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Why do normies never learn?

A girl grows up with a deadbeat father who leaves when she's 6 years old because mommy got pregnant at 17 with a loser.

Then she grows up and does the same fucking thing her mother did and has a kid with a deadbeat who drinks his life away.
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Damn, this is so sad but so true
>imo normies are like that. Kid never saw any love so don't have any expectations and might even like some of dad's traits cuz she never met any "non retarded" adult man. She will just pity herself till she meet similar retard who will mby even "try" to love her so she immidietely falls for him.
> she will be wiser later, but that's too late, who would want single homeless dumb mother with 2 kids
Some people are retards. News at 11.
High time preference, low intelligence and foresight. Bam.

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>keep drinking water
>in turn have to pee every 15 mins
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why are you drinking so much water then
there is such a thing as drinking too much
Thats the point dumbass

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Do any of you robots know self discipline? Please teach me your ways
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You need from 2 weeks to a month for a brain to set some settings after repeating it over and over again.
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You just do it, that's all
Go to a psych. Get some meds. Quit everything else cold turkey. If you fail, immediately try to give up again and keep doing this until you really do give up for good. Remember: it is better to gain control of yourself than cities. Also: doing the right thing is a case of not doing things more than doing things

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>been four months since she and I broke up
>just woke up to yet another dream(nightmare) of her

Does it ever stop, /r9k/? Can life ever get back on track after losing the love of your life?
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You'll be able to stop thinking about her eventually, but you will definitely keep dreaming about her, it's been 8 years for me and I still get dreams with my ex in them.
>been a year
>feels like yesterday
It doesnt help that we still fuck and she looks/talks to me like she loves me but doesnt want to commit to a relationship. Nigga you dont even go outside why not be my gf (i have called her a nigger before she is white)
why torment yourself like that, idiot?

I think I'm losing it. My reclusive lifestyle is probably having a really corrosive effect on my mental state. My reality is really fucking weird and I know it is not normal to feel this. I've listened to this song on repeat for about an hour and a half now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6lYDZ8xGVY

I'm so lonely. I have a bad feeling in my guy like a bomb is about to drop but it never comes. All this because I can't get a gf and don't have a normal job like some normalfag? What kind of twisted sick punishment is this. Why did I have to be born a fucking manlet skellington beta fuck. I doomed.
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What a cute song. Too bad about your rotting brain.
sounds like you are ethier going to have a mental breakdown or descend into schizophrenia
You need to change your approach, anon. If you keep blaming your circumstances ("born a fucking manlet skellington beta fuck"), you'll feel like you're never at fault and you're not doing anything wrong, but you'll also feel like you're not in a position to change where you are and that doesn't help you at all. You need to start taking responsibility for your actions and become the master of your own fate.

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Were you ever friends with Chad?
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Nope. I never had friends. I was a novelty. Seeing as i was the only satanist at school when i was in an environment to actually make friends.
Styx? That you?
lol, no wonder. you follow a meme religion

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>genuinely want to meet and talk with women in hope of finding a gf
>all of my friends are virgin gaming fags who also never go out

How do I break this fucking curse?
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this wonderful invention you're using right now
the innernette
Dunno lad maybe play Overwatch and party up with Mercy mains you happen upon?
Ditch them.
But don't ditch them until you make new friends. I've made that mistake.

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Is there a more awkward situation? Post stories I can get second hand awkwardness from
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Long story short my Dad called me a pervert and a degenerate. I think I finally fit in here.
>be me back when I was in college
>girl who I spoke to often regarding philosophy and literature and who I really liked came to my room
>we chatted about some stuff
>I loved making her smile and her laugh
>she then got on my bed and laid there for a bit
>"Are you going to join me?"
>instant erection
>Just laugh it off like a loser and say "nice one, that was a funny joke"
>complete awkward silence for a couple minutes
>she breaks it by saying she needs to call her friend
I really regret it.
>go to club with roastie and her friends
>pull her aside to make sure she knows I'm interested in her
>"anon let me introduce you to some of my friends :3"
>I mutter I'll be right back
>exit the club
>briskly walk back to dorm
>don't talk about it and basically ignore her from then on

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images (60).jpg
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>started vaping
>bought "tobacco" flavoured vape juice
>doesn't taste like tobacco

Seriously, what the fuck?
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Hello you're a faggot for vaping/smoking/whatever goodbye
Try a different brand.

And the flavor is based on the wet, fresh leaf. Not the burning, dried one.

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Why is anime and Japanese culture so popular among normies now? How did it get this way?
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Because anime is the shiznit.

