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choose one
whats the best female body
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Bottom right: soft and squishy in all the right ways. Top right is fine too.
top right is perfect. Top left is pushing it but it seems not too overdone.
Top left: too much muscle, not womanly enough

Bottom left: too skinny, not womanly enough

Top right: perfect mix of muscle and fat, would rail

Bottom right: chubby and feminine, would rail

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I'm not really a HUGE fan of the gooks but there's some thing about them I'm really envious of. They seem so accepting of how the world is while whites live so much in denial they try to change the universe itself to match how they wish it was
You'll never have to worry about someone cheating on you OP. don't worry
It's true you fucking weeb. Your precious asian waifus are whores like every other woman on the planet.


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Am I a retard for contemplating friendzoning my oneitis because she has been with other men during her time as an underage?

I really really really like her and she is legitimately very attractive and with a good body as well, hence the reason why she's been so sought after, but I really cannot shake this image in my head of her losing her virginity to some disgusting pedo older than her during her preteens.

I only cannot live with this fact because I legitimately think that we are incredibly alike (even down to color of clothing and facial profile) and I simply cannot accept the fact that my other half has done this while I remained almost completely untouched by anybody.

Really, you people can't even start to understand how much I like her, and how well we go together, but due to me knowing her past and me being the way that I am, I'd definitely call her a slut or akin to that eventually during an argument and I just know it because I'm like that.

I love her, but seeing facebook pictures of her having dinner with some 19 year old with a big house while she was just 14 and dressing up for him and everything makes my mind snap. Let alone the thought of these people potentially having had sex with her in any way shape or form which they definitely did considering the context of those pictures.

I've lived through so much shit in my life, and all alone, it feels now as if most girls I walk into are attracted to me, that's not even an issue anymore. But I'm very stubborn, I just wanted her in her prime stage, I can't stop imagining what my life would have been like if I had met her earlier and we had spent time together instead of what she did with those disgusting fucks.

I mean, I lived in literal third world poverty and wasn't even living in this country at the same exact date her pictures with that disgusting faggot was taken with her and him eating dinner together and its just so surreal that at the exact same time I literally didn't even have clothes to wear.
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Tldr kys pls
Be greatful for what you have you may never do better. If you are attracted to this girl and you get along you should not stop yourself doing what comes naturally just because of your own insecurities
Reject her. I did the same to a girl a week ago or so.
You'll want to die but you'll get over it.
Keep your pride and sanity anon.

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>recently no desire for sex
>have been creating an aversion to sex related things
>dont even fap anymore
>still love women though
What's going on? Why is this happening?
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wow i have the same "problem", i just focus on myself
I can't even focus on myself. I just end up sleeping all day. Literally
set some goal, since you're not disturbed by sexual urges you can achieve the goal faster
for example i'm working out at home, reading, running, learning to cook basic shit

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Why are voluptuous women so desirable by men?
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I think you misspelled "fat"
what site is this? xxorig
It's called casting a wide net. Most people (men) don't care what's in the water. As long as they can drag something in.

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Can anyone tell me what game to play?

I'm bored as fuck and can't decide.

The choices are here;

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Voted for DS3.
Im on a vacation but really want to finish the new dlc myself
I don't want you to play any of those games

One vote for Bubsy on SNES
I already beat both DLCs.

I got tired of PvP so I started a new run, and might just invade with it, as it's looking like a pretty crazy run already.

Wait a minute.
Do we accept robots who come from reddit ?
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No. Just know to no. Please go back the way you came.
I don't. But I emigrated from /b/ so what do I know.
There's nothing inheritly wrong with reddit.
Oh no the reddit boogeyman.
Also /r/incel and /r/incels are better than us.

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>the girl of your dreams is out there right now

Why aren't you looking for her, /r9k/?

Why give up on something so precious?
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Because she's a dumb roastie whore
There are no women in my future, I will die a virgin and I look forward to it.
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Fat Momiji is the girl of my dreams.

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>tfw straight, but the thought of sucking a manly man off turns you on
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But this is obvious low energy YEB! tier bait
2/10 at least you tried
Have a sage.
Yes, I'm pretty much straight for the most part.
fuuuuuuuuiuck off

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I am not sure if you're here tonight but I really badly need to talk to you. I know you don't want to talk to me and I am sorry, but I should in all likelihood be dead from what I did yesterday and I am not. I am not sure what to say other than please talk to me or get in touch with me, I will not bother you long.
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If you do see this, please message.

I miss you more than you could imagine.
Hey. I am sorry I just need to talk to you.

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cuck thread.png
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I want you to know that you are a cuckhold. You are a cuckhold - you just don't know it yet. You think because you met a European girl on some trip to yellowstone and are now in a shaky LDR with her, somehow life is worth living again? Somehow women are actually loyal and love unconditionally? Bullshit. Every man that got cucked by his wife and had his soul sucked from his body felt the same way you do. You're not special, you're just delusional in the face of your first "true love".
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cuck thread2.png
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It's not even guaranteed that you'll get to marry her. She doesn't think you're good enough, and yet you're still "DOING YOUR BEST TO PLEASE HER STANDARDS". Hahahahaha, holy fuck you're just sad. I'm almost sad for you, you're going to get cucked so hard it's ridiculous. She already doesn't respect you. The truth of the matter is: If she actually loved and respected you as much as you think she does, she WOULD marry you tomorrow regardless of your fucking material wealth. Idiot.
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I just felt the need to make these replies since the thread had 404'd before I got a chance to. Fuck this guy and his naive attitude.

If you're going to self-improve, you do it for YOU - because you have a passion that makes the hard work worth it. No fucking woman is worth living for, I guarantee you that.
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i used to think that 'women couldnt all be that bad' then i realized they're people too. like us men. And men are a bunch of shit. So i then thought women are no different. They will lie and stuff. like us. Probably even harder.

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Mom ruined my chance at a college scholarship for good results, saying that I have it too easy, that I must learn how hard it is to work in order to understand why I live..
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That's just a plain asshole thing from your mom to do.
it reminds me of when my mom convinced my school to put me on special ed when i got diagnosed with asperger
I'm sorry. You know what it's like to be poor and you know what it's like to work hard. Now you're gunna know what it's like to sweep floors and bust your ass and accomplish twice as much as all the kids around you and it won't mean anything because they will still look down on you and you will want so much for them to like you and they just won't and it'll break your heart and that'll make your heart bigger and open your eyes and finally, you will realize that there's more to life than proving you're the smartest person in the world.

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Hey femanon... why so nervous?
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>dick cant even reach the gearstick the change gears

2/10 sweetie, think ill go find a real man to drive me around
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He took it out
>Not the right moment for the quote


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Are you in control of your life?
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I'm up at 3 in the clock in the morning doing homework. So no, I'm not in control.
you could have gone back to sleep
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No, and I'm not sure I'd want to be at this point.
I would probably fuck it up even worse.

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Half this board consists of:
>women hate threads
>MGTOW threads
>online dating/tinder threads
>slutshaming/tick tock threads
>khv threads
>"I want ___ gf" threads
>fembot threads

Is there any straight person on this board who just doesn't care that much about sex/gfs? Why do so many of you place your self worth on how many girls like you?
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right here fampai but vaginas gross me out so maybe I'm not straight.

I still masturbate exclusively to straight porn and hentai girls so idk.
Yeah, I couldn't give a shit about sex, gf or friends.
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>jerk off a few times a week
>other than that, don't pay much attention to potential gf/sex
I think it's cause I place my attention and confidence in doing well at school and hobbies like lifting and recording music.

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