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I'm a philosophy and English major I was just wondering what my odds are to get into medical school?
>inb4 major in stem
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0 because you cant even get it in your head that retarded threads like these go to >>>/adv/
That board is genuine cancer nigger I ain't going there
Your major doesn't really matter for med school desu

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I'll just take a cute bf at this point its getting so damn lonely
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You're asking for too much here, go on /soc/ if you want to find cute people.
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/soc/ is full of fucking brainlet normies i hate it there
lol /r9k/ is the brainlet board. Every robot thinks they have some genius insight into the workings of women and relationships, but they are just zero experience losers. /soc/ may be normies, but they're not bitter and boring.

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>tfw get high after work
>pack a bowl
>hit it a few times
>realize I have no one to share it with
>go on omegle and try to make online penpals
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I'll smoke with you if you're nearby
I'm in Minnesota, USA
Where are you?
I'm not him but I also live in MN. What part of Minnesota do you live in?

How were your grades in /highschool/ anon? were you an over achiever or were you avg?under avg?
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Above average/ very very intelligent.
had some grades that were absolutely shit.
had some grades that were mediocre.
had some grades that were nice.

all balanced out and was quite average.
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which subjects were you shit in anon?

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>be me

So, I hold all the cards at my workplace as far as pay goes. Problem is, it's such a petty amount, I can't bring myself to care. Like, they have an ad for my position and it's fifty cents more than what I make but I don't give a fuck about fifty cents. I could go elsewhere and make more money, I already know this. But I like this place cause it's right next door and I don't have to deal with people.

Really the quandary is within myself. I already know that I've checkmated them and any raise I ask for will be approved, because they literally can't replace me. But the monetary difference is so minute and I don't know if I care to take a hard line over this.
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kill yourself

Get out of your comfort zone. Make more money. Acquire more real power.

what insult should i say to him, robots? best one wins, logical
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Are you bullied by him or are you the bully?
he's annoying as fuck
Is he 15?

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>someone mentions reddit on this site
>I get curious about what they're doing over there
>go to /r/4chan
>tens of thousands of people go on reddit to look at 4chan content
Why do they do this? Are they ethically opposed to just going on the site and posting?
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Look up 4chan horror stories on normietube.
reddit has a better interface and an upvote system plus you can make an account. it's better in almost every way. oh and mods actually do something
They don't want icky 4chan. They just want our quality content in a spoonfed form.

Can we all agree on the following:

God tier: Aryan, Anglo
Good tier: Nordic, Native Italian (blond hair, blue eyes)
Mid tier: Iberian
Low tier: Sicilian, Greek
Nigger tier: Slavic, Irish
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Mfw I'm irish and ibriran but not a women
Do you know what this means anon?
You're literally a brainlet if you place anything above nordic.

Also "Anglo"
all my fucking keks. this cesspool of whites

t. britcuck
Obvious troll but here it goes anyway: Nordics and Aryans are the same, dunno why you're using two words for the same group of people and putting them in different tiers, lul. Italians, Iberians, Siciliins and Greeks are all wogs and of them only Greeks don't have Moor admixture. The ones you put in Nigger tier have the highest rate of blond hair and blue eyes behind Nordics.

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Getting a haircut today. Usually use show this picture to my barber but looking for something different. Any ideas friends? Something that wouldn't stand out.
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My haircut soon
Shave it all off, fag.
Ask him to shave it all off down to the skin.

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Just a reminder that I patented the "Dumb sissy white boi" and "Dumb sissy anime boi" meme. So everyone who uses it owes me money or access to their boipucci for 24 hours.
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dumb deluded sissy anime boi
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>Dumb sissy white boi forgot to renew his copyright patent and now no longer profits from boipucci
Dumb sissy white boi.
it's not a meme and it's not even funny. fuck off

Sexy Kev Appreciation Station edition
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surprise surprise 194
I meant irl, I don't talk to anybody irl. I ONLY feel comfortable talking to anons online. And I don't even talk about it that much.

Yeah, that sounds like something I should do. I shouldn't think it's either Cambridge or nothing. I'll try but it feels like there's no point in anything anymore

It's true though. Not like I need to prove anything to you.
Hate gay normies

Simple as

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would you rather be super ugly and have no money or be very attractive and have a billion dollars?
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The answer is pretty obvious don't you think?
The first one. I will grow more spiritually through suffering desu
>super ugly and have no money
I like the comfort of familiarity.

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>tfw 5'11
>tfw literally an inch away from a happy, fulfilling life
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You could probably gain that inch by fixing your posture.
manlet begone
>like I haven't tried that already
literally tried everything you can possibly imagine to gain that extra inch, except surgery
Wear flatter shoes, you might just be 5'10" then and get the happy fulfilling life.

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Do any other rowboats here have Fibromyalgia, or know someone who does?

>constant wide-spread pain that never fucking goes away
>zero ability to focus
>fatigue, numbness, weakness
>doctors won't give any painkillers because i'm young and think i'm just trying to score opiates (which i'm not)
>"have you tried physical therapy, anon? you gotta stay active!"
>normies: "oh, but you look fine!"

This is the actual worst and i'm at my wit's end, and I g-guess I was wondering if anyone had tips for pain management beyond yoga and meditation ;__;
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Yeah, plus it makes me weaker, especially the left half of my body. I think I got fibrosis from a goddamn vaccine shot, it's bad in that spot on my shoulder. Candida up my spine, probably. I hate it.

Funny, mine seems to be right-sided.
What do you do for it? Are you eligible for NEETbux?
How did you get your diagnosis anon?
I suspect that I might have this but right now my doctor is starting to think I'm some sort of hypochondriac.

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>be me
>have anxiety
>straight, twink/skelly
>waited for 40 mins for a bus going home after work
>bus finally arrives
>only a few seats left
>a couple at the back next to some crackheads
>and one next to a qt about my age
>decide it's best to sit next to the qt
>sit down and immediately start sweating profusely
>breathing heavily
>put in my earphones and try to relax and focus on the music
>can't do it
>she's glancing my way every so often and i'm just staring into my own fucking personal abyss
>neck and back aches from trying to maintain respectable posture
>sweating continues and progressively gets more and more noticeable
>finally decide enough is enough, can't do it anymore
>get off the bus at the next stop in the middle of fuck knows where
>have to wait another 45 mins for the next bus to take me home

i'm tired of this shit, i'm done with the outdoors.

also, is this a case of 'the power they have'?
or 'the power i lack'?
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just stop caring anon... as soon as you convince yourself you have no chance with them anyway it all becomes better
Go to a doctor and get on some meds son
>describes himself as a twink

Post your ass you fucking faggot

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