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Post your arsenal.
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why do you have these op?

Cause l'm a hardass
Self defense. Everyone should have a plan to defend their home.

Why are right-wing black people so fucking weird?
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>I can cherrypick too
>divide and conquer
get saged nigger
special snowflakes, except black

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Am I a bad person for masturbating to pictures of my sister at the beach?
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No, you are just kind of gross
Nah. As long as your penis doesn't enter her you're good.
depends on what your sister looks like

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I don't want to click on that. What does it say?
>1. The Manchild

>10 Types Of Guys You Should Date Before You Settle Down
>Dating different types of guys not only makes you grateful when you finally find that smoking hot prince charming, it also ensures that you'll never feel like you missed out on anything in the boy department. Remember, it's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do.

Everybody in life should have a bucket list, the things you know you want to do before you get super old and finally kick it. Well the same goes for men, EVERYBODY should have a list of types of guys they want to date before they take the plunge and decide to settle down with the man of their dreams. Life is too short to have dating FOMO.

Some girls bucket lists may be longer than others, but here are 10 types of guys that should 100% be on your list of conquests:


If you've been idolizing George Clooney since season one of ER like we have, then you have probably secretly always wanted to hook up with an older man. There are two great things about the older man: 1. they're experienced 2. they're anti drama. They are totally over the petty BS in life AND have plenty of experience in the sack so they will give you an experience that's worthwhile. No passive aggressive texting or fumbling around like an insecure 20 something when it comes to these men. Don't be afraid of a little snow on the rooftop, ladies.

So this one requires some very good luck and opportunity, it's not every day you have the chance to see a celebrity, much less bed one. However, if you are so lucky to have the opportunity to hook up with a celebrity, don't turn it down. Even if you don't think they're that cute or their personality is worse than Spencer Pratt circa season three of The Hills, it will ALWAYS be a great story to tell. So treat yourself to a brush with stardom, even if it's Justin Bieber.

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>tfw no qt ANTIFA gf
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>tfw op is literally retarded

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i can't take it anymore.

please come back.
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i see her from time to time but shes never coming back
okay, I'm back, now what?
Ok im here what do you want?

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> ew stop staring you perv
> uh wtf why are you taking pictures of a girl
> let her wear what she wants she's comfortable with her body
> you have no room to judge
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I miss the I wear it for comfort meme
It reminds me of brighter times
Thanks for the hearty keks
>facing the rows of seat towards each other
Hate that about airports.
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>book train ticket
>get on train
>I'm seated at one of those seats that has two seats facing it

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>tfw no kelsey gf to comfort after she leaves her fight crying

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bumping for queen kelsey
She won why the fuck did she cry?
Because she still got fucking hurt. Why else?

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This is my desktop. How low have I descended? What will people think if they see this in public? What will my parents think if they see this? But I don't give a fuck! My love for Aerith and Tifa beats out any shame I would feel from a 3D person! The only thing stopping me from using a completely nude hentai image is, well I'm not sure. Perhaps one day the background will be Tifa and Aerith having lesbian sex or getting cummed on.
Share you desktops!
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Get off of this board, underageb&


I hope you're memeing
Here's the image I used
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Please dude.
I have a pic of the shermans from gup and that's a highly lewd anime according to Stacy from the BBC. And it's not even got girls in it it's literally two tanks.

You've got two characters from an extremely popular videogame.
I bet Stacy would think it's tasteful.

This post is not directed at those who have legitimate, diagnosed mental problems

This is for those of you who think they're messed up inside. For those who say shit like "all I want is someone to care about me" or "I can't tell anyone about what I feel inside because no-one will understand". There's nothing wrong with you. You are FINE, you are NORMAL. But here's the thing, you don't want to be fine do you? You don't want to be normal. You say you struggle with social awkwardness or detachment from society or loneliness or insecurity or inferiority. You say you are depressed. You've been on the internet and found that you match some symptoms from a few different mental illnesses. But you're fine.

You want attention.

Here's the thing: you say you're lost, but you don't want to be found. You say you're broken, but you don't want to be fixed. You say you're sick, but you don't want to be cured. Would I be right in assuming a lot of you haven't been to a doctor or sought professional help? Because what if you did. What if you did go to a doctor, and they said you were fine, or what if they gave you treatment that completely eliminated your problems? What would you have left? Those dark feelings and insecurities you convince yourself you are hiding away, they would mean nothing.

But back to the attention thing. If you're normal, why do you keep up the pretense of having something wrong with you inside?
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Screenshot (12).png
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Is it because one day you hope someone will notice? Do you dream that one day, a special someone will see through this 'mask' you insist on wearing?

Or is it because it gives you something to define yourself by, because there is nothing else interesting about your personality and you have to compensate by painting yourself as someone who is merely normal on the surface for the purpose of hiding a deeper, darker mystery?

