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>Animal cruelty is a class A felony.
>Killing a stray cat that hunt our natural bird species will land me in jail

These fucking cats live under my god damn house what the fuck ami I suppose to do. I just saw them kill a baby chachalaca. Fucking fur fags I want to kill every fucking stray cat that lives under my house. Killing the damn cats will be mercy. Have you ever seen a grown stray cat? Theyre all cut up and infected with diseases. Such a ridiculous law. We are hunters for fuck.
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So just kill them with a pellet gun or a crossbow and get dispose of the fucking body. What the fuck is so hard?
So don't kill them. Live trap them, take them out in the woods, and drop the trap in a creek for 10 minutes.
call animal control or something?

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>too smart to enjoy hip hop besides DOOM and tyler the creator
>became negroid outcast due to this
How the fuck do you cope, robots?
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Rise above the nigger conditioning and become a successful individual.

Can you give me a reason why NOT to do this?
Death Grips is a billion times better than doom or tyler. Get some taste you nignog.

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How creative is r9k?
Any artists/musicians/graphics designers/photographers lurking?
Anyone who's just picking up a painting brush or starting to learn how to play a new instrument?

Anyone here created something but received no feedback on your work because you are shy about sharing it or just dont have anyone to share it with? This is the bread for you!

Post some of your 'creative work' whether it be poetry, a photograph you think turned out nice, a drawing, an audio recording of you singing or playing an instrument, a fucking loli you lewded or something and exchange opinions/tips/criticisms.

I pretty much have no idea about music production but yesterday out of sheer boredom i downloaded fl studios and had a shit tone of fun with it, I didn't realize 'creating' something could feel that fulfilling, by no means is it a masterpiece or even.. finished, but i think i made a pretty neat loop that could be worked on to maaaaaybe even perhaps churn out something that could be called a 'song' one day, but for now I wanna see if it gets your head bobbing.
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I have a YouTube channel called Ugly Cuckling which I made last night on a whim. Don't know why but hey there ya go.
Here's a song I wrote


I liked your beat OP

Ops here's the link I got the copy paste mixed up


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"Oh, Chaaaaaamp. I know you're busy with your friends on that Formosan basket-weaving eWorld chat room, but did you remember to follow up on those job inquiries I drove you around town to make last week? You know what?"

"It's better if we followed up in person. Get dressed and meet me in the car. I'm driving you around town to look for a job again, and we won't turn around until someone hires on you on the spot this time. Don't give me that look, Champ. It's as simple as going in there, speaking with the manager, giving him a firm handshake, and telling him you wanna work there. What've you got to lose?"
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"Raise the LCL compression level to maximum. We don't have time to deal with childish tantrums."


>"Alright class, everyone pick a partner."
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>In a class with 4 other friends
>Tables only fit 4 people
>I get left out and have to sit somewhere else
>"ew, we don't want him in the group, can't he go somewhere else?"
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>can't find a partner
>teacher notes this
>puts me in a group with chads/stacies
>they give me looks of anger

>qt at work is attracted to me
>flirts in a very manic pixie dream girl kind of way
>unable to drive a car due to vision issues
>unable to hang out with her

Why the fuck is life so cruel?
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Your vision doesn't stop from calling an uber, beta
uber is banned in my city
>vision issues
Don't they let you take the vision test for driving with your glasses on?

What shithole do you live in?

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So do you like 2D or 3D?
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I prefer 4d
Why not both?
This is said in an original tone.
It's impossible to like 3D after being exposed to high doses of 2D.

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>You will never walk down lower Manhattan in the 1980's
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Does anyone know this feel?

London too
I would have love to have seen the World Trade Center in person.
>you will never see graffiti everywhere on trains and landmarks
>tfw everything is so clean and sterile looking now with no life

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Which are you, robots? Which is best? Which do you think is most common on this board?
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Female and athletic. Fucking hate my shoulders. Triathlete swimmer in 12th grade and also a long distance runner.
Im a lesbian so it doesnt matter too much
slightly skinnier than skinny male

fuck off slag you have your own board
Auschwitz piece of shit. I have accomplished more than you ever have and ive only lived up to 18-20% of my lifespan.

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this board sucks lol why are you all such losers? do any of you like ever go out and get any fresh air? you're grown ass adults, why haven't you accomplished anything with your lives yet? you all complain about not getting any pussy but also just sit inside all day being fat and shoving doritos in your faces rather than developing social skills and ambition...wtf? you realize these traits are literal women repellent right?

sooo pathetic lmao
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Wow that's an old picture you have saved
so what? i will fight you.
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Not this time.
Not this time.

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>at the beach.
>staring at girls from balcony
Idk if this just happened in my head or it was actual but:
>they look at me then look away
>I look away but look back
>it repeats
>one whispers to the other one they cover their faces and walk past me

Am I retarded? Do I just need to wear sunglasses? Have tips/advice regarding this topic? Post below:
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>Am i retarded?
I didn't read your blog but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say yes
If you're able to go to the beach I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
>Do I just need to wear sunglasses?
Yes, you dumb fuck, that's common sense

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"Fembots" why do you waste time on r9k?
>I want companionship
You can easily get more friends who are objectively less shitty people somewhere else. Half the people here only want to be your friends to fuck you, the other half hates your guts.
>I want attention
See above, also why would you want attention from thirsty neckbeards
>I want someone who understands my feels
There are plenty of "depressed" people on tumblr, I'm sure you can garner sympathy there
>I want to laugh at OC
Then why do you post attention whoring threads that take almost all the attention away from OC, or flaunt your gender to derail every thread with good OC

There's nothing for you to gain here and we have nothing to gain from you being here. Why do you stay?
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I want social interaction with the benefit of anonymity. Irl I worry obsessively over everything I say and do. When I'm anonymous it doesn't matter.
fucking kill yourself bitch
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Why tho? Just trying to do the most amount of good for the most amount of people possible.

You sound like a white knight cuck


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I don't want to die alone lads, how can I get a gf?
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>how can I get a gf?
You already get Quezalcoatl and Shiva before you leave Balamb Garden, dull stone.
It should be illegal for a boy to be that cute
Stop browsing /r9k/, seriously.
>tfw no gf
will ruin all chances of a gf

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What should I pickup at the convenience store tonight fellow robots?
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buy a glass of water
a gun to shoot yourseIf
Cheap 42 proof Vodka

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its the fucking redditfags

i wish the 2016 election never happened, /pol/ started supporting a jew loving capitalist, it spread to reddit and now the redditfags have ruined /pol/

/pol/ was already going downhill before but it's at rock bottom now
inb4 /pol/boogeyman

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