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>he has the autism wallet
w-why am i not getting laid?
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I just use a two-fold faux leather thing. What are these?
certain wallets are considered autistic? are you fucking kidding me?
>autism wallet
That's not chain wallet

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/r9k/ help

I have a mentally ill friend that constantly wants to hang out with me. He doesn't have that much friends, and more and more leave him since he was diagnosed. And he got used to considering me as his best friend.

The catch is, that i don't like him. I never liked him, i was just always a nice guy. And because of my niceness he thinks i am his bestie. Meanwhile i am super bored every time i hang out with him, i have nothing to say to him, conversations with him are tedious and annoying...

I tried leaving him once, stopped answering to his calls and basically told him to fuck off. He was normal back then. A year after i cut ties i heard that he was diagnosed with mental illness. Out of sorrow i started hanging out with him. And now i can't just tell him to fuck off again, all his friends are leaving him and he is alone locked in a mental asylum. But hanging out with him is just so annoying, i hate every second of it.

What the fuck do i do?
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halp plz
Why do you even care? Let him be alone. Maybe he'll figure out how to stop being such a crappy friend. Or maybe he'll make other mentally ill friends. Or maybe neither of those things. It's not your responsibility.
But he consideres me his (only) friend and looks up to me. Leaving him is like leaving a child in middle of a forest. I can't just leave him, knowing it will exponentially worsen his situation... Can i?

give ma a (you) or your mother and future gf will die in there sleep
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>implying they aren't the same person

Here you go you sack of shit
you fucking faggot go kill yourself and leave my mother alone

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How would you improve him, /r9k/?

He's beyond hope, but I decided to at least try.

>Shave head completely
>grow facial hair out as much as possible, Minoxidil if genetically unable (Since he's genetic garbage it is probably hard) to hide receding chin and very weak jaw
>Sign up to the gym and start SS/Stronglifts
>Eat as much protein as possible, up calories significantly
>Glasses to make round, red eyes less visible and add illusion of some symmetry
>Anything but a black ops 2 shirt
>Force him to go outside and atleast try and get a tan
>Massive intake of vitamins daily
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>Bulk him up
>Build up his neck and shoulders.
>Tell him to try and squint his eyes more.
>Different hair cut or shave it off.
>Wear a hat.
>Fitted t shirt.
He's fine the way he is. Fuck off back to /soc/ OP
He needs no improvement because he's 6'4". He's a pussy magnet. I know because /r9k/ wouldn't lie to me about height being the one and only thing that matters.

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Parents ask why I don't have a gf all the time.
Women only ever go for Chad everytime.
I am not a fucking Chad so no gf.
How stupid are they?
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your parents aren't autists who believe in the Robert - Chad dichotomy

how they raised you is a mystery for the ages
Robert -Chad?
Nvm go fuck yourself
>how they raised you
They raised us for a pre-sexual liberation environment.

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>be me
>sweaty af all the fucking time
>it's humid - sweat like niagra falls
>it's hot - sweat like a fucking river
>it's cold - fucking get sweaty anyway
>sleep in my room with an air conditioner going full blast - wake up covered in sweat

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You probably have the same problem as me.


You should get it checked anon.

you are overweight and your metabolism is kicking out thermal energy to compensate for your over eating

your body doesn't want to be big
Um, probably some kind of glandular disorder. You should see a doctor.

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>Anon bruh, you jus' gotta be yo'self mane.
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True. If it works for an ugly monkey like that, it will work for you.
sure bruh

word goes around fast that people be hatin' on you for somethin you don't know nothin' bout
Stop shilling shit you cuck faggot.

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I thought if i surround myself with people that share my nerdy interrests my life might be become better.
People to talk with about something else but work. Play games togheter. Discuss comics and anime. Go on trips togheter. Hell maybe i would even meet a girl i could feel comfortable being around.

Instead i surrounded myself with people that used and abused me all while they kept telling me what i wanted to hear. Whenever we did play togheter everybody just shat on eachother. And visiting any cons or events just ended in a fight. After years i finnaly decided to cut all ties with all of them. In the end i never met a girl there either.

