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tfw no small group of friends to get together on the weekend to play mario kart and have some drinks
i hate getting old, i wish i could be a teenager again
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Same I hated high school but I had no idea how much worse life could get after it was over.
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I know I'm a thin skinned pussy for this, but I can't stand playing any competitive game with my friends. It will make me hate them and I can't take banter for shit.
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Tfw desperately trying to get my few friends to move closer so we can hang out more. They've definitely considered it.

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Sequel to the Porn Star Ratings thread >>36955207

From the previous thread: "A brief explanation: I tried to weight scores, with things that can't be quantified but are useful for sorting to the furthest left. I tried to come up with a qualitative comment on their "style" but really only thought of "Alt" for stars like Draven Star and Christy Mack. "Slut" is the holding space until I come up with something better.

I have 3 scores for face to weight that higher, 2 for tits (one for size, one for quality), one for thinness, one for pussy quality (looks mostly, though if any porn stars on here could comment on the actual quality that would be invaluable), two for ass (size and quality), with a total sum at the end.

Their sexual abilities are harder to quantify. The ones I went with were speech (dirty talk, voice timbre), energy (how enthusiastic, also reflecting quantity of scenes performed), skill (mostly involving blowjobs), depth (deepthroating capacity), ability (a sort of general quality of sex), acrobat (how able they are to be on top), rough (bdsm and other harsh scenes), anal (if they do those scenes), and multi (for blowbangs, gangbangs, and lesbian orgies). These two total scores are combined and gives an approximate scoring system for their overall performances."

I've since added birthdates, start and end years, real names (if available), and started to fix the scores that were put as 6 or 7 as a placeholder. Currently at 151 girls.
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Can you share the spread sheet?
A few notes from the last thread:
The separation of "aryan" and "ginger" not a commentary on race, that's just to separate out the girls with natural hair from the ones with dyed hair. I plan to change these all to white, and add a new category for natural hair and most common color, if applicable.
I am thinking about making different entries for different periods of their careers (i.e. Eva Angelina before and after implants) but that would be so much extra work that if I do it, it'll be after I'm finished with the rest.
Proposed "style" types: Alt, Pure, Glam, Slut, JAV.

Thus far, some things I've noticed:
Of the current entries, oldest is Lisa Ann, youngest is Kendall Woods. Lisa has been active for 23 years, Kendall for less than one.
Tanner Mayes apparently has returned to porn with fake tits and is doing gangbangs.
Angela White has been active for 23 years.

I will when it's finished.
Possible additions to the "body" set:
Fitness (most likely), legs, hair, feet (least likely)

Possible addiitons to the "fuck" set:
Solo/masturbation (most likely), filthiness, IR (least likely), gangbang

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You literally cannot be a robot unless you have multiple /d/ tier fetishes. Fetishes that warp your sexuality significantly enough that the majority of the female population would be disgusted that you ever get to feel sexual pleasure. No, being gay or fapping to traps/futa doesn't count, that shit is basically normie tier at this point.

So come here and prove you're a robot or get the fuck off of this board.
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fuck off is why, stop trying to poz me
i was not made this way i was born
i want to be a trap and an mtf simultaneously, and i want to have a femdom force me to let another man fuck me in the as, and then let her fuck me with a strapon.
then i want to make out w/ me until i suffocate and die

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>tfw got through the phase of being prison gay since i got testosterone medication
Being normal feels good.
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Hate to tell you this but if that smooth latina vag is the thing that gets you going you're already too deep my friend.
You're not just prison gay you're authentic homo.

Just give in I've got a qt trap bf housewife and life couldn't be better.
i want to attach a chain to her nose ring and lead her out to the barn and fuck her while I have her hooked up to the milking equipment

she is literally the perfect hucow.

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You can choose only one 2D qt to be your waifu for laifu. She'll retain her personality, but be completely devoted to and in love with you. Also, you magically have enough money to live comfortably but not extravagantly for life without working. She could be from anywhere: a movie, anime, comic book, video game, etc.

Pls post pics as well as name and source. Pic related is mine. No source, just a randomly created character that got a little more fanart drawn of her.
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Rena Amami
Whoops, forgot source.

Sakuranbo Syndrome.
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asuka confused.jpg
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The one and only, for years.

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Guys is my best friend a cuck if he helps finance the car of some girl who will never like him?

Just found out today that he did. He was just bragging about how he had all this money and how his wise investments would pay off. Now he's begging me for a wage cuck job

Not sure how to feel.
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Who is she? Origionally
Looks like the how bou dah girl, which means she is dangerously underage.
Yes your best friend is a cuck to the 100th degree. Why the fuck would he think that this is a good idea?

