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At what point did edgy become cringy?
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When people mistook badass for edgy- or rather when the antihero became the guy everybody loved in the 80/90s.
It appeals to those cast out in society-people like resistors and us (don't deny it). Chase are your normal hero's, so we can't fit that role. And nobody wants to be the bad guy, so we're antiheroes.
Unfortunately anti heroes are almost always against the law but self righteous or indifferent- and being a hero is dropped altogether in a search for power and control over our feeble lives.
Thus, dropping the hero bit, it becomes glorified edge wanking.
Meant to say redditors instead of resistors
when everybody did it

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>Be me, 19 in NY with my mom and stepdad. Bio dad is in Italy, hear him once a month
>Mom wants to talk to me about my childhood
>I hate my dad because of it
Let me share, Anons. Before I die, I want this to remain as a memory of me.
>Age 6 months, Dad in late 30s, Mom early 20s
>Dad decides to bring us with him in Africa as he works for various Humanitarian organisations
>Zimbabwe, Angola, Sudan, Tanzania
>Malaria 4 times, allergic to all medicines
>Typhoid Fever
>Allergic but survived, Mom and Dad start clashing if we should keep going before I die
>Marburg Fever, the equivalent of Ebola
>Quarantined in home country, essentially showed all symptoms of Ebola
>Age 6 now
>We go in Sri Lanka for a year
>Dad gets fired for the millionth time as he clashes with other employers and employess because he doesn't agree with their tactics
>Mom tired of Dad's behavior
>Go back to home country, get divorced
>Ages 7-12 I live a normal life in Italy
Yes yes inb4 normie rooo get out
>At that time I still didn't know anything about all of this so I still respected my Dad while he kept traveling alone now
>Age 12. Italy is suffering from economical crisis
>Found out Dad had Liver Cancer
>Mom decides to move to NY because "muh opportunities"
Bonus: For those 5-6 years in Italy, Dad was so mad at Mom he decided to not give any money required by the state to support me as a child
>"One more thing Anon"
>"Remember how he had Liver Cancer? It was from HCV he eveloped in Congo"
>Get tested twice
>I have less than 3 months, cirrhosis symptoms already showing up
Thanks r9k, b, int, s4s, and adv. You guys made me feel like I belonged. In a broken life, you guys were more of a family than anybody I ever met. See you on the other side fags
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I'm sorry, you wop guinea dago.
Wait you have hep C? Isn't there a cure for that? Or just a liver transplant
Treatment is still getting tested, based on soundwaves and it's about 120k+ at the moment. Transplant is just fucking impossible with my current body proportions and the effectiveness of my immunity system.
There's a vaccine getting tested in Courtenay, one of the researchers said I can be taken in this program. I looked up their previous papers and apparently the chimpanzees they tested it on had a 53% mortality rate
Keep in mind I have Genotype 3, the rarest one, which means it's also harder trying to get any resources for testings

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really, no thread up?

>that kid who would sprint through the halls to classes/lunch
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>that kid who sucked on the water fountain spout
>That kid who was prone to rage outbursts and hit another classmate that was pushing him around with a ruler, weeaboo style, making a dent on his scalp.

He was gone to another school some days later. Neither of them were me, i swear.
>that kid that was chased by all the cute girls :( (dont worry it obviously wasnt me lol)

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Was he an innocent man?
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By Massachusetts law he is now an innocent man

guilty as fug.
He was pants-on-head retarded, that's for sure.

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Why haven't you gotten laid yet, robots?
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I might if you teach me how.
Why would a girl want to sleep with me?
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I've never felt the desire to have sex or be in a relationship. I'm 21.

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I don't understand how robots can't find a GF, it's literally asking a girl out
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>ask girl out
>she says no

wow check that out
But. That's obviously that chaps mom in OP?
Pretty sure that's his mum

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>be me
>grade 7
>standing with group of friends
>school slut comes along
>"where's my hug at boys"
> guys pretend to not like her but pre teen hormones are lovin those tiddies
> hugs every single guy in group
> comes up to me
> "I'm not hugging you Anon, I don't like you"
> don't say anything like Beta faggot
> go to bathroom stall and cry for entire recess
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she was wise beyond her years.

sluts have have excellent betar
Anon, do you know who is the girl you posted? If not, you don't want to know and should delete that image from your harddrive immediately.
what is so special about her?

