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Enjoying a glass of wine in the woods and wanted to know how you were feeling
What's on your mind?
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kys asap retard
Why you in the woods senpai? Why not somewhere comfy while you're drinking?
you're too young to drink, alex

don't get in trouble

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Someone in another thread told me to use a Gatorade bottle as my piss bottle to avoid overflowing and I did and I still pissed all over myself. why live when people tell lies so causally?
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He didn't lie, you're just retarded
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why so mean? you should sympathize with fellow robots asshole
How many ounces was the bottle?
>inb4 8
If the 32 ounce bottle isn't enough, use a jug of orange juice or something similar since they have dick sized holes.

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I'm a senior in highschool in a small town, I guess I'm really good at baseball because I realized I am chad. The total highschool chad, scouts for good colleges want me and girls arent a problem and I have money. So why am I still so depressed anons? I want to die more than anything
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What is it that bothers you?
What are you sad about?
No purpose and no goals

What do you want out of life?
I guess its the fact that even stepping up to bat doesnt get me excited anymore, the adrenaline use to be unreal, and now, nothing excites me anymore, nothing brings me joy and I dont even want to go to college or play baseball anymore

I don't understand her shirt

someone pls explain
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Man she will have back problems.
She says she doesn't.
She will in the future for sure.

>dry me off, whiteboi
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rather make you wetter T-B-H
I would lick her entire body dry
>nipple piercings

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super predator.jpg
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Holy shit, how is this steaming pile of cuckolds still around?

If you dedicated even half the time you spent crying about how much of a victim you faggots are, you'd be infinitely better than you are now. The chip on each of your shoulders is sickening to see, please just make a decision for once in your life, off yourself or fucking do something.

You're putrid piles of garbage, and you revel in it. It's a dick measuring contest but instead of dicks it's turd logs.

You despise 'normies' because you envy them, you despise 'normies' because they, along with numerous other people dislike you.

You need to try to alienate people you find superior to you, because on a level playing field your bitch baby faces are eating dirt.

Holy fuck, please start a suicide cult at the very least, but no, you don't have the dedication to even do that much.
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Everything you're saying is true but I don't get why it makes you so mad. Also, your meme is way more entertaining than what your saying and it's not even related. Very detracting.
If you want entertainment, stop expecting to get it from a board filled with sorry sacks like yourself.

I'm not mad, I'm just disgusted and I'm such an altruistic divine being, that I figured I'd bestow thankless cunt discharges like yourself with my blessing.
How do I know you aren't just a robot trying to get a rise out of me?
>lel i'm great meight
Okay, now I know you're a robot faking it.

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How many people have you killed so far?
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>all respect to those who break they neck to keep they hoes in check
>'cause oh they sweat a brother majorly
>and I don't know why your girl keep paging me
One. He tried robbing me after a show during one of my manic episodes. I got him on the ground and just going in on this dude? stabbing him in the kidneys with my pocket knife until a friend pulled me off. I regret not slashing his tendons first.
Uh none? You're a fucking psycho

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Do you know anyone in real life who came here?

Do you know any real robot/neet/autist in real life?
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I know a guy who would make a good robot. He is short, fat, smelly, wears glasses that make him uglier, has a weird voice, and makes stupid jokes. But he goes to the university and talks to people, so I'm not sure.
I'm almost sure that there are very few people here that are real robots.
Everyone does at least one normie shit everyday. Neet lifestyle is just a meme.
There are a few kids at my high school who talk about r9k and mu, they don't know about me because I'm a normie and all my friends are normie/chad, I only overheard them talking about it.

Sometimes they will say some meme to each other around a bunch of other normies and I'll ask them what it means and they'll autisticly stutter about it. It's not that I enjoy being mean I just like to see a spaghetti incident in real life.

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What's your excuse for not meeting your daily masturbation quota?
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original original original oregano
I don't spill my seed. Each time kills hundreds of sperm
Too sad to jerk off.

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>anon even this 8 YEAR OLD can do [thing] AND YOU CAN'T!
how do you even respond to this?
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Look at them straight in the eyes and start masturbating, and right before you cum whisper "can he do this?"
Made me laugh anon good job
Thanks my boy


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Serious question here... Any guys here ever crossdress/sissify themselves and suck someone off? I have severe social anxiety, but I'm really cute. When I do drugs like poppers, meth, or whatever the fuck the urge is just so goddamn strong. I don't think I could ever really go through with it. I don't want some dude to like fucking rob me or some shit
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I keep trying but every anon lives far away or spergs out
I've always read bad things happening.

