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>Be American couple
>Have degrees
>Be in $328k in student loan debt

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>just go in there with a big smile and give them a firm handshake
>dont worry, employers like that you have crushing undefaultable debt that you will never pay for a worthless education that statistically will leave you dumber than when you entered
>now i can tell my friends that my kid is a winner and not some neet dropout loser

thats the reason my dad made me go. so he can show me off to his friends

>not fleeing into a differnt country, get a fake degree, use your knowledge and start a business

their parent's fault for making them retarded. They shouldn't have studied in the first place.
>willingly go into debt
>OMG how dis habben

Fucking retards, I'm in the US and getting a master's in CS atm and by the time I graduate my combined bachelors + masters debt will be $60k. And I already have at least one job offer for >$100k per year. Maybe they should have thought about the consequences of their actions rather than retardedly think it will all work out or hope for someone to bail them out

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Yesterday I had an interview to work at fucking McDonalds. There were 5 more for the interview. Half of them 18-19 years old and most chicks.
Peeped on the sheets we had to fill up to see what they wrote. Most of them with very strict time constraints, no car, are going to go back to school in a month and literal 0 experience.
I only worked in a bakery or 3 months as a an internship, so i at least know my way arround health procedures and some other shit.
They said they would write either yesterday or today. For me it's 5 pm already and no answer.
They wanted to hire 4 new employees.
Why can't I even get the fucking bottom of the barrel job at McDonalds, even willing to get fucking wagecucked??
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And not even r9k Cares, but I dont blame you guys, im just fucking pathetic
Sorry anon. Maybe they forgot. Give them a call and follow up if you really need the job.
That is fuckijg bad I got a job on the spot at Burger King with 0 experience

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Why are men so terrifying /r9k/, I can't even walk alone anymore without feeling at risk of getting attacked by one of those things. disgusting rape machines with no morals prowling the streets everyday, we should just make them all eunuchs already just to be safe from all that disgusting testosterone :(
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Heh. Stay inside.


pick one.
this is a safe space for estrogenized boys, no men allowed

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are any robots here dippers ? just woundering its a bad habit ive had on and off for about a year i get sores in my mouth sometimes or bumps but whatever i dont care if I lose my jaw fuck it im not kissing anybody soon anyways who else dips here instead of vaping or smoking ?
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Used to /snus/ but too much nicotine in those pouches and I was getting back pain probably from excessive vasoconstriction. Switched to dip. It's as enjoyable to me as an adult as candy was when I was a little kid. The package, the smell, the look, the feel to the touch, the taste, mouthfeel, burn, aftertaste, spittin', packin', it's romance.

However I get cardiac effects and I noticed the slightest gum recession so I quit. I get palpitations, and if I dip and then go for a jog I notice my heart feels overwhelmed. Sometimes even a little angina. I also find my erections are slightly softer and don't last as long when I'm a user of any tobacco product.

Chew is weaker still but I feel it's a mpre adulterated product.

I may go back to dipping and compensate by keeping myself in extra good shape, packing only near the molars where I think the gums are less susceptible, (though I think it doesn't matter because it's the liquid not solids that damage your gums), and doing that oil pull shit. I may have to accept that it ain't for me.
How do you get this poor? I have no respect for tabacco users only drug users and weed smokers.
You make no sense and sound like more of a scumbag than OP I'd say

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If a girl you beta orbit offers to let you lick her feet but nothing else, would you?
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No, I'd also attempt to make her jealous by fucking her sister and friend zoning her before she gets me.
I would grab and tickle instead.
I'm down if I can wipe my wiener on her soles

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>just deleted fagbook
feels goodman
The funny thing is all these people ignore my messages
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i haven't had a facebook for more than 8years now
whats wrong with you
I """neeed" it unfortunately
must I point out you can never delete fb..
the only deleting that happens is when They kill your account over dumb shit aka violating community standards.
get fucked zuck

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ITT: Songs/ lyrics currently stuck in your head
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For me its Hotline Bling
Idk why... haven't heard it in a long time.
I actually had something stuck in my head right now.
I don't ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way
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The end is on my mind
The end is on my mind
The end is on my mind
The end is on my mind

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What do you do?
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Fucking kek

>That fucking all-around shitty tattoo
Wait until he's on top of her, 12ga 000 buckshot blast them into a pile of sinew.


>be robot
>listen to nighcore
>newfags telling me its wrong
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>be robot
>listen to nightcore
>get ear cancer
that means you are a fuckin normie and should kys bqhh

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Come play!

Password: roastiesgetout
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Anyone else getting the
>Error: Error communicating with server. Will try again in 1 second.
four people just left at the same time
so you're not alone it seems
Everyone died and it's all your fault.

What have you done today to contribute to the death of the white race, Anons?

I've been having a lovely day today with my black wife and our mixed race children. Feels good to know that from now onwards, my descendants will be all non-white!
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>Even caring about muh race
Bruh I give free fellations to somali migrants, that's how based I am.
Why wouldn't you care, Anon? We in the 21st century have the extraordinary opportunity to make white people a minority, and to forever rid our lineages of the white curse. It's exciting!

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>Anon? Chad's having one of his fits again after his football team lost. Can I stay at your place tonight?
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I wouldn't be able to turn her away.
I hate being so fucking soft.
I wish I didn't want to help people.
Yes, but only if you eat a bowl of eggs.
>Can I stay at your place tonight?

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Where do all our robots go for uni?
>pic related
>inb4 I have a job
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starting this september
UWE was my backup, now im going to Kent. We could have been bros.
meme schools with meme programs
i bet you kids are majoring in something useless too (protip: computer "science" isnt a science)

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downcast toad.jpg
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What things do you do to escape your obvious loneliness?

I'll start.

>Go to bed playing YouTube videos
>always have someone talking in them
>put the speaker up to my ear and listen until I pass out
>feels like I'm actually talking to someone
>wake up, rinse, repeat
>can't fall asleep any other way
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Sounds like you've adapted a habit of falling asleep with noise in the background. You might wanna try to fix that or down the line, you'll be one of those people who wake up when the tv gets turned off.

I have literally never left the house in the past 5 years without some sort of podcast.

It's gotten to the point that I would be getting major anxiety attacks if I'd do so.
i listen to a lot of sad music on soundcloud all day. https://soundcloud.com/hkfiftyone2/tired-eyes

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Would you suck a girls cock if you knew she had AIDS?
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Holy shit, what's her name? Please tell.
are you trying to say that person has aids?
yes absoluteIy

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