So what the fuck do i do now? Looking online for likeminded people is even worse. I will never actually find friends or love it seems.

What the fuck do i do now?
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Are you looking for advice? >>>/adv/
I think that all people are shit. It's up to you to realize that you're shit, too. Once you can accept that, you can begin to learn how to start turning that shit into fertilizer and improve yourself to the point where you can show others how to do the same and not be used by them.
>it's another "improve yourself!" post
You have to go back.
I remember sometime back in 2006, someone said the same thing to me on YTMND.

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Is there any good comeback to the word nigger? I feel as if the only recourse to a word like that is physical
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>getting physical over a word
typical nigger
There's nothing you can do. If you let it slide, you're a coward. If you fight back, you're an animal. Best thing you can do is do your best to avoid those environments.
fuck off nog

So I put my real interests and hobbies down in tinder and okcupid as honestly as I can:
>collecting figurines
>fixing and building my own computers
>learning Japanese
>playing video games
>TV / movies
>gym to get /fit/

I'm pretty skinny and 6'1 tall.

But only fat ugly girls with the same interests ever message me.

What the FUCK am I doing wrong?

Do I really have to lie in my description to filter out all the fuglies?
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well you see, your shitty dorky hobbies automatically filter out the stacies and the mentally sane women, but you're also slim and fit on top of your shitty hobbies so you're prime fat chick bait
either lie through your teeth or drop dating sites
Id say keep at it. You'll find a diamond in the rut. If you lie then what will you do when you meet irl?
I'm surprised you are getting any messages at all. Most guys don't get any bites.

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>decide to finally secure my NEETbux
>visit psychiatrist after not sleeping for 2 days
>get diagnosed with schizophrenia instead of depression
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whatever worx for the neetbux. I wanna get some too but idk if I could live with the '''shame''', how do you do it
ah, """""science"""""
Gratz anon. I'm not sure if I could live with the shame of always being known as that "crazy guy next door"

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>that anon who keeps making /britfeel/ threads

>that anon shilling bitcoin for some reason

>that anon with the "traps aren't gay" threads

>that christianity shill

>the NEET anon who starts wagecuck threads every morning

Who else do you know?
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I'm not even a neet lmao
>that anon with vagina envy threads
>that guy who posted about not having a cute Latina gf
Used the same picture every day too. Is he still around? Haven't noticed him in awhile.

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So what do I do if I'm stuck in reverse-cuckery?

I dated this girl for a few years, and we had a pretty messy break up. I got jealous that she was seeing other guys, she got mad because I called her on her bullshit, etc. But we were dumb and kept coming back to each other.

Present day, she's dating a guy that lives a few hours away. He's the tall dark and handsome type, college degree, going to grad school, etc. Meanwhile I wait tables, I'm several years older than her, but also very good looking and I know how to please her in bed.

She says that the guy doesn't mind if she sleeps with other people, so she always wants to spend the night and cuddle and fuck. On one hand it's awesome, on the other hand I still want her back as my girlfriend....but I don't know why.

What do
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That's some degenetate normie shit.


Oh it's so much worse than sitting on 4chan for hours at a time and jerking off to other peoples' instagram crushes and complaining how ronery we all are.
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Also, photo to bump.

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>fapped 10 times today
>still have fapping to do
>try to fap
>takes a really long time but eventually cum
>only the tiniest bit of cum dribbles out, probably mostly just precum
>still have fapping to do, but balls have that ache which says "the tanks are empty and if you try to fap again you'll regret it"

What to do lads?
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You are on meth, aren't you?
>Hung out with gf
>She sucks my dick
>I cum
I had a good monday.
No, I just have a masturbation problem (specifically that I have like 20 doujin on exhentai left to fap to today)

Sounds chill

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1MB, 1900x1383px
500 more absolutely terrible posts await us edition
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First for op is a faggot
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Purchase cat food
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N-nice one there lad, hahaha

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