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Ever since I've consistently started to jerk off to 3D porn, like X-Videos and PornHub, I haven't been to jerk off to still drawings. This sucks because I think it'd be more rewarding to jerk of to anime or western animated characters. How do I get around not being able to dream of hot lolis or thicc peridot? Is there some resource for gifs, cosplay, ASMR, voice overs and comics for this, and if so, where can I see it?
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Don't watch 3D porn and don't masturbate for a month. Your 3D porn urge will fade away. Then, masturbate to 2D.
Dubs might make this true, but do you or anyone else think that time could be shorter? Especially for a young teen like me?
When I fap sometimes, I keep going. The more orgasms, the stranger stuff gets. I usually fap to hentai and 2d after cumming the first time to 3d. So cum to 3d, then continue fapping to 2d. Be careful not to lose your boner.

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Why do I find myself acting like a girl when I'm around women? I usually act like a normal guy, but when I'm around women I act all feminine like them and I know they think I'm gay. Why do I do this?
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>imagine grinding that qt butt while your cock slides in and out of that moist tight puss.

shame I well never meet such a qt.
So? Women love gay guys. Then you suddenly reveal you're not gay, and BAM -- swimming in pussy
You do this because that's what being gay is.

You are gay.

How much do you spend for food every day /r9k/?

I generally spend around $14: $6-8 for lunch and dinner.
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Roughly 5 bucks a day.
~15 cents

close to expired bread / ramen
vitamin tablets
yo let me introduce you to this crazy new concept:


you just buy parts of food and combine it in proportions and with heat sometimes and end up with way more food per dollar and you learn cool stuff too.

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The manifestation of the experiences-turned-memories built up in the brain over time...
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>LARPing as a pinoy girl
Could you have done anything more pathetic?
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Friendly reminder that Connie has a penis.
Pathetic? To you? My world has ended because I haven't satisfied the all omnipotent being. Wew. Pathetic is relative. What you see isn't what you get. Keep on with your drive of hate. I can tell I'm the focus of your life now. <3
Friendly reminder that poster isn't me, it's been null and void for some amount of time now seeing as syntax says otherwise, and a questionable amount of posting. Keep trying. You'll get me eventually, heh. The salt.

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this autistic fucktard on imgur accidently(?) posted a screenie of his fucking bedwetting diapers to the imgur gallery & panicked in the comments
post now has 600 upvotes and has reached most viral
he was even stupider cause he linked his steam on his profile

im not saying add this guy on steam and bully the shit out of him but
thats exactly what im saying actually

post convo screenshots
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what is the point of this thread desu
send messages to the guy

post screenies here

luls will be had
>1 friend
He seems like a robot tbqh, i don't think we should bully him. He's already a disgrace, why make his life even shitter ?

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Why do so many of you robots fall for the fleshlight meme and not get a superior onahole instead?
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explain to me how its superior
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Cuz I fuck real women
Different materials, namely materials based on TPE and silicone respectively. Because of this, there are varying limitations to items in both categories such as molding and material abilities. Silicone is much more structurally rigid than TPE and is generally more resistant to wear. TPE provides the benefits of being able to mold awkward structures, tunnels and shapes, unlike silicone based ones. Generally, silicone based ones are tougher and harder. Again, properties are dependent on the mix. Onas are often close ended and can offer suction. As with silicone based products, they are generally harder and thus provide more stimulation and often cannot produce a closed end due to molding processes. FL has boring tunnel structures, albeit still stimulating. Onas can have crazy tunnels that keep you interested and mentally active - you could forget that you're stroking at a certain area, then you suddenly feel a certain bump, and so on. The same silicone stuff applies to BD holes. While they come up with varying designs, they are still limited because of their material choices. The benefits of FL and BD is that they offer products for the more endowed, unlike onas that go up to 7" at most, but average at 4"-5". Fleshlights also come with a case that restricts the expansion of the material, forcing more pressure onto you if you are very girthy.

