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why can't i truly love someone. no matter who it is, no matter how perfect they are, i just fucking lie how i feel to try and feel something. i've done this for years and im just tired trying to get this 'compelling' feeling to just love someone.

everything i do is out of jealousy, anger, the need to manipulate and just to make people hurt. i don't want to do this, i hate doing it but i do it anyway, I've had a fair few people who've just fallen for me, who love me and who seriously love for 'who i am' but im just a fucking lie, everything about me is just a fucking lie and nothing is true
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I feel like you do, anon.

It's like I'm not me. I don't have my own personality. I don't care about myself or anyone else truly, it just feels like a lie.

I feel like I'm losing my mind.
At least you have oldschool runescape
On that 99 fishing grind btw
where do we go from here tho
i recently staked my bank then sold it, i died after taking that screenshot. Unrelated heres another image i screenshotted after i crashed some guys at bandos

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Share your favorite qts!
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>no tits
>no ass
>probably doesn't even have a penis
total trash, 0/10
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only gods can witness such beauty
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You have been muted for 8.00 seconds, because your comment was not original.

Would you shape up, if a woman wanted you to be their man?
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>lifting for girls

God I can't stand Grease

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Is anyone as lazy as me to the point that they piss in empty bottles around their room so they don't have to walk to the bathroom?
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For me it's more shyness, as our home is small there's always someone around. Although I won't deny being lazy.

Tons of people who do it here. I piss in Pringles cans, some times they sit for months before I empty them out the window, amazingly enough they keep perfectly sealed.

You're shy around your own family?

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I want to cuddle a girl with cute little body!
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I want to cuddle a girl with a cute tall body!
Cuddle thread?

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tfw no legal loli wife

Why isn't this you right now?
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vomit inducing tbqh
don't you want to please someone?
right back at you, fag

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>he actually has feelings of compassion and "love" for other people

how does it feel to be a brainlet?
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its not all bad
Feels good, man. I sometimes get into edgy moods and I hate myself even in the middle of them. Hurting other people feels good in the moment but it doesn't offer any lasting satisfaction for me. I want to be someone others can rely on and who brings joy to others.
I feel numb now. Basically the only feeling that I can feel now.

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Any robots lose a ton of weight?

I want to know how much length did you add to your dick. I know it doesn't grow you're just getting rid of the fat pad. How big was it when you were fat and how much bigger did it get after losing weight. Did you gain any girth? I need to lose about 150lbs and so far my dick is 4 inches long and my girth is 4 inches as well.
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Quarter of an inch bringing the grand total to 5.25 inch benis
about one inch for every 30 pounds
Lost a hundred pounds
Nothing really improved except my general health.. And even then thats sketchy as best since alcohol is quickly taking over.

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What is the point of meditation? Does anyone on here do it? What exactly are you suppose to be experiencing? How does it work? If I sat in a dark and silent room while sitting in a certain pose would that somehow magically make me feel better?

I just never understood how some people claim meditation makes their lives better, or somehow makes them a better person. There must be some psychological explanation behind it, and from what I know of meditation they say you can listen to certain sounds to relax you. If anything the whole thing seems like it's meant to relax you, but people who do it everyday claim it does more than relax you.
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it doesnt its just one of those smug things
Well I guess I'm asking because I'm interested in getting into it. Some claimed it helped them with depression, among other things as well. I just wanted to get into it because I thought it might improve my life a bit.
If you do it enough you can start to feel energies radiating and vibrations. It's similar to when your leg falls asleep and is waking up but not exactly as painful. It's super comfy. Supposedly astral projection is possible from meditation, but I have yet to get that far.

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>tfw you finally realize that ugly girls make the best girlfriends
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a hoe is still a bitch. No worth the effort.
anon, don't you think that's way too many threads for only a day?
maybe try other boards
In my eyes, women are merely sex objects and eye-candy, thus an ugly whore is utterly useless to me.

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how do I tell my therapist about my urges without getting sent off to a mental ward?
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I desperately want to know this as well
what are your urges

As long as you don't pose an immediate threat to yourself or those around you, you won't be sent to a ward.

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It's my senior year of highschool now. When can I learn to talk to girls?
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4chan didn't exist when I was in highschool.

What are teenagers doing here?
if you havent figured it out by now youre fucked. Better do a shit ton of clubs in college if you dont want to die alone
Self loathing mostly
I already know I'm fucked, everyone around me is hooking up while I'm sitting here alone jerking off to more and more deranged fetishes slowly detaching myself from ever having a normal healthy sex life.

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>See wojak or pepe as OP image
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>see meta thread
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You and me, OP.
or you could just scroll past
fukken down syndrome

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>parents still treat me like a child
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>parents always treated me like i was a grown man who just happened to renting out a room
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>parents treat me like a retard that can't do basic things like making food without them giving me instructions
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>be driving
>stretch a gear a bit too much while deciding if I should take an exit or not or make the car flinch a little when shifting
>30 minute lecture about how to brake
>every single time
Fuck off dad!

Is there anyway to get address from phone number, for free?
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>Is there anyway to get address from phone number, for free?

What the fuck are you asking? Are you Russian?
What? No, I just need to find a location
Ring up the phone number and ask what address this is?

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