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>tfw pencil dick

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six inches of girth means you'd be packing a mason jar. y tho
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>that bending
>tfw you were so insecure about your size that you measure a toilet paper roll
>it measures 5.5 inches or around there
>stick hard dick into it
>can't get tip through it

I don't know how to feel about this.

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White men need to stay away from Asian women. It's getting ridiculous, Asian men must be the most cucked group out of anyone. Whenever I want to jerk off I have to see stuff like this, it's infuriating and I'm about to lose it on the next WMAF couple I see

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White men have superior dicks. Sorry dicklet, you're not cutting it anymore and never have.

t. Asian girl
>t. Asian girl
b-be my gf?
i'm white
Why? I like their soft features and appearance, it turns me on so of course, I'm going to be attracted to them.

Early Morning Bacon Butty Edition
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>one of my flatmates used all my fucking plates but I have four and none of them will own up to it
I fucking hate living with people
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Bloody hell, Star Trek has some pointy tits
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>plan on watching 2 movies
>started the first movie at 8pm
>still only 46mins into that from long pauses
>done nothing inbetween only had a wank

this is devastating lads

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If you saw someone who looked like Miranda Cosgrove when you were out in public and wer not sure if it were her or someone who looks like her how would you go about determining if it were her or someone who looked like her?

I am thinking that if we were at a steak n sheak I could ues the height markers on the walls. On each walls in the entrance they have a height market which tells how tall you are so you could use your hands and tell how high she is then google her height to see if its pretty close. But I am not sure for other locations.
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I'd ask her.
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What the fuck is this thread...
At a pool it would be more hard

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Would it be okay if I beat my waifu?
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Only if she turns 3D
Well, she's not real so god for it
it's an anime so nothing you do matters. it's not real

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>TFW no one in Ohio likes trans girls
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>tfw you are a trans girl in Cincinnati

you wouldn't have happened to have posted something on whisper did u?
Are you cute?
I'm not in Ohio but I'm in a state near it
Move to Columbus, or Westerville. Its full of faggots.

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confess your eating ssinss
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>cheat week
do good, only gain 4 lbs
>diet day
accidentally INHALE an entire sleeve of chips ahoy cookies
>3 hours into diet day and im already 4000 calories in the hole
>ate the full box of hamburger helper again
his trip says weeb

I fucking hate normalfaggots
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out of jealousy and no other reason, really.
>age 22
I always feel super uncomfortable when people get married before 25
divorce in five years

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lmao shit.png
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These are the types of men on OkCupid.
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Then what is the point?
i'm a loser
want to see my okcupid profile?
Sure would appreciate tips to improve.
Yeah show profile I'm curious.

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Femanons, what do you think of Chris Pratt?
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they probably think he's too "soft"
this. modern women are insane
He's cute, but this is the ideal.

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Do I look better than you? Post a pic of yourself with your answer.
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You look like shit. No offense.
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you look like you're the outer circle of the group-rape game
Not posting a pic because I'm ugly, not dumb.

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how was your meal today R9K?

my day was okay. i ate rice and drank a shitty energy drink. i didnt eat anything else, do i need help?
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Yes, you need nutrition.. eat beans with rice, it forms a complete protein

Or add tendies
I ate at Wendy's, had a baconator and chili.
Shitty day though.
I had two coffees and a slice of buttered toast, pretty comfy but I'm sick today so I still felt bad.

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One of THE most charming things a guy can do: when entering a store at the same time, he opens the door and allows you to enter first.

Now before people says femanon get out, chivalry is dead, feminism killed it, etc. I'm a bisexual guy. And I hold the door open like that for both women and men, sometimes they don't care but sometimes they get a big smile or say thank you sincerely. It's acknowledging someone else in a very kind and observant way.

What is r9k's door holding etiquette?
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I do it and don't give a fuck what people think, because I feel good when I treat people kindly.
I'm too afraid of being judged to hold the door.
I usually hold the door open when I see a hot guy, then I close it real fast on him and touch his ass, then close the door behind him and walk away fast so when he turns around he thinks the door just hit his ass and not me, but really i got a free boibutt ass touch with no punishment

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Is it better to be a skelly or a fatty?
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I'd pick skelly.
No one likes fat people. Plenty of skinny people have normal lives.
skelly, less social prejudice

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>messaging girl I met on here
>we're hitting it off pretty well
>she asks for a picture of me
>send her one
>"OH MY GOD! you're so good looking!"
>ask her for a pic
>she hesitates
>tell her I won't judge and that she's probably looks way better than she thinks anyway
>she says Ok and sends me pic related
>pic related


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She doesn't look that bad, the haircut's not helping her at all though desu
Ah that's a bad haircut and the phone lens fisheyeing her face.

She looks much better in person.
0h shit muh niggah!

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