there was something wrong with my identity. Any other hapa robots feel the same?
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Half chink abomination here. I'm usually confused with a spic or sand nigger. When people ask which ethnicity I am I wish I could say "other" like I write on forms.
Being half asian is fucking tough m8
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At least you have an Asian father
Imagine being the result of a White father/Asian mother
I got royally FUCKED

Itt : we share our dreams and discuss anything dream related (dream potentiation, lucid dreaming, oneiromancy, etc...). Discussions about sleep and sleeping habits are also welcome.

Last I dreamt that I made friends with a talking toucan. It was pretty chill tbqh.
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What did the toucan say to you?
I don't remember but we really got along until some hunters came to take him away and I had to fight them off.
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barbed noose.png
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I dreamt I was shitposting on r9k about being a virgin.
no gf

Guys, i guess I'm...
livin the dream?

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So I have like 10 year old girls who i've never seen before attempting to spy on me... Wtf...
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Is that pic related to your post?
Nah, just a random pic I took
What the hell? What do you do that these girls could want to watch?

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What's the story behind him?
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he is fat
He is pedo
fuck off reviewbrah

joey is literally /our guy/

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/r9k/ why can't you just settle for an average girl like this?
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Because even average girls won't settle for me
I would settle if she wasn't fucking crazy
>implying an average girl would settle for me

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