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They know what they've done
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ok here is the dubs

you must dress as Rena Ryuugu and kill GabeN with a Hatchet Clever.

Godspeed OP.
make those nigga pay
Have a nice trip anon
(I'm actually somewhat surprised that has been said before)

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>Tfw the psych medication literally prevents me from getting hard and it seems like my penis is literally shrinking before my eyes

I'm so fucking done with psychiatrists. This is the last straw.
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>tfw psych medication takes me down from needing to fap 7 times a day to just 1 or 2
I'm okay with this
I have to fap with a soft dick. That is not an easy task.
It's semipermanent to and you can't go cold turkey without side effects. The loss is permanent but the your hard-on capacity will mostly come back.

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anyone else a /brainlet/?
>don't know how much a foot is
>doing math in my head beyond elementary school stuff is impossible
>don't know geometry
>spelling in english is hard as fuck
>i forget what i read in a book after a few minutes
>don't know the kitchen measurements beyond teaspoon
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Same I'm so stupid
Yeah. I even fail the "nerd" stereotypes.

>don't know many units
>have trouble counting coin
>don't know geometry
>suck at math
>feel like a genius coder when I install Fallout modifications

Fuck off and your STEM memes
I sometimes think I have maybe 2 or 3 folds at most in my fucking shitty ass brain. I feel like every second I'm struggling to manage all the stimulus of the world around me. Fuck I'm stupid

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What does it mean when a girl sits in your lap?
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She is entirely threatened by your pitiful masculinity, or you have failed to pick up obvious hints that she desperately wants your dick
*entirely unthreatened, rather
I can't fucking type
Usually means they can't tell the difference between someone's legs and a simple chair. Don't know why that is. Maybe being molested by their dads on a regular basis confuses them or something.

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>only had to spend $10 on a week's worth of groceries that will keep me well-nourished and fed
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what did you buy, anon? I am always curious about the food budgeting of others.
What is it that you bought?
Are you anorexic or a very greedy jew?

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"Thank for you the lift to my interview, anon! I got the job and it was all thanks to you! Now I can make some end of the summer money."
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No problem. I'm glad you got the job.

Go to it, hmu
Do they do the backroom casting couch in Korea?

Porn is illegal. They do "sponsorship" with is basically a paid sex maid.

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>Go to beach for first time in years
>Teens and women in thongs everywhere

When did this become a thing in suburban america? I live in Virginia Beach and saw girls at least 13 walking around with their full butts out.
I'm no pedo, but why are parents allowing these little girls to walk around like this? Am I this disconnected from reality or has this always been a thing?
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You're right, women should be stoned for not covering their flesh
next time have a camera and bring pics
I honestly wanted to.

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>whenever he's somewhere, he daydreams of himself and his waifu at the same place doing fun stuff together

I can't be the only one who does this, r-right?
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There's no waifu dreams anymore.
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I don't have a waifu or anything because no matter how hard I try I just can't fall in love with even an ideal girl, but I always vaguely imagine that there is a girl talking with me while I'm driving in the car listening to music or playing video games and so on. It makes it easier.
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>tfw your waifu (self-actualized) disappeared from your thought stream during a major stretch of depression
>has yet to return

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How would you feel if one day, you woke up in a pod in the future only to be told that your entire life was a lie and you lived in a simulation? How would you deal with knowing all of your friends and family members were just AI programmed into the simulation? All the memories you made are completely fake and made up. Your entire life was fabricated. Imagine meeting the love of your life, getting married, having kids, watching them grow up, seeing them have kids for themselves, and living a long/happy life until you die of old age at the very end, but all of a sudden, you wake up in the real world. How would a sane person live with knowing the fact that their lover, kids, parents, friends, memories etc. weren't real?
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I'd rate the simulation 2/5 stars and move on with my actual life
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I'd cross that bridge when I get to it.

My grandpa always said "how utterly useless" in Korean and I'd say the same now.

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>"sorry, what was that?"
>"everyone be quiet, anon has something to say"
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Sorry Ms Stacy
>"traps aren't gay! :) you may continue."
>I hate n-niggers

Can we all agree that womanlets are seriously aggressive / over-compensating / projecting and in general unbearable to be around?

At 5'10" I've found that dating around 5'7 and above are completely chill about male-height.

They don't mind being a guy their own height or above, but jesus christ womanlets go fucking apeshit about height.
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Womanlets have inferior genetics that's why they feel the need to get a 6'4" Chad to balance it out
The worst are womanlets who say they don't care about height yet still demand somebody taller than them.
I guess this applies to woman of all height to some degree though.
Fuck woman who do this.
Dude womanlets go absolutely psycho about height and are obsessed about it

I swear all they talk about is height

Girls 5'6-7+ are a lot more cool about it won't mind dating a guy their own height / only slightly taller

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Anyone here used to watch anime on a toaster but then you watch on a real computer and it's mindblowing?

Look at the colours here. I couldn't even imagine when it aired and I was watching on a 1024x786 CRT with black bars
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Still on the toaster, I'm leavig for the military in 10 days though so I'll have the funds to watch my HQ animu soon
Post your battlestation with the anime you're currently watching open in your choice of media player.
You gotta get the IPS screen. All those colours.

I couldn't even play 720p back then.

Save is motivational advice
Damn is sexy anime girls

Grew immune to 3D years ago
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All you have to do is ask for more anon~
More, then, if you wanna be a dick. Should probably let you know that dykes don't do it for me, so fuck off with the short hair.
Haha my guy Tomboys are definitely MY fetish so if you could direct me to the source of all this or simply put all your lewd files in a dropbox or something that would be SPLENDID!

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We are Savages. We are always Lit. We Are Powerful. We prank people. We Love Team Ten. We love Bizzarkvark. We are JakePaulers.
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le dab on le haters man xDDD

Fuck off
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get dabbed on hater *dab* *dab* *dab*

None of my fucking facebook messages, tinder matches, snapchats or anything are leading to SHIT. i'm never going to fucking have sex or get a girlfriend this is bullshit
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and no one replies to your thread as well
Give up, get a waifu
Same man, we should be sad bros. wanna talk?

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