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Is this /ourdisorder/?
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Alienation from wider society with all the baggage brought from it.
Fits me pretty good
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>tfw have all of these but i'm extremely narcissistic at the same time

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Do roasties really prefer a pretty face with a twink body over a body like in pc related?
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>pretty face with a twink body
That's pretty much me and I get quite a lot of attention from girls. All throughout secondary school and it's happening at uni too.
Girls aren't attracted to excessive muscles like that. Only gays are.
Regular/neutral humans muscles are okay.
But that shit, gay af. Everyone knows that bodybuilders are gay.
But I wouldn't refuse a foursome with these guys.

It's probably the middle of the night for you, right? Or maybe not, that's fine. Come here.

Does your heart feel empty? So empty it hurts? If you think about it too much, you'll suffocate, or go into hysterics, or lose yourself completely to a void that you can't seem to get rid of, or.

That's enough thinking for now, anon. Just sit back. Crack open your favorite drink. Pop a snack in your mouth. Coke and chips, coffee and cookies, water and bread, just break out something man.

Let's chill. Don't talk about your feelings. Not your life. Leave it outside.

It's you and me and us. So come enjoy yourself. You're welcome here.
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It's almost 6 PM here, but what's going on, OP? What are you up to?
good idea OP, gonna go for coffee now ._.
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This made me feel like crying, OP.

Just made myself a nice cup of coffee, mates. Real nice. Mmm-mm!
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Do you know how much caffeine does it have?
H-how will we k-know when you're f-f-finished drinking it, anon sama?
Sounds good, man. How do you take your coffee?

Also I'm autistic

am I hopeless lads
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I'm only a danger to myself, your belongings, and any plans we may make.
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Ayyyyy notice me
>He doesn't provide a link to the test

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I wanna move to Japan and adopt a Japanese girl and raise her to be super cute and love her and spoil her

all I want in life is to see the country of Japan be prosperous and successful

I feel more connection with Japan than I've ever felt with my birthplace
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American living in Japan here. Can tell you with confidence that although you feel more connection with Japan than your birthplace, Japan will not reciprocate that feeling. You'll never get to adopt a Japanese girl legally, nor will you be able to shield her from a culture ingrained with body shaming, misogyny, and exclusivity. I don't know how old you are, OP, but you'd be better off getting over your infatuation with Japan.

Nothing good comes from lust, especially when the other party does care for you.
Sorry, *doesn't care for you
>This kills the weebs
my sides
my fucking sides.

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>sit and play wow for~ 12 hours everyday and then go to sleep
>be busy so dont think about eating
>dont lose weight
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How does one play wow for so long? Legion fucking bores me after 10 minutes
you have a ton of fat stored in your body, sitting 12 hours a day wont burn it.
do 20 mins of jumping jacks a day or something
I play ~10 alts myself to keep it intresting.

when is the last tine you saw a boob in real life?
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2 months ago when I went to a "clothing optional" beach.
2 days ago i saw tranny boobs do they count
Like 3.2 years ago. My last summer fling before I moved abroad and lost all interest in dating.

Is effort worth it?


Putting effort in things is usually fruitless. The only way around that is to invest so much effort that by the time you see any result it will have lost all initial value and will feel more like a minor compensation rather than a reward.

Fuck life.
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Not if it means enough to someone.
For many people, there are things they'd like to see happen so badly that they'll do whatever it takes, just to see that effort realized. How much actual value it has to the rest of the world doesn't matter; the craft and process itself is enough for them.
You ever see a passionate indie movie that gets releasef at some film festival? Or a good indie game that comes from 1 or 2 guys in their spare time? The world will decide whatever it wants about their work. But to many creators and workers, it means anything.

... I wish I knew what it felt like. To place personal value in something.
I mean, once you have this realization, you're better off trying to distract yourself until you become so good at something that you realize you've overlooked all the effort you've put into it.

Otherwise, yeah, fuck life.
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Fuck this phone.

*but to them, it means everything.

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Anyone her lost their virginity to mother?
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did you OP?

Mother son incest is my least favourite incest, with Twincest being the best.
She was 25 with a 6 year old
I did to my mother. If I had a twin I would have sex with her too I think.

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could go for a crunchie edition
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might go get a 50p isotonic drink
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could go for an asian gf
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Wake up wagie, you have to go to slavery

Yes, Muslims and their burqa ways are barbaric and backwards, right?

But if one end of the pendulum swing is wrong, why would we think that the opposite end isn't wrong?

Islam developed its sexual repression traditions for real reasons, and they have persisted because they have solved real world problems.

Why do women even wear yoga pants, they might as well just be naked. The resentment we feel towards women who show off their bodies is justified, and the fact that Islam has developed its traditions is genetic proof of that.
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And keeping kosher developed as a way to be healthy when you lived in a bronze age desert civilization. It made perfect sense.

It doesn't mean you John Doe from Idaho should not be allowed to eat shellfish.
what does sex have to do with women? everyone knows muslim boys are for pleasure
mudslimes developed their traditions to keep women in line. typical liberal moron

>omigod it's starting!
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>*race riots begin*
*empties magazine*

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Alright anons, I'm in a pickle and short on time. I'm sitting in Starbucks sharing a table with an Asian girl that seems kinda qt.

Any tips on initiating conversation? What do I do?
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How do people study in coffee shops or common areas without partitions.

I literally cant focus with people around me.
ask her how her days been going
I used to be like this too. I forced myself to start studying/reading in public places and while it was horrible at first I've actually gotten really good at tuning everything out.

Alright, I probably could of thought of this but I'll give it a shot the next time she glances up.

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Are women aware that, in everything they do, 90% of the notice and/or positive feedback that they get from men is simply because they're a woman, and only the remaining 10% depends on whether they actually did the thing well?

If you're a man, you already know what I mean, because your brain is so wired to give attention to women that it automatically noticed the girl in this pic while scrolling.
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They have no clue. They all have massively inflated egos, from the hot Stacys to the """shy nerd""" girls. Constant positive feedback without any real negativity means that they all end up as boring attention seekers.

they don't know for sure, they just worry about it constantly. which is why they tend to be wary of comments about their appearances; it stokes their secret fear that nobody cares about anything but.
Damn right. Bitch got nice tits.

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