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>mfw no chad friend to help me with getting a gf

I met this girl in my job, she is new so sometimes i help her but im not the boss or anything special, well i like her but i simply dont know how this "get a gf" thing works, i am total social retarded person, sometimes i put my normie mask and pretend im not that autistic, she is quiet just like me so that makes it more difficult, what should i say?
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Get to know her you Faggot, see if you're compatible. It's clear that since she's both new and quiet you don't know shit about her. She could be a coal burner or had 20 chads in her hole. Just socialize a bit, say good morning or something, then just slowly build up from there. Then after you can hold a full on conversation ask her out.


Do what I do and full on sperg and confess in "creative" ways. Write a letter and give it to her, envelope and all, Make her a cupcake with "Coffee sometime?".
ask her if she plays video games or something, find similar hobbies. you cant be anything more than coworkers if you don't have anything in common, so just ask general questions like if she plays video games n stuff. A question like that isnt anything out of the ordinary, if she says yes then add her on steam n stuff and play games with her, maybe ask her out to a movie later on in work after u've gotten to know her a little better and ur sure u still like her.
fuck it im gonna samefag >>37541474

I understand its quite hard for us robots or cyborgs to get gfs sometimes but ffs im sure all of u have read through countless posts like this, everyone should know wtf to do in scenario's like this.

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>the converted to Islam

Feels good bring on the winning side. Islam will be the most popular religon soon and will overtake all you kuffirs!
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Then go to the desert, mussie.
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Go fuck a goat mudslime
Isn't it already the most popular religion?

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-302,-713 http://pixelcanvas.io/@-241,-695 come on robots we need to take back what's ours
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its interesting how these threads always die on r9k youd think all the neets would hop in the war
We are too busy crying over not having a gf
please destroy the el salvadorian scum

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Can Jews be robots? Y/N
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>Literally a billionaire Jew
>Best he can get a 3/10 Chinese food
im sure there are some
but the majority of them are rich, connected, and full of false emotions.
Yes but not that guy because he's a successful billionaire.

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This fat fuck can get a qt redpilled gf. You have no excuse.
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look at those feet. that's a tranny for sure.
>that face
>those teeth
>that tattoo
I think that they are perfect for each other, they look like they are father and daughter
Qt?! Are we looking at the same picture? because I don't sew any cuties

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Fellow gaybots, how does gay dating work? What are the goods and bads of it, and how would it effect the average autistic robot?
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how would they be gaybots if they know how dating works?
Go back to your containment board. You are not welcome here.
>get drunk
>tell straight friend i like him
>he's friendly about it but it's awkward af
>go home in shame

about all the experience i have with at least attempting to date anyone

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How did I do?
I want make cums inside
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You did good but the chick seems dull as fuck. Then again I've never used any dating app so idk what it's like.
wow, did she even respond to that?

best if you go fuck a whore first, then do this stuff.
Or at least advertise it on your profile so only girls into that will respond.
She didn't respond but also not "seen"
so there is a chance

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Does /r9k/ have a diary?
Today I wrote an entry in my journal for the first time in over a year.
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I do, but with word documents on Google drive because I'd fucking lose a physical journal for sure.
l have diarrhea
I record audio logs sometimes

Is it weird that I'm slowly becoming more and more content with my small dick?
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whats weird is that you made a fucking thread about it
Nice dude. Enjoy. Just know that, unless you have money and the personality of a lion, you're going to get cucked
Or I could just not marry and be fine with one night stands
(as if lol)

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Three identical-looking umbrellas are sitting upright in a stand. Assuming the owners don't check their umbrellas' labels, what percentage chance is there that only two people will walk off with their own umbrella?

im a bit late today, aren't I?
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Who cares as long as their let me stand under their umbrella when it's raining and aren't greedy fucks that want their dryness for themselves
I bet the answer is some bullshit, like "100% because all three are identical"
Hi wait the answer is 0% because that situation could never occur. If two got the right one, the third one has the right one too

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If Jews are so powerful and control everything, why don't you just convert to Judaism?
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Converts aren't considered Jews.

This. Your kids might be considered Jews but really, they're just humoring you.
wrong board nigger


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What should I call this new Pokemon?
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kykey jewenstein

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>Go to local coffee shop
>Hipster girl with no bra standing behind the counter calls me sweetie
>get a semi

It wasn't supposed to be like this

Does this happen to anyone else
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It's probably only gonna get worse.
>playing videogame
>female healer says "luv" to me over vc
>imagine a life together
>get a full on
Why didn't you give her the D?
She didn't even have a bra.
>lock eyes with qt girl
>she looks away first
>get a semi-erection

No fap was a mistake

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How to stop wanting to kill myself when I see something like this? Feel like a matter of days and I'm gonna do a hero.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwilqASK5c0 [Embed]

I should be happy, because he just proved that height doesn't matter as much as girls claim (he is 5'8 and I'm taller than him. watch the video without replying please)
But seeing that how easy is for him makes me want to kill myself. What do?

>inb4 drugs
I'm already drinking or doing benzos when I'm not studying
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ples send halp
Dude has been in the game for a while. Social skills aren't something everyone just has, it requires work anon. You don't look at an Olympic athlete and be sad you can perform like that, it's stupid, or say be able to play guitar like Slash or whoever the fuck.

Step out of your comfort zone, be around normies, and you'll pick up on their ability to socialize.
The problem is that there is literally zero women in my social circle. Fucking none. I work out, but I cant just go to the cardiobunnies who are surrounded by chads in the gym. I go clubbing, but everyone is on drugs and dont care about hooking up. So what the fuck do I do? I'm 21

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If you could go back 20 years with the knowledge you have now and change one thing, what would it be?

I'd make my parents invest in google and Facebook stock.
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I'd probably become a freak, the Baby Genius.
tell my 13yr old self to start fighting back no matter what
Buy Bitcoin, retire at 18.

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