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Are you happy?
Why is no one happy?
Why can no one be satisfied?
Even the Chad and the Stacies are just on a temporary path of false happiness to unhappiness.

They have a large group of friends, bitch about one, throw them out, until none remains and the unhappiness settles in.

Robots never seem to have real happiness
There's small moments, but is life, as a majority, really destined to be just a bunch of people, ranging from sort of depressed, to fully depressed, all just moving on slowly until death? There's got to more than that, right?

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because this is hell
people want to live in hell
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koala looks happy, but in the end, was not happy
But that's the thing, no one wants this, there's got to be a way out. I think the common thing amongst robot is thinking that they're the only ones who hate everyone and everything, but they just notice it faster, if you talk to people here, then talk to "normies" you notice that everyone is just depressed, or mildy depressed, on their way to being majory depressed

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>tfw you actually want to be a wageslave
>no one has ever given you the chance
>every day that passes you become more and more unemployable
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wageslave or neet both are meh.
Pretty much. Wageslaving is okay only if you can turn your brain off and come to terms with never achieving anything.
It's preferable to find a job you would actually enjoy, at the very least for the sake of your mental health.
>ring your local employment agency
>ask them if they have any low skill temporary jobs available
>if they ask you if you have any experience, just say no, they won't care, they get paid for putting people in work so they'll find a job for you
>work shitty temp job till end of contract or until you have enough disposable income to live off for a while
>repeat a couple time
>start to build up a CV
>get an actual full time job
>become wage slave

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Isn't it true Asians will dominate the world?
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No because the Jews are almost finished with whites and are now turning their eyes towards East Asia. China and Japan are their new targets to overrun with blacks and arabs.
>Isn't it true Asians will dominate the world?
I want an asian bf.
No. Eventually humans will just blend together into a single moddy coloured ethnic group. There isn't really anything we can do to stop that unless humans evolve lighter skin or we genetically engineer the human aesthetic. We can't stay diverse forever.

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If a witch transformed your girlfriend into a boy would you still love her even if she was still a girl inside?
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this question doesn't make sense because I have a boyfriend
Jokes on the witch, I don't have a gf.
can the witch turn me into a girl?

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have any of you robots saved themselves with coding? im 31 and living with mom still and dont want to work, where do i get started to make six figures?
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post the nude version faggot
unless you truly are a faggot
I did alright; work for Oracle on 50K GBP a year.
33. Was on 18K GBP a year about four years ago at my first web dev job.
I'm inside on a Friday night though and can't get laid so I don't know desu familia
i want answers where did you start?

Red Flags

She has a dog
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Red Flag: Her name is Taylor
I'd rather date a woman who fucks dogs than sleeps with niggers to be honest
She won't do anal. No brown ring no diamond ring.

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>Work as stock refiller
>Working in drinks department
>Neighbouring alcohol department has a guy that I instantly identified as a robot
>Go to storage to more stock
>Higher ups are there talking
>"That guy in alcohol department is such a loser, he doesnt smoke, doesnt drink, doesnt do drugs and doesnt even have a girlfriend"
>Everyone laughs
Y-yeah w-what a loser right. Anyway I cut in and said that I also dont do any of these things, and apparently Im on a way to fuck my life up somehow. Who was in the wrong here?
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>tfw just got outed as the only guy on the shift who doesn't smoke weed and never has

I was fine with it at first, but then two of them started comforting me about it, so I know everyone thinks I'm a loser now.
I get harassed all the time at work for not drinking or using drugs. It doesn't matter. The funny thing is I look way younger than them as a result due to my lack of drug use and alcohol.
looking like a giant tired 12 year old isn't a good thing unless you're a girl you fruitcup

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Would you move to mars if you had the chance?
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Hell no. Unless it was somehow magically appointed with all the comforts I have on earth. In which case I'd probably still need to be incentivized
i'd crash into mars on purpose
think of all the firsts that would be
They don't have air or food there.

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How will you stop yourself from ending up like Chris chan?
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Smith and Wesson Hollow Point
kill myself befror i doo
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The fact that he can drive makes me sad.

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Asian men are stealing your women
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this will probably be the best thread ever made
was he exposed to nuclear radiation or something

why is his penis so big
that's the power of asian genes, whiteboi

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Thoughts on these little paintings I did?
I'll dump the rest.
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pretty gud OP nice job
I like the first one, it's complex and interesting but still harmonious.
I'm retarded qhen it comes to paintings, though

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What VN's have you been playing lately, robots?
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Gibe childhood friend options pls
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dies irae, i haven't played it in a while though. Got to the last route and lost interest
Making my way through this one actually. Noeri best girl.

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Got a new job I'm starting on the 15th.

I'm working at a part time game store in the meanwhile. I just accepted my new job offer.

Should I do the honorable thing and give my two weeks and continue working, tell my boss tonight at work that it's my last day? Or just stop showing up and ignore all calls from them?
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There is no reason not to give a two week notice. Don't cause drama for the sake of it, never know when you'll need a reference or just a job again.
thats an awkward two weeks if its gonna cause you stress just quit. i told my last boss i had to help my aunt wih her kids cause she was super sick which she wasnt and got paid right after.

Do the right thing and give your two weeks notice. You can even let the manager know that you don't want anymore hours, but will be available to work if they need you to do that you don't leave them short staffed.

Many places want a COMPLETE work history. A gap in employment is bad on a resume. You want to be able to fill.out that you worked from 2016-2017 at GameStop or whatever and your manager was William Dickless or whatever.

Leaving with good grace will let Amy future employers get ahold of the store and they will be able to say you weren't a dumpster fire of an employee.

Don't be an asshole and burn a bridge. Literally just tell the manager that you have a new job, here's my two weeks, please don't schedule me unless you absolutely have to.

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Tell me about your week, anon.
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I spent all week watching people around me have struggles with their relationships and it makes me truly grateful that I will never have one.
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Why do dumb misakiposters still bother to make these threads?

MCF and Varista don't even bother to post here anymore. Even they've given up on Misaki.
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>start watching NHK again
>reminded why i disliked it so much
>stop watching after the 3rd episode

misaki is and never will be real. there's no qt innocent virgin girl coming to save us. we are all going to die alone.

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Doesn't matter if it's normies who've come to troll, robos, cyborgs, whoever.

How many people frequent this cesspool per day?
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I come here occasionally to tell stupid frogposters to stop posting frogs, stupid frogposter
We'll count manually by every user posting in this thread

I come here everyday

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