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Who here uses xanax? I take it to fall asleep faster so I can be at work instead of home alone.
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I do the exact thing, yet I take it due to insomnia caused by not taking my anti depressants.
I found out that without them I feel like shit, very much like fainting every second, but now after some days it has improved and I do not feel tired/dizzy/sleepy all the time which makes me happy.
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It makes my sleep really good and I can easily fall asleep with it. I used to eat a lot of xanax
Now I can't get that much of it and everything fucking sucks. I can't even sleep properly on other meds
Sometimes I'll take them with modafinil and that will offset part of the daytime tiredness.

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Im getting double jaw surgery soon for my sleep apnea

tfw im 6'4
tfw im gonna have a chad jaw
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It didn't move your jaw. I know a kid who is getting it and docs said his jaw is only gonna shift forward about a centimeter.
1cm is a fuck ton for a jaw m8
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dont forget about us when you are fucking stacy

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The last post/thread that you made is now being displayed on every screen in times square, along with a picture of you and your information.

How screwed are you?
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>shitposting about daleks on /qa/
I think i'm fine
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>making fun of wagekeks

i'd take the hit personally, maybe some wagekeks would wake up
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This might reveal my identity -- or not.

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Do exactly as you like. That is the true meaning of pleasure. Pleasure leads to joy and joy leads to happiness. Chasing sluts is weakness.
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its simpler than most people think and I have to agree, to truly pursue your own desires gives someone great pleasure

to follow your own justice, an even greater pleasure too. the sweet taste of punishment and revenge will never become old and torn
What if I like to chase sluts?
>Do what you want
>But not this this or that
Fucking idiot

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Posting a sad pepe farming memes every day until someone from /r9k/ gives me money
Day 1
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here is your singular dollar my good sir
I cannot find it in my regular online currency wallet.
maybe you should be looking harder then good sir

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Its another "Anon, we need to talk about your future. You cant just sit around and play video games all the time" episode...
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"Champ, you can't just stay there and play video games all the time. It's not normal. It's time you went outside and got a job. I'm taking you to look for one, and I'm not taking no for an answer. Speak with the manager, look him in the eye, and give him a firm handshake. It's about time."
>dad gets home from work
>ex-drug addict failure of a man
>trapped in a go-nowhere job and a dying marriage
>angerly attempts to thrust advice at me under the umbrella of "older and wiser"

Yeah I'm sure you learned a whole lot about the world alternating between drugs, alcohol and jesus
>alternating between drugs, alcohol and jesus

same as my dad lol. I almost bought it til we caught him with another woman

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I'm worried.jpg
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When I take a shit, I find blood on my toilet paper. This doesn't happen every single time, but the first time it happened I suddenly got worried and thought "Fuck, am I going to die?" but I asked a friend about it and he said it's normal to bleed from your ass sometimes.

I became relieved for a while. But then I looked up the problem online and it turns out that I should see the doctor ASAP to see what it is. The websites say there are a few different things it could be, but the main one I'm worried about is bowel cancer.

So yeah. I might have cancer. Not a settling idea to say the least. I want to see the doctor about it, but then they're going to ask me to pull down my pants so that they can look up my ass and examine it. I don't exactly like the idea of some stranger looking up my ass to be completely honest. Although, I may have no choice if my life is at stake here. If it turns out it actually is cancer, they'll remove it if it's not too late.

I don't want to risk dying from bowel cancer. But I also don't want some doctor putting their hand up my ass like it's bloody christmas. Although, it's probably preferrable to dying.

Every time I see blood on my toilet paper, I'm reminded of my inevitable death. (But seriously, I'm pretty damn worried.)

Now give me your advice, oh wise people.
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Your shits are too big it's ok though desu
its most likely hemorrhoids. But better get it checked. You cant get creams and suppositories for it at the phamacy.
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Relax, dipshit. It's just hemorrhoids.

You'll be fine.

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>just eat under 2000 calories bro

how am I supposed to do that when I have stress from working and depression from having no friends?
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by giving a shit. kill yourself if you can't control your gauging mouth fatty.
Im eating under 2000 kcal for 10 days, its hard but possible.
Are you retarded?

Having friends will make you go out to get more calories. If anything, solitude helps.

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Why is everyone so insistent that a woman cannot have a penis?
What are you bigots going to say next?
Women can't have a pancreas?
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Lmao. Where do you find this shit, bread boi.
Post more please op, I need that badly
God damn don't even like dudes or traps why is this turning me on

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>tfw this qt girl killed herself
really makes me think

why do qt girls kill themselves?
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Whats the backstory? Why? How? infos?
For the same reasons other people kill themselves.
> tfw tried to kms three times
> every time people said I'd recover from it and things would become better
> falling_from_bridge.txt
The fact that you need to frame this question as a matter of QTs vs everyone else is incredible. Normies, Stacys, and Chads can't be depressed? Moron.

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>tfw too ugly to send a photo of myself
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This nigga look like he straight outta Jimmy Neutron
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>Shower every day
>Dress better and wear fitted clothing
>Get contacts instead of glasses
>Haircut that suits face shape
>Wash face every day + basic skincare

Up at least 2-3 points
I look worse without glasses

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Anyone here have a porn/madsturbation addiction?
>be me
>fap at home at least 3 times a day
>at work I fap at least 2 times
>learned if I flex my calf muscle when I jerk it, I can cum in like seconds
>I feel disgusted with my self
>my taste in porn becomes more and more bizarre or I can fap to pictures of girls I know on Instagram.
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Almost trips
Trips trips trips original
Drop the porn. It will fuck your sexuality for good. It happened to me. I would post my life story here but yesterday I made a huge wall text about my journey against porn addiction and got no single reply, so I'm not repeating that.

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>Like a girl
>Remember how ugly and pathetic I am
>Any possibility of getting together with her down the drain
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Just be yourself brah, it'll work out.
I'm trying! Reer oringal!
>she looks in your general direction
>she might have been looking at you
>unlikely, yet possible
>you receive 'hope'
>you know that hope is unhealthy
>self-esteem goes down until hope fades
Do you experience this, anon?

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How are potential gfs gonna feel about me liking traps?
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Some girls find it hot so you shouldn't worry OP.
if you find one who also loves traps then she'll dress you up and make you cute

woah lets not go that far, I just like fapping to them. I'm a manly man, I can't wear a dress!

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>tfw you missed out on the crypto goldrush
>tfw you missed out on the mobile app goldrush
>tfw you missed out on the youtube goldrush
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There was never a YouTube gold rush, you either were extremely attractive, or had content that people wanted to see
It's still the same
Could have been a fucking billionaire if I invested all my money into crypto and sold / rebought at the correct times
>tfw you missed out on the klondike gold rush

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