Pull your shit together. Stop moping around insisting that your problems are too complex for anyone else to understand. Stop trying to passively seek attention by ''''suffering'''' in ''''silence''''. And most importantly, STOP SHITTING UP THIS BOARD. You are not a robot, you are not a cyborg and you are not here for the sole purpose of laughing at the less fortunate.

But anyway, as for some constructive advice I have only this: Get attention for the positive things. If you want people to care about you, you need to care about people (you have the capacity so don't say you are incapable). Put yourself out there, do fun stuff, go out, dance, make an ass of yourself and laugh it off, get a story out of it. HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER TO OTHER PEOPLE, make other people have a reason for wanting to be around you.

>tl;dr Normies are insisting on having ''''mental problems'''' as a cheap way of getting attention and need to pull their heads out of their asses
bumping with cancer

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download (17).jpg
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Why is being compassionate and caring looked down upon in todays society? Is nothing sincere anymore? I feel alone in my feels, but i feel like everyone secretely hates themselves which makes me even more sad.

I just want people to see the good in themselves and others, the day I am become a full on misanthrope is the day I an hero.
I just want to believe in something again.

Do we really need another jesus character to see that we had the choice all along?

Why do you still fight anons?
What keeps you putting on pants in the morning?
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Pants? I haven't heard that name in years
Inertia. I've just been getting up doing stuff for so long, it's what I do.

I honestly need an answer for this myself. I want to feel good about believing in people,m but I end up feeling like a coward copping out. Maybe it really is just the path of least resistance.
>believing in people

Its not about believing in people, its seeing exactly where they are headed. I was there. You dont want to be where Ive been.

I'm sick can we talk about big tits? It'll take my mind off of being sick.

You can share pics or stories of chicks with big tits. School, work, relationships even family for those into that.
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Big tits are nice to sleep on
Not really a tits guy
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Ok op. Here's a chick I know with massive tits

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What happened to the beta uprising?
Did it fail?
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blease resbond me
>Beta Uprising

Men have no in-group preference, so therefore we have no allegiance to our own gender. Feminists insist men in western society are all in on some secret together, as if we are all conspiring to hurt women and oppress them and take things away from them. But that's just feminists being autistic as usual.

The beta uprising had some potential, but it was bound to fail since we have no in-group preference. And stuff like that would eventually get watered down anyways. Some people think the alt-right was the beta uprising. How great, they elected a kike shill like Trump, what an uprising!

No, the closest thing to the beta uprising is improving one's own life by learning to stand up for yourself and clean yourself of bad habits.

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this is finally fucking it

I'm gonna end her life next week and then put a bullet in my brain. i'm finally approaching the fucking end robots.
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cool. good luck
Leave a note for us at /r9k/ bro
Godspeed anon. I wish you luck. Make sure shes dead too, you dont want it to be for nothing.

I have a question.
>be me, 18yr old high school senior approaching graduation
>been dating a 7/10 socially awkward, introverted qt for 7 months
>also best friends with her friend who is a solid 9/10, shorter, more caring, bigger ass, etc.
>she has a bf who lives in Texas, we live in Michigan
>she doesn't have the gull to break up with the emotionally abusive faggot bc "oh no, i love him anon"
>really she just has an anxiety disorder and fear of being out of a relationship
>me and my gf's friend are really physically intimate, hugs, head kisses, etc
>found myself talking to her about things my gf and i never really indulge each other on (stress, opinions on politics, etc.)
>recently the topic of sex has been brought up a lot between me and my gf
>I'm horny af and always want to have sex, she wants to save herself for when we move in together, so basically 2 years min. with our current plans
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>gf's hot friend wants to get me laid bad, feels my frustration
>she even said we should have sex in school after hours and tried to set us up in a perfect situation
>gf of course doesn't even realize, starts rambling until we go home
>gf's friend now wants us to stay at her house for a graduation party and has said to me already that she wants to set us up there
>realize we could have and probably should have been dating this whole time
>she's projecting her own sexual frustration onto me, that's why she's being so helpful even though her friend doesn't want the d yet
>the reason she's so huggy with me is because i serve as a cuddle buddy while her shitty bf is across the entire country
>realize that there's no way i would be able to break up with my gf and maintain a stable friendship with this girl, much less a romantic relationship, regardless of how much we may or may not like each other
>realize she's going to stay with her bf, I'm going to stay with my gf, and we're both going to be left in sexless, unsatisfying relationships for however long they last
What should i do guys? I feel totally cornered, like no option is a good option at this point. I just want everyone to end up happy...
Dude go for the hot friend it's obvious you like her and she likes you so she leaves her trash bf and you leave your gf even though that will never go well just make yourself happy dude. Hopefully she understands.
i'm a 22 year old NEETfag (relatively happy) who missed a lot of opportunities in high school for stupid reasons

take it from me. do whatever you can to get into a relationship with the hot girl. just fucking do it.

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