Usually the guys ending up being less than attractive, this goes both ways. Or just being generally fucking weirdos, smelly, you name it.

You could try craigslist but I'd demand a picture first.
post pics of your boipuccci

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please, using your own words, to your understanding of their meaning based upon the context you have seen them used, define the following terms:
>failed normalfag

*follow up inquiry: can, or do, either of these exist?
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Unsuccessful, lonely, lazy and unhealthy person, jobless and virgin. Often ponders why he is so alone, and then just tries to forget it with drugs/vidya/anime
Unsuccessful and lonely person, but tries to live in the real world nevertheless, out of obligation and fear of seeing it's way of life modified. Too weird for normal peoples, but too close to reality for robots.
>failed normalfag
Cyborg trying to climb the ladder to normiehood, but fails in the process. Fails to understand why he fails all the time, or how deal with the cause of his failures.
Semi-successful, boring, bland, unrecognizable individual living a boring and dull life.
Male with good physical traits, enjoys relations and manages to get them easily.
female equivalent of a chad.

A young man who is severely asspained about still being a virgin but would rather believe that all women are horrible than accept the fact that maybe HE is the problem.

An awkward and mediocre person, possibly with nerdy hobbies, who has enough of a personality to have found a satisfying love life.

>>failed normalfag
A term employed by extra-butthurt 'red-pilled' robots to demean lonely men who haven't given up on being happy.

Like, a normal fucking person. Again, robots use it as an insult in an attempt to feel superior.

An exceptionally attractive and/or wealthy man who is able to attract women with little to no effort.

A girl who is ugly or who is mediocre (or even cute) but has the same kinds of social anxiety problems that men have. Robots insist that they can't exist because they believe that any girl can get a chad and that that nothing else in their lives matter to them (one of MANY things that robots convince themselves of to make excuses for why they're alone).

An exceptionally attractive woman who is able to attract men with little-to-no effort.
people who hang around this board to share feels and vent about being shunned from society
normalfags who want to say they belong here for some weird reason
>>failed normalfag
same as robot, people who tried to fit in, but failed and were rejected from society
people who function and receieve positive feedback in society
rich or extremely attractive guys who don't even have to try in life
a made-up term to try and bait gender discussions and attention
a pretty or rich girl who has never had to try for everything. Everything she ever wanted was given to her as soon as she decided she wanted it. Staceys are very common in society, basically every girl over 7/10

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>27 year old virgin
>that crippling realization that you will literally never have a GF or sex or a family or anything most normal people have
>tfw you're a complete and utter loser in every way

Does the pain hit a plateau?
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Yep, when you get a lol bit older and just a tad bit more mature and realize that none of that really matters so long as you can just find shit that makes you happy.

Only 22 y/o khv and it doesn't bother me too much. It's such a waste of time and money and will also blow up in your face when all is said and done.
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You're only 22, so your opinion on this matter is less than useless.

The real sense that you've ruined your life won't come until you hit 25 or so.

Kek - feel free to keep throwing yourself a pity party an basing your life around what others have.

If you want to keep being a khv, do so. By no means are you a khv by anyone's choice other than your own and by no means is your life terrible by no means other than your own.

We're both grown ass men - you choose what you want to do with your life. You choose if you want to do things that make you happy. You choose if you want to put in the extensive time and effort that it takes to get something as wasteful as a girlfriend and you choose if you think having a relationship has any value.

You can fuck right off with pretending not having something as trivial as a girlfriend is a life ruining experience, I'm perfectly happy with my life as is because I doge shit that I find enjoyable and tell self-loathing fuck-wits like yourself that life does have to be shit just because you don't have X or Y.

Without tiping your fedora too much what are your honest thoughts about the Catholic church. Good and or bad I guess.
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They diddle little boys in the b hole.
"Hey, let's unite all the religions and create a universal church."
"How you going to do that?"
"Make another fucking church."
lel @ the olden days
john Paul II was the last legitimate pope, catholicism is a scheme to try and make as much money as possible for the jews, and the schism was thr exact moment that jews took over the holy see. Orthodoxy and Protestantism are the only valid forms of christianity nowadays

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>you were born too late to own slaves
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but your born right in the time for ww3
Even if you were alive at a time when it was possible to own slaves, you wouldn't have owned any because you are an economic failure.

No matter when you could have lived, you would have always been a loser.
Slavery is legal in Mauritania

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