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>started as a 4/10 balding autist from SOUTH AFRICA who was bullied as a child and spoke with a stutter
>now worth 15.5 billion dollars, has a full head of hair, six kids, has fucked super models, is colonizing mars, and has an army of reddit dickriders
What's your excuse?
You're going to tell me that this guy can go from /r9k/ tier to one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in the world, and you can't even get a gf?
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No matter how rich and successful you are. You will always be a beta and women will despise you.
Any woman his age is invisible, there IS hope lads
He's intelligent.
He has 100% focus on his science thing.
I'm dumb.
I have 100% focus on imageboards.

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it's wrong to be gay
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As I guy I can't help but to be impressed and say good shooting bro.
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>it's wrong to be gay
Well what do you want me to do about it
what the heck that's a big willy

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How do we stop the 'become a trap' meme?
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I thought there was no way this wasn't someone trolling but then I looked at their post history, this person is actually MtF
What's the fucking difference, still looks like punchable faggot.
>when you have no test to begin with.

hormonelets make me laugh

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Design a custom-built creative torture/murder chamber for normies. Describe how they would die in detail.

Describe how you would lure them to such a torture chamber and hide the evidence.

You have an infinite budget, the sky is the limit. The laws in your country are still in effect though.
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this is some grade A nuclear autism anon
if you wanna talk about it im here for you ive felt the same anger you do
Fuck off moralfag or play the game
So i'd make a viral marketing strategy for an ad at my house. The normies all come and stacies come too.
I invite them in and give them all the alcohol and shit they want. I then interact with them and try to befriend them. Then, the party kinda dies down and everyone passes out and wakes up HUNGOVER! Then i let them leave one by one to live their lives.

Pretty brutal, huh?

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>be outcasts from puberty and onward
>Meet up with other outcasts into one single gigantic website
>They range from autist spectrum to schizo spectrum
>have millions of autistic analytical/logic adherent minds combined with schizo creativity in one big non-physical pot with no restrictions on what they might create.
>As the years go on it morphs into an evermore single-minded hivemind that starts to occupy more of your thoughts as it influences how and what you think.
>It starts terrorizing the internet as a singular entity made up of innumerable sentient parts moving with the same purpose
>all who stray from the herd are drawn in and assimilated
>It becomes the prime-mover for youthful outcast minds
>you catch yourself thinking in formats that spawned here undeliberately whenever your mind strays.
>it spreads its formats across the internet like dormant spores
>It becomes so numerously and prominently present its influence starts to seep into the corporeal world like a lovecraftian horror.
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You're not bloody wrong Geoffrey!
the shitposting demiurge is about ten million times better than the thoughts and behavior of the average normalfag and I'd proudly be among its agents
More like
>normies shit up the board
>hivemind ends up being retarded normie

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What's for dinner fatbots?

>parents just ordered pizza
>mfw they're like 400+ calories per slice
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>dfw pre-diabetic
i know that calorie feel bro
Salad with turkey ham and tuna. Gotta get that protein
Tried cooking Pollock fish for the first time and it was terrible. I gave it to the dog and ate a Quest bar.

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>he's a racist
>gets butthurt over women with height preferences
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>he complains about race mixing
>uses "inbred" as an insult
>Height isn't correlated with crime, high STD ratio, low intelligence, or to single motherhood

>Goodbye argument
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im on a 747 and it's flying right over you

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Last month I had an interview at the McDonalds near my house. They called me in the next day to fill out paper work. It's been 3 weeks since then and I haven't heard anything back.

I literally got rejected from McDonalds. Pretty sure I'm the biggest failure on this board.
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I read somewhere that percentage-wise there's a higher chance at getting into havard than getting a job a mcdonnies. A lot of people apply apparently. Don't beat yourself up too hard my man.
Eh screw them anon, you didnt want to work there anyways
Don't worry. I read a study that you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a call-back from McDonalds, on average. Don't beat yourself up too hard my man.

i want to touch soft girl skin so bad
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I fucking know that feel I can't even function properly anymore or go out into the public
I know how you fell Anon, but sadly I've already touched soft skin.
i have touched it before too that's how i know it's so soft

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I've seen him posted on here a couple times but i didn't know he was on the path to wizardry

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Pan pizza is /ourguy/. The only reason he probably hasn't killed himself is because he was lucky enough to turn his passion into a youtube channel and get successful off of it.

Basically the robot dream
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get the fuck off my board this spic will never be /ourguy/
Americanized spics are disproportionately robotic. It's kind of insane. You don't have the money of whites or the aggressiveness of niggers so you're just kind of stuck.

Does anybody eIse on r9k ever get vagina envy?

l'm not sure if l realIy want to be a woman, but l look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I realIy wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurabIe for women it makes me deeply depressed...
It just feels Iike both biology and my body have betrayed me. Anyone else here know this feeIing?
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Same thread, every day. Fuck off, you subversive kike.
Go fuck yourself, original sage
i'd tell you what i do when i see posts like this, but it's against board rules :^)

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Continued >>38354420
Wow. I'm literally the second to last picture of the bottom right corner.
Knowing I got chopped when I was young makes me depressed sometimes. My gf says not to worry about my dick, but I get really self conscious. I'm sure it's an easy fix, I just don't have the money for it. Gf also wants to do a threesome soon and I am not going to have a botched dick in the mix.

In regards to this thread's theme, I may have saved my gf's nephew's benis. Convinced his mom that not to do it because there are no health risks from not doing circumcision, plus, he should be the one to choose come adulthood. I potentially saved his skin.
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I hadn't thought much of it until anti-female genital mutilation campaigns started popping up, and I realize that one form of FGM is removing just the hood to the clitoris. It's pretty much the equivalent for pleasure and sensitivity, both are basically "hoods" that protect those areas. And I'm supposed to believe that not chopping of baby boys dicks will lead to infections when outside of the USA and Jews most of the world does practice circumcision.
Also, I always wondered why my pee split into different directions. This whole time I thought I was just born with it. Absolutely terrible.
It's actually the fault of the jews

Every time they have tried to ban it kikes have compared to the holocaust

I shit you not


kikes are subhumans

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Hey Arcanine
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Finally a real thread.

i turned 26 one week ago.

Im soon there. Defenitly specing frost so i can aoe and BTFO some normies IRL
I have a feeling I'm going to do it this year.
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You won't regret it, wizard in training. The joyous feeling of reaching lvl 30 is immeasurable.

Do you guys have like sudden PTSD flashbacks of cringe, like someone will bring up a moment and bam, you remeber something that nakez you want to die
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Yeah. Every fucking night.
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fucking this it never ends

why did god make me like this?
he eandts iyou to s8gfugder

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Do you believe you belong in this world? You exist in this world but do you believe you belong in it? What is the source of your discontent?
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>what is the source of your discontent?
what happens when we die. what it means to just no longer have consciousness ever
i can't imagine just not thinking for eternity
>What is the source of your discontent?
honestly it's the globalist cabal of pedos
>What is the source of your discontent?

Not being able to put beautiful female feet in my mouth

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