Also, Adult Swim.
Because people will pretend to like things just to be found interesting.
I don't think anime is popular with normalfags yet. It's just become acceptable as a medium if it comes to Studio Ghibli films and it's become bigger among black people and younger white guys who don't care for social norms as much because of Adult Swim mostly.

The "anime" normalfags think of is Spirited Away, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Naruto, and maybe Cowboy Bebop. They're not thinking of K-On, Kaiji, Rozen Maiden or NHK.

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>You will never one day wake up as a cute girl
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>wake up as a cute blonde girl
you had a second chance and you blew it

>not being a cute blonde chestlet

Them ain't flat bro, them are b-for-best cups at least.
but that sounds great

>qt girl
>can play sports and run around if i want

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Can anyone who has some extra money in RS3, but doesnt play it, spare 7mil for a bond.
I have nothing better to do with my life so it came down to playing RS3 ye ye i know.

Also, whats your guys favorite skill?
Mine's slayer.
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If you make this thread again in about 8 hours when I'm home from work I can give you it
i have 125m but im playing NOOOOOOOB hhahaha look at this n0000000000b LMAO look at him LOL
Kek, I can help you out in 5 hours, just cause of the chad look.

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>saved 8 peoples lives after they fucked up innawoods before I was 18
>fucked a 5/10 girl to help her build confidence in herself during highschool
>never had an enemy for longer than a year, even though some tried to fucking kill me
>assisted childhood friends in warzones
>on good terms with almost all my exes, current gf is good friends with 2 of them
>gf is intelectually mature beyond her years, absolutely adores me, we live a comfy life
>during highschool most kids i didnt even recognize knew me on a first name basis and always greeted me.
>became a sports figure to my highschool track and field team for my no fucks given mentality
>whimsically did sports for fun
>all my elementary, junior high, high school and college faculty and I keep in touch
>Joined Naval ROTC for the Marines, going to become an officer with an academic scholarship
>most pals are 7+/10 intellectual girls or super wise guys
>was still the quiet kid
>was bullied my whole life
>grew up poor
>mom kept trying to prove i had autism, depression, adhd, ptsd, or other shit my whole childhood
>my family lost 2 homes, a mairrage, and a lot of money before I was 14
>my friend and I used to sleep from one abandoned/forclosed home to the other and ate gas station dumpster food when I was a kid
>sister was abusive
>was the family outcast and scapegoat
>cheated on multiple times and my most notable ex fucked 20 dudes and tried to coax me into suicide afterwards
>attempted suicide 5 times
>still hate myself
>have mangled teeth due to a slowly developing jaw
>decent looks and great build
>go on here occasionally reminiscing that /f/, /s4s/, /k/ and you fucks raised me since I was 10.

I still haven't given up. Why should you?
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Wtf is this retarded scatter brained rant? Cool story bro
That was actually one of the better arguments I've seen on 4chan.

I'm like you anon, except I moved 12 times before I turned 18, and my dad could support his family
>fucked a 5/10 girl
Stopped reading , fuck off normie

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Describe how edgy you are, r9k. Before you post, I'll have you know that I am wearing an amulet that protects this thread from firm handshake posts.
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I once yelled at my mom for "ruining my life" and because "all women are whores". I then started hyperventilating and crying and locked myself in my room where I fell asleep for a good 5 hours.
I wrote a paper about why the atomic bombs dropped on Japan were no big deal.
I'm that edgy
In 6th grade, I fantasized about being a killer and having like a list. I wrote down a bunch of random male names on a piece of paper and crossed out like three of them from the top, to make it look like I've already killed some people on the list.

Some kids found the list (it didn't have any real names on it) and for some odd reason they said it was a "gay list," Like a list on men I'm supposed to have sex with, and the ones I've fucked are already crossed out

I felt so embarrassed and everyone kept saying "Omg anon has a list with nothing but guy's names on it. I bet he's gay!"

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>Living together with 2 other guys, sharing a flat.
>All 3 of us are in the rental contract
>decide, to finally change something in my stupid wagecuck life
>save up some money over the last 2 years
>decide to leave my comfort zone and start traveling to become a normie and finally get a qt gf
>renter won't accept me moving out of the flat for someone else
>says 'either all of you move out, or noone does'
>contract says so too apparently
>flat mates don't want to move out
>already quit my job

And that's the story of how fucked up big time and I have to pay rent for a flat that I don't want, off the savings that I originally planned to spend on traveling.

>inb4 'if you tavel, you are a normie'
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I always thought if I went to the city with a little bit of money and got in a shitty living situation I'd be less robot
>kek rekt
You should have just moved out, and found someone to take your place without going on the lease. Landlord shows up what, maybe every 3 months. Just tell old mate to fuck for the day.
True, but too late now. The landlord knows what I plan to do now.

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