How do you fellow retards cope with not being smart?
I've always been called a "smart kid" growing up and made good grades but once I went off to college , began to painfully realize I wasn't actually smart at all. The reality was that everyone around me was absolutely retarded, and I was just average.

Smart people usually understand things at a lightning fast pace and can get the gist of concepts on their first or second try. Me, it takes me very long long to get familiar with new subjects and even though I will forget them. I struggle with solving puzzles and problems with a logical base.

Im still in college, but every day is a struggle. Most people would have given up by now and dropped out. But I guess I want to hold on to the delusion a little while longer....
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Ever made an IQ test? If yes, what was the score?
And I'm not talking about online tests, these have no value.
Not that it has any particular significance
Never took an official IQ test and online IQ are mostly inaccurate.
Ive taken generic ones on the computer out of boredom and scored a 135 just guessing on things I didn't know and skipping questions.
>I've always been called a "smart kid" growing up and made good grades but once I went off to college , began to painfully realize I wasn't actually smart at all.
I realized that when I got a job after college. and then had to do an independent project.

I thought I was smart and had a rather high opinion of myself, but what I found out was that I'm not actually very intelligent, I'm just good at school. I can solve canned problems. I'm good at the "metagaming" part of it, like guessing how assignments are going to be graded, and what things from the material they'll be designed to require. I'm good at taking exams. I can memorize things.

None of this is equivalent to being smart though. I was completely useless when I was given a general goal or problem to solve and told "go figure it out" with no guidance on how I was expected to accomplish it, how it would be evaluated, etc. I'm not creative. I can't come up with solutions on my own. I'm very poor at thinking on my feet. And I realized only after years of college that these qualities, not the ones I actually had, were the ones that predict success in life and that employers look for.

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Why aren't you married? It's literally as simple as asking a girl, literally
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because womyn are cancer
You just gotta ask a girl, and make a decent amount of money and be handsome, and be charming and a little cocky but not too cocky and smart but not overwhelmingly smart but also a genius and tall and strong, enough to make her feel secure, and brave but not stupid but also not too smart like mentioned earlier
im married but its to another man, does that count? we cum in buttholes like reg folks

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>have bomb strapped around your chest
>fly plane over new york city
>jump out of plane without parachute
>fall head first like a torpedo on to times square
>detonate a second before hitting ground
>become human missile
>look cool
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>What would be your ideal death?

Fighting for something I believe in, tooth and nail. Shot to shit and I still stagger forward, the enemy has to tear me to shreds before I stop fighting.

I die hard and die kicking.
When you put it that way, your autistic rampage to get tendies from Chick-fil-a on a Sunday sounds way more epic
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Death is not something that scares me, there's worse things then death here.

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"And then he told me doesn't even like Starbucks. Like where else would you go to get coffee?"

"OMG Can you imagine that, Linda? How weird!"
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>he doesn't have a big penis
>likes to go on coffee dates~
>uses coffee meets bagel

damn dicklets are the future lmao
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I don't know how this is supposed to make me feel.
>not using the local cafes
Basic ass bitches

Why did they do it, /r9k/ ?
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for the lulz

Heavy metal and vidya
Doom2 plutonium

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Do any robots here have experience with auto-erotic asphyxiation? How did it feel? How did you achieve it?
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No because I am not retarded enough to cause brain damage to myself.
This is the best sudoku method
i have never. my future man will force it upon me

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How do I get enough money to be an independent NEET? I don't even care about relationships, I just don't want to fucking wageslave
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Hello there nice to meet you, i specialize in helping neets become sucessful buinessmen, please post contact info and location and we can talk about wonderful buisness ideas and opportunities to turn you into a sucessful trillionaire
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Stop with this anime girl rp shit, I'm serious about this
Depends on your definition of independent. If you can get bux from the government and dont mind living in a small town in a flyover state, you can do that.

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happy 420 phams
reporting in from ontario, gonna take a hit from the bong, i hope your all doing alright and the weed is good tonite

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