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>Its easier for women to mar-
>Its easier for women to have se-
>Women have higher market val-

Face it. If you cant find a woman youre in a tiny tiny minority that is the result of your own actions.

Its your fault for lazing around and not getting an degree. Uni guarantees you getting laid(its in the math) bit you didnt even bother. You would rather cry about roasties.

Your state is your own doing, women have it worse but they have the guts to fight on

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nice roleplay and liberal outlet source

you don't know anything about our lives you're just attacking a strawman
im not going to read that article but im willing to bet its a "there arent enough chads" type of deal
yet here i am responding to a bait post on a friday morning
You dont have to be a chad to be well educated and paid

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We all know waifu's but anyone got cartoon obesessions?

Shego is my life
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She doesn't technically count but I looooove Poison Ivy.
>want to fap to western cartoon character
>all the art is godawful
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Adammu Ranza is my cartoon husband

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All sex havers are wiped out tomorrow morning. There are only virgins left alive. Is this new world worth living in? If you died leave this board
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i spend all my time on /r9k/ so probably wouldn't notice a difference
It'd be like 80% dudes and the top 10% of them would just have a monopoly on all of the few remaining women. We'd be in the same situation but even worse, probably.

I haven't gone outside in months. I look like a glowing ghoul from Fallout.
I'm sure you would notice less normalfag shitposts

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Who else here /fearofcheating/?

Honestly I almost don't want to get into a relationship because even the thought of being cucked in any way kills me, which probably isn't healthy
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I think you are just a normalfag who wanted to use "cuck" to sound edgy. Go back to reddick please.
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>dat pic
>my plate during christmas's logo
It's the normies, they know and are making fun of us.

>shower head says peerless on it
>never had a gf
>on my first job ever
>failed highschool
What's your r9k cred like?

Men don't even deserve rights. We should all be enslaved to Women and all money we earn should belong to them. We are subhuman pigs who deserve to be whipped and beaten. The only reason we exist is to perform degrading and humiliating tasks for Superior Women.
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>tfw this will never be you
I would turn my face forward and take a big whiff of that foot on my face
How do you end up having 5 skanks standing on you while you're all red faced on the floor ?
how can women enslave men when we're stronger and more intelligent anon?

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>Ember ghost squad are all former boys turned into women by death
>Kills three boys and himself
>Believed they would become the ghost squad

Deepest lore
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Channel was full of videos building up to him becoming a ghost girl

It's pure kino if u were to binge watch it all
I have and it is. Andrew Blaze was an anomaly. So severely autistic yet so awake. Can't quite describe him.
If I kill myself and others can I join EGS, or is it exclusive? I want ghosty spook boobs.

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>sleepover your friends house
>wake up
>see this

wat do?
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leave, or if not, cover his naked ass.
Ssk my friend why he's got a naked dude in his bed
>not groping his butt

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why is everyone on this board so fucking stupid?

I could swear a lot of you have sub 90 IQs
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>soft science
I remember threads on /b/ back in the day that began with a JPG stating
>you are male
>you are 18-25 years old
>you live at home
>you have above average IQ

and it basically just described the average user. I think r9k could be described similarly

>have mental health problems
>average or lower IQ
>no job
>no friends/family
>no hope
>suicidal ideation
my IQ was tested and was 72

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i dont think its healthy to browse this board on a regular basis
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everything is completely fucked up.

I'll never be normal again. Now I'm just a toy for these psychos.
but it is fun so its fine
No worries, I'm going to kill myself soon anyways. 4 winds shotty for the instakill!

itt: pic that make you feel something you shouldnt really be feeling

repressing is hard desu
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This one makes me feel sad.

