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Anyone here do therapy or whatever? Does it work, is it expensive etc

I'm tired of the sadness
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Pls respond ;_;

It depends largely on your psychiatrist/therapist.

Remember, they are being paid to listen to you cry. What are you sad about, anon? Tell me.
I tried it. It's bullshit. Don't bother.
Unless you're a turbo-normie they don't know jack shit about your problems and won't take you seriously.

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I miss.jpg
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Tired of playing video games alone, but everyone if invite to play with me leaves me and doesn't wanna play with me.
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>anime gril picture

You deserve it, weeb.
The fuck man? That was harsh
What games do you play, anon?
asking to see if we have similar taste

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Why do girls always pose like this?

Why do they have to show their ass.
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to attract chad
next question
because they know men dont pose like that, that would be weird. so what do they do? they mock us by doing that. girls can touch each other without being called out as homos or something, just men. so they lowkey laughing at men by doing that. its gross, truly.
Only thing this pose flatters is gravity

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>tfw shadowbanned from commenting on Anna Akana's videos
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>who's that
>look it up
>videos not really about anything
how does this get famous?
>Watching a typical self hating Asian women who dates white cucks and will give birth to school shooters
Anna -deserves- BWC in every hole.

t. Yello b0i

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Petite white teen girls should be literally your only choice.
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Suicide should be literally your only choice.
too bad cartoons aren't real, huh?
> Prefers 3DPD over 2D
You need to leave my board.

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I somehow managed to land a tinder date with a solid 8/10 with huge titties tomorrow.
how do i fuck her?
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>how do i fuck her?

you put your pee pee in her vee gee
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Netflix and chill. That's it
>solid 8/10

Why post a pic of a fat 5 then?

Tfw randomly talk to a beautiful girl I see on the street and get her number.

Shes gorgeous and nice and has a good personality that shows on the surface compared to my lacking of expressions and monotone voice and too internally silently depressed to show my personality much. But she still sees a nice guy under that.

She messges me first a lot and wants to go the beach pretty much setting up the date.

But you realize that the interaction would be not what you want and that youre better off alone and have no emotions left really that last longer than talking to a girl on the street in tbe moment nad when the time comes to be in a normal relationship you quit because of years of being a robot has become who you are and you cant connect on thatblevel anymore because the parts of you that were once there were killed of to.make room for other things like solitude.



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Are you retarded or a troll?
nice bragpost faggot

It's not a brag either. I'm not like that. Eventually you will be faced with the same situatio as me and will have to decide unless youre a wizard or wizard aporentice. I think i'll be a robot most of my life. At least for the next few years until im 30 or so and maybe then things will change in time. I spnt my whole life on the other side of normie though fighting them and society.

Have you ever seen those movies where the soldier finally goes home and he sees how sterile day to day life is and cant adjust to it and the next scene is him going back to the batefield? This is kind of how this is but im.being a lot more dramatic obviously.

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Is Barron Trump asexual?
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Barron Trump is a child you stupid fuck.
youtube told me kids can be asexual >37951010
I mean he's 11 years old so I imagine it's not that important to him yet.. give him another year lol.

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Agatha rocks my frickin world
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I don't understand the appeal of her. She looks pretty average
it isn't about looks. she acts very cutely
You mean like a pubescent child. That's the appeal

Fapfics featuring Rhonda from Hey Arnold

Check them out please

>Rhonda and her boytoy force Phoebe into a threesome


>Rhonda needs money and has to work as a street walker to help her family out (Make sure to leave a review if you want to see a chapter 3)


You can post anonymous reviews without an account needed. Me and my co-author would appreciate it if you did:


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Why do you keep making this thread
which is not original unlike this post
Whoever posted a review, it showed up blank
How do you write these?
What is your process?

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If you've been NEET longer than 3 years make it known so I can feel better about being a loser for 3 years.
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the most successful people retire early
the most successful people strive to be what you are right now
hope you feel better
Ive been NEET for 10 years
I've been NEET for almost 3 years. Hope you feel better, anon.

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>"Why are you so quiet, anon?"

Your response?
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I am not "quiet". I simply am.
>sorry i had to say that or else the robot wouldn't let me post
Because I lack confidence.


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What's with all the asexual shills the past couple days? Are (((they))) moving from traps to this?

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/pol/ shill threads need to be removed from /r9k/
I like it. Asexuality is a welcome improvement to the board.
Anti pol posters should be banned.

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What happens when we die?
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Why don't you kill yourself and find out?
You go to heaven and reunite with the absolute love of God and the other departed souls you loved.
You slowly turn into mush - rotting six feet under while birds poop on your grave.

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any you're talking to me because.......?
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I want more of this type of pepe

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good day sir, as you requested.
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thats not coffee


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