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>oh you're so mature for your age
>20 years old and never had a gf
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you are just to good for them
remain pure and become wizard

This is an accurate depiction of America under Il Duche-bag Drumpf and his racist and fascist cronies and politicians.
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Lmao a compelling case with a lot of hard evidence
niggers are so ugIy
Dump ran a campaign on hate, racism and fear. It's like you haven't even paid attention last election. And now that orange fucking Fascist is in the White House!
Cool it with the racism.

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hard way.gif
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Who else here has a manipulative family?

Who is the most manipulative person, have you broken free from it?
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Why aren't you using one of those little gifts of the heaven to masturbate.
Stimulating the tip of your cock through a condom feels absolutely beautiful.
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ive found that too. fuck knows how that works cos sex is 100 x better without them

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What happens when you finally accept that you will never know what its like to be loved?
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My family used to love me as a kid. Now they only love the idea of me.
As do I.
You hold the skeltal hand of death at that time.
You may let him take you away if you like.
You may also have him do your bidding if you desire it.
But the period in which you considered yourself a friend of the living is ended
at the moment you forsake the hope of love
I swallowed that pill in the 3rd grade. Probably what fucked me up in the first place.

Its definitely not
>Park Ji Yeon
>Do Hwe Ji
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God works in mysterious ways, Anon. It's all just part of his plan.
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>get cancer
What did god mean by this?
You see Anon, he just wants to get you into heaven faster. It's all part of his great plan.
Weird. I just talked with an old lonely guy who said that. He was pissed his wife died. And every time he yelled at God, God would make his nerve damage flare up. She was meant to die, and he was meant to stay alive a little longer for a purpose.

I felt sorry for the guy. He was painfully lonely, nobody would visit him.

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>the only thing I look forward to in life anymore is getting high
>can't enjoy anything unless I'm high
>no friends
>no job
>can't sleep
>tired all the time
>scared and on-edge all the time
>still live with my mother in a shitty apartment with no hope of moving out
>mentally-ill retard who's scared of people and going outside
>dropped out of college with thousands in debt and no degree to show for it because I was too scared to go to class
>been in therapy for three years and nothing's helped
>psychologist and psychiatrist are both pressuring me to go to the funny farm
>complete failure at life at only 21
It hurts, lads.
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>scared and on-edge all the time

i know this feel too well
how do you get high with no job?
Maybe you should go to a facility. It's only for a short time, right? And it might do some good. Worse thing that happens is that you're bored for a couple weeks. Guess your only options are that you keep trying some stuff, or you try to get used to your current condition.

But the great American ninjas have self control and are wise enough to not destroy this world with their immense power are our true heroes
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The great American ninjas dwell in places so foul that even the mighty cuck CNN dares not go such as 4 chan, 8 chan and le redits. These mighty masters Change the world through their meme magic. With one swing of their mightiest katana "desu" they could destroy the world. The great gate keeper "mommy" gives these mighty warriors offerings of chicken tendies to keep the world safe will you join these masters or will you stay normie choose now before the Great War happens .

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is there an official r9k whatsapp group that i can join?

without sharing my nr obviously

help a nigger out
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very originali commento
>discordfaggots here and there
>now whatsapp normalslimes are coming


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>be me, go to a KFC Taco Bell combo
>Want a famous bowl, order it
>See that they have a new thing called the double chalupa
>Order one of those too, the meal because i'm a fatty
>Go back the next day for another double chalupa
>Decide to use drive thru so they won't know I've gone to taco bell twice in a row
>"Hi welcome back to KFC Taco bell"
>welcome back to KFC Taco bell
>welcome back
>They know
>Order another Double chalupa and a chicken little
>Come back again the next day and order a doritos locos taco and a pot pie
>Pot pie is garbage and I throw it away

Anyone else /RecognizedAtFastFoodPlaces/?

Pic semi-unrelated
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The only place I'm recognized is my local grocery store, where they probably think I'm an alcoholic because the only thing I buy there is beer

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How likely is it for a girl off tinder to just come over and fuck? Honestly I can't be assed to go on dates but I have gotten matches with some qts.

Do I have to buy condoms?
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It's a lot easier if you meet at a bar or something. And yes buy condoms or else your dick will rot off from these turboroasties.

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>didnt sleep
>spent all night playing vidya, shitposting, youtube, and fappin to hentai
>and coffee
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I beat dark souls 3 today
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how many hours did u spent on it?

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>tinder radius has to be set to 40+ miles to see anyone now
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>ywn have a few beers with Terry and listen to rock music with him


no point going on lads
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