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Who here /snek/
I measured him today and he was 40 inches. What a good boy
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More recent photo. Taken today for measuring purposes
I don't have a snake but I a proud of your little guy, yay!
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blood python.jpg
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I have 2 snakes. The other isn't quite as charming though, but he's a baby still

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During the week, i go to school where i have quite a few friends (never a gf though so i aint no chad) and every weekend or so they invite me to do stuff but i always make up some excuse like "oh i have plans" or "eh ill see what happens" but i never intend on going. I get invited to parties and stuff but i never go. Its like God keeps throwing me a rope to pull me out of the sea but i just tie a noose with it and hang myself instead. I keep turning down the chance to become a normie or possibly even evolve into some kind of a Chad-Robot Hybrid and instead come home to stay on my bed browsing this website. I hate to say it because it makes my insides twist just at the thought of it, but i think i am the real life Umaru... I threw up after saying that, but /r9k/ what would you do if you had my opportunities? Am i throwing away my one chance at a happy life? What do i do????
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OP here, i think i just thought of a good term for that Chad-Robot hybrid i was talking about.
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Do you even know what NEET means? If you're ongoing any kind of education or have a work, you're not a NEET, just a shut-in.Try again.

NEET= Not in Education, Employment or Training.
my bad, im just a kyke shut in

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Is it weird that I wash my ass every time I take a dump? (I only poop once a day though).

Anyone else do the same?

I live in the US and no one taught me to do it.
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lol i cup some water in my hands from the sink and wash my ass with it, i don't give a fuck just let it fall to the floor
Jack Kerouac used to do this and he required everyone visiting him for a while to do the same. He developed this whole philosophy behind why the world was shit and it was because people went around with shitty asses all the time.

If you don't shower/bathe after you shit you're an animal

and when you have sex he/she will know

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I have an intense desire to absolutely crush the soul of my girlfriend by telling her I've never ever loved her. She told me she finds black guys attractive and I'm disgusted and told her so. I'm not going to sit around and wait to get cucked. I want to show her what happens when she reveals such disgusting details to me. She's absolutely obsessed with me and gets jealous when I even mention other girls, so I'm planning on fucking a girl I know who's hotter than her and into me and then dropping it all on her before I go to uni. I want to make her cry.
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do it godammit. DO IT. i cucked and dumped my ex with spectacular results. DO IT.
>this whole post
In this world OP, it's cuck or be cucked. You know what must be done

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>tfw all black women are encouraged to be turbo staceys
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what does this mean? elaborate boy
Yeah black guys got it hard I feel you man, black women are fucked up.
At least you got a 15 inch cock though right?

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One of these days I'm going to come across a /pol poster and beat the living daylights out of him
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Feel better? I can tell you're starved of (You)s
>beat the living daylights out of him
Just as you'd expect from a savage non-white, LMAO. Maybe you meet friends and family in jail.
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Nothing can do can un-negrofy you. You're going to live that life till you die.

Ballbusting couple is back y'all. baby is coming soon, just lounging for the weekend waiting for anything to pop. What's everyone's weekend plans.

Also wife still wondering do guys actually have bigger and smaller balls or are they all roughly the same size but the lower they hang the thicker the skin and the more the illusion
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>be 15 at the local public pool
>gf knows about my ballbusting fetish for a few months now
>sitting around in some loose trunks, nothing else underneath
>gf walks along the concrete step that people sit on to enjoy the water
>steps right onto my balls remembering that i enjoyed the idea of that
>had to keep myself completely controlled to not draw attention

Ill never forget the look in her eyes while she was standing there feeling by balls flattening
>tfw no gf to bully me and step on my balls
Does anybody ever reply to these threads? Even if someone shares the fetish, what is there to say besides "wow I'd love to get kicked in the balls right now?"

Someone tossed this old tv out, so I grabbed it and took it home.
I've had it on like this for 2 weeks now hoping that the girl from The Ring would come out so I wouldn't be so lonely.
No luck so far. Any suggestions?
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Try sticking your dick in the coax port. It should fit perfectly.
I'm not ready for a sexual relationship yet.
Take it out to a secluded area and use it as a shooting target. I bet it would be very satisfying to shoot a tv like that.

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04 (2).jpg
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While you spent your friday night at home watching anime, Tyrone just fucked another white slut
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I am rewatching Evangelion right now
I bet it's better than sex
Kek. I'm doing coke you nerd
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Doing coke alone kek at your life

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