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Does anyone else not bother grooming themselves until they have to go outside? Sometimes I don't have to leave for 7-10 days and I look like a full blown neckbeard.

I only thing I do is brush my teeth because that can't be fixed with a shower.
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i usually leave home once a week
that's when i shave, cut nails etc.
only briefly shower daily otherwise
You should be going outside every day.

No wonder you guys are depressed.

Are we depressed because we don't go outside or do we not go outside because we are depressed?

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How do you all cope with your loneliness?

I'm trying to avoid drug and alcohol use to ease the pain.
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I don't

AIcohol and cigarettes.
Excessive original masturbation.


What's R9K's view on IQ?
I've been exploring the views of Jordan Peterson recently like all of you, and his views on the matter are that IQ peaks when you hit 22, and that it is a general real measurement of aptitude and what you can and can do in life.
What I'm getting from the video is that your IQ is a determining factor in what you can and can't do in life and you can do very little to improve it (based on some quick research). If you have an IQ lower than the cutoff of 116 you can be a lawyer(for example) yes, but you wont be a good one and you will always struggle.
Now coming from a guy whos opinion i value, this is kind of dream crushing. I always thought that if I worked at it, I could be anything I wanted to be but at 22 I'm a dumb-dumb and according to Peterson I will be a dumb-dumb for the rest of my life.
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Yes, Jordan did a good job at dashing my motivation as well. I've given up on being anything at this point.
okay so, im lost

k i cleaned most of my room, but i cant find the dragon? i have no idea if im suppose to slay the dragon, or befriend the dragon to fight the spooky evil spirit of my forefathers grave? im not sure.... maybe i didnt clean my room enough?
IQ certainly plays a role but the way it's measured is a bit lacking. As he has stated, intelligence is divided in categories, of which IQ tests usually test only a few.
It's an indication of probable suitability but should not be used exclusively.

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Has anyone on here fucked a trap and not regretted it?
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Nah, the sex is great, it's the way they'll crush your heart that's regrettable.
All the time but as
Pointed out just don't get emotionally attached. Traps and whoremoaners are VASTLY less stable emotionally or otherwise compared to women and they will absolutely self destruct and take out everything nearby with them so be prepared to cut and run at all times.
I'm not even kidding don't let your guard down around them when they have access to shit like guns or knives they have zero experience with the impulse control needed to know harming people will have instantaneous consequences.
>Implying women are any more stable.
kek they are just as bad as faggots in womens clothes.

Anyone else know how their future self will look like?
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I wonder how they make drunks and drug addicts look so cool in the movies while IRL no one wants to be around a drunk.
I honestly think I will look like Drake but in a more mature state, his facial aesthetics is more child like than mine and I'm only 20 years old. I will be tall, I'm already 6'2. And hopefully God will bless me with a graceful beard, and I keep my soft hair.
6.5 inch dick.
Fit, tan, healthy. I'll probably be in glasses by then, too

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Come join our /r9k/ minecraft server! We have
>anti griefing measures
>a comfy player base
>active moderators.
This is just a laid-back, vanilla survival, with a few utility plugins.
It's /comfy/, come join us!
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>anti griefing measures

but griefing is still possible through ingenuity, right?
but whats the ip
How do I go about joining?

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If you could revive 3 memes, which would you choose?
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early memes are trivially simplistic and have been rightfully succeeded by the modern slew of complex postmeta-postironic-posthumor shitsculpting
i like looking back on old memes because of how dumb they were but i would legit like to see a reprisal of lolcats

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Who else here /poor/?

I was just told I can't have the fan on anymore. My room has no ventilation, though. And I'm not allowed the window open, either.
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The fan? Like a fucking box fan? How much could it possibly cost a month to have one constantly running?
Are you in a prison?
stop being underageand get a job

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anyone looking to form a suicide pact in the Pacific Northwest
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8ch dot net / suicide
that place looks rly slow don't think I'm gonna find a buddy there
Where california?

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