Not entirely sure why. Maybe because I know in my own life it could be okay if I had the same attitude as the sargeant, but I don't so it's not gonna be okay. Also I feel like I've failed as a man. Maybe that's why this pic makes me feel sad. It shows me something I want to be, but never will be.
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chao race.jpg
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required original text that the robot requires to be original
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Have the movie downloaded but haven't see it yet. Something about this poster is extremely melancholic

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Hello, robots. I took a few months leave from the boards and I figured I'll deliver a greentext of an adventure I had while away of attempting to help preserve the newest generation of girls.
>be me
>be 22 year old shut in
>my father is a pretty popular guy
>Brad more than Chad
>"Anon, you need to go out this is unhealthy."
>He pushes this every other day
>finally he pushes me to to his friends party one Saturday
>adult house party
>even though I don't go outside I'm pretty partial to drugs
>anxiety acting up badly
>I've been pretty indifferent about being alive lately so I take a lot of Tylenol 3 and Captain Morgan
>walking through party waiting for it to kick in
>see dad's friend's little brother
>he's the most annoying fucking juggalo
>I avert my eyes before he sees me
>his little fucking 12 year old daughter is here
>this is a very intense party
>men in drag
>Chad and Stacey making out everywhere
>people are getting naked
>obviously drugs and alcohol everywhere
>he is bragging his gf who is younger than me dressed the little girl
>little girl is wearing short shorts and a ripped revealing Pink Floyd shirt
>I am mortified in my mildly buzzed stupor
>hero complex kicking in and mixing with muddled brain
>"I have to protect her!"
>flood of spergy anger at normalfags
>I actually know the girl fortunately
>I used to babysit her
>I walk over
>"OH. Hello, anon. I haven't seen you in a long time. I missed you."
>she starts telling me about her middle school life
>boys she likes and her "besties"
>normie kid but seems ok
>my vision starts splitting
>remember I took drugs
>oh boy.jpg
(to be continued)
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O shit niggy dis gun b gud
I am patiently awaiting the continuation of this plotline
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>shame setting in
>wishing she didn't have to see me intoxicated either
>realize it isn't half as bad as current party happenings
>her dad is getting high in front of her
>"Hey. Do you want to go upstairs and talk? This music is really loud."
>she agrees
>I head upstairs in front praying chad and Stacey aren't fucking up there
>coast is clear
>drugs getting really bad now
>I know I ODed but not enough to die
>it's getting late anyway
>she's obviously tired
>I know I'll go to sleep soon
>we sit on a sofa
>I turn on some relaxing Bowie
>"Your hair is so long, anon. Can I play with it?"
>"Uh. Sure."
>she throws her legs in my lap and begins touching my hair
>seems weird bit ok
>("she's j-just a good kid, r-right?)
>I really am completely out of it at this point but she seems sleepy
>feel relieved I got her out the party
>suddenly she gets in my lap and hugs me
>("relax, self, she isn't being weird")
>literally have lost sight now
>"Anon, you're so cute. You're so shy but I think you're beautiful."
>she is stroking my hair and I can feel her breath
>I start to feel sick
>she kisses my shoulder
>I physically can't move
>I essentially roofied myself and am going to be molested by a 12 year old to David Bowie
>she won't stop rubbing my abdomen all over
>then I hear footsteps
>it's her dad
>yep, straight to jail, I knew it
>"Come on, kid, we gotta get home."
>unphased by his kid straddling me
>she kisses my cheek and jumps up
>"Bye, anon!"
>she runs away
>I pass out around 15 minutes later probably
>wake up in a few hours
>2 weeks later her dad took her phone for sexting girls
Is there any hope for sexual innocence, robots?

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I reached the point where i genuinely feel like my life is over already and i am just a spectator now.
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Life will get better if you get better
Then turn of the computer and do something about it
*gives you a hug*

Do you feel real now anon?

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Does crying make you weak?
I had a breakdown the other day after work, came back home and cried for a solid 40 min after realising how alone i am. I cry very very rarely, but does that mean im weak/cant handle shituations?
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Yes. Shove the pain deep down and get a brain tumor like the rest of us and quit being a pussy
Crying is a release mechanism, holding it in just causes the emotion to become recurrent. Just let it out, you'll feel better and be free of the pain.
File: 1488014761119.png (56KB, 375x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Only if you cry over literally everything, and all the time as well. If it's only once in a while or after something serious, like somebody you happen to care about dying or something, then it's okay.
If it's over trivial things like your TV show not coming out with a new episode this week or some guy in the parking lot having the same kind of shoes you're wearing then yeah, it's weak and dumb.

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Why aren't you guys finding friends in gender neutral bathrooms?
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what possesses a girl to want to be a guy anyway?
they think they can cash in on the patriarchy meme they believe in
>That fucking fashion sense that screams trans feminism

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No, brown piggu go home.
sure, why not they were nice to the chinese during ww2

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