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>hey anon, why are you so quiet? lol
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I don't have anything to say

>tfw have been thinking of dozens of replies throughout the conversation
>implying i'd ever be in that room with them to begin with.
Anon believe in me who believes in you

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Vent your emotions in this thread, I'll start.

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my cell phone broke (I bashed it)
in this situation normies typically cry and lose their shit but really I am just upset with myself for lacking self-control

>nobody will call or text me anyways
but I need a phone in case potential employer calls
Why don't you backup your personal files retard?
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just kidding but i am very lonely

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Why are two consenting adults not allowed to fight to the death?
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Because the consequences are so extreme that it's impossible for even grown adults to agree to it beforehand and fully realize the implications until that dark moment is finally at hand.
in canada they are

It's because your life belongs to the state. Freedom is an illusion.

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>tfw i have this hairline
how can i accept the fact that im 19yo and i will be bald soon
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What is a normal hairline supposed to look like?
he isnt balding you idiot
Just shave it anon. Bald looks way better than receding. Go bald with dignity

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I hate people who use the word "bro".
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Why do you hate it, aniki
Why bro? Just word dude haha chill out
Yes, I much prefer "broseph", "bro-man", or "bro-enstein"

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Who else has the feel where they don't even care about not having a gf, or any other intimate relations?

anyone else here /jaded/??
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yeah anon i feel that way after some bad experiences
I'm a 26 to kv
I'm beyond jaded and cynical
It's come to the point where my emotions create actual physical pain

have you guys ever had any interactions with women who were interested, but you just didn't care at all and ignored their advances?

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"Okay, who wants some grilled chicken!? Ted, Jessie, Chad, anyone e-"
"Oh, anon! You actually came out! I thought you were just going to stay inside the whole time."
"Alright, I understand. I'll fix you a plate so you can take it back to your room. There you go, bud. Enjoy."
"You know, a lot of your cousins traveled quite a ways for this get-together. If you could just say hi to some of them and your Aunt Patty that would-"
>*door slam*
"-be nice..."
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your family is trying to help you but you just push them away
You know, I would feel bad, but then I remember that it was my father's doing that basically tore our family apart. So fuck that guy, He can go die in a dumpster fire.
>feeds you
>you being a dependent
>sounds like he himself is glad to see you

Unless that man fucked up hard beforehand all he wants is a "thanks for the grub."

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How much weight would you lose if you ate 500 calories per day? (I already know it's very unhealthy so don't try to deter me)
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3500 calories = 1 lbs
calculate your TDEE and do the maths
less than if you did 1000 calories a day because you'll force your body into starvation mode
500 calories has to be less than everyone's daily intake right?

What are you going to eat?

Does anyone know what's the most filling food for the least amount of calories? I'm thinking basically pure lettuce and celery.

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>there are people on /r9k/ who are over 6 feet and white, and yet believe that they have it just as bad as manlets because they are slightly socially awkward
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Oh dear. Seems someone fell for the le manlet meme :^)
It is not a meme.

If you are not a certain height, many women won't even consider dating you.
I know lots of manlets who have girlfriends

Hare what you think would have stopped you from being a social autist at a young age.
What should I do?
> hes 14
>no social life, literally just school/home.
>hobbies not even once, probably cant kick a soccer ball

> says the dumbest shit, heres an example
>he never leaves the house, so no knowledge of roads
>while driving him somewhere he says "why dont you take that road, nvm idk what im talking about. Why am i even talking? Why wont i shut up? I should just die. Whats wrong with me?

He actually said that all at once and thats when I realized something is wrong with him.
Wtf do I try to do for this kid?

Webm unrelated
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tell him never to masterbate. That will stop him from yearning for sex
What? Explain to me how that isnt counter productive.
Bump this has potential
Origibunusbxusi3u27ehdjd fuck mute nigger dicks 4chan

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Which 2B would you want as a girlfriend?
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Female 2b obviously, the other is a boy and I don't want a boyfriend.
Left one cuz she won't leave you for chad
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Id rather have A2 over 2B and some dude with a blindfold + wig

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>Need a job to be socially well adjusted
>job interviewer already expects you to be socially well adjusted in order to get hired

How do I escape?
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I've got one word for you: volunteer
Fake it I'm a literal shut in and I fake it every time. Fake it so well they love you be so not you that they love you and then laugh at them for having them think they know you.
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>literal slavery
b-but you can't call it slavery 'cause it's voluntary :)

But in all seriousness, that can't actually be the solution.
I'm guessing you should have a friend or someone that could get you into a job, like nepotism. But that's still probably not a viable option in this case.

>get electric razor because sick and tired of wet shaving
>fucking thing gives me razor burn all over my neck

how the fuck do wagecucks use this shit. it's fine on my face but ruins my neck
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You're supposed to splash water on your neck first
did that. still got razor burn.
>live in a place with a horrible shared bathroom where shaving my face is basically impossible
>think about getting an electric razor
>read everywhere that they generally suck, even the expensive ones
>but also read that they're ok for some people
>see this thread
Fuck man, I dunno. The cheapest "decent" one I could find from Braun costs about 60 euros (Braun series 3) and it's quite expensive for me.

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Does anyone here put their Neetbux on crypto or stock?
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Not allowed to have more than 5k
I reinvest a lot of it, yes. It helps to increase my NEETbux.
Those people saying they lost tens of thousands are just playing, right?

Do you think glasses make people look less attractive? Are they a turn off for most people? Is it better to wear contact lenses even though they are much less practical?

What kind of glasses are the most acceptable, the thin ones or the thick hipster ones?
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I have no preference for glasses or no glasses on someone so I don't think it makes anyone more attractive. They're superior in every way to contacts though.

Pic related is my main pair. I worry that they make me look like a hipster sometimes but I love them.
Pic related look like mine but I feel they are very manly. What would look better?
Actually glasses make girls look cuter.

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