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Only rule I saw about why the thread got pruned/deleted was
>Do not the spam the sites with products or services
I did link to rabbit twice in the thread, and I did bump it a lot, so I will stop doing those two things and hopefully this thread doesn't get deleted too.

Unless someone wants to enlighten me on why else the thread might have gotten deleted , I'm going to make another one for the robots that are drinking tonight and want to talk.

So I guess no discord or rabbit links ITT. And different OP pic. Same subject though for the robots that are searching for the thread in the catalog, this is for you.
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What're you drinking tonight OP? I'm finishing off my leftover IPA's from last night so I can feel like shit for work tomorrow.
I'm drinking two 40 ounces tonight. I like feeling like shit for work too haha.
Ayy IPA's are my fav beers, I love the sour

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Who else starting to hate anime because of the type of people it's associated with and how they tend to behave?
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Who else starting to hate humanity because of the type of people it's associated with and how they tend to behave?

t. not even joking
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The nu-anime audience is the worst.
Just enjoy what you enjoy no matter how autistic. If you're stuck in social gratification land you might need to retake that robot course.

Those on neetbux are no bettwr than blacks on welfare. That money should be going to people who jeed it,not lazy 30 year olds who wasted there lives doing stupid bullshit and crying
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Did i mention i was a fembot?because i am.
Its exciting to talk to a female.
That was gonna come out akward no matter how I typed that. Lol
Oh fuck off,creep. I bet you are over 5'6. Stupid tall fag.

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>Currently got a part time job, lets see how this goes.
>Pretty lonely since I am not taking courses this summer.
>I spend most of my days with my family, but I feel miserable.
>Had my first girlfriend over a year ago, but since we broke up I have been very lonely. I watch a lot of porn out of desperation, but it just makes me feel more pathetic.
>Who wants to go on an adventure? Let's add a little bit more meaning to our lives by coming together for support
my kik is AlexNeeto. Leave info here if you like for others to add you as well.
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Theres a FL robot discord lad

thank you I had no idea! thats pretty helpful
No problemo also bump for any fl robots passing by

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>get a job through Uncle

>concrete construction

>actually really like the trade and working with concrete

>boss is complete asshole and I absolutely hate dealing with him

>see him maybe once every 2 days

My uncle is a foreman on the crew and I really like the crew but whenever the boss turns up I instantly feel like walking out on the job, there is just something about him I can't stand.

Wat do? The pay is decent and I don't want to make a bad impression but seriously fuck the owner
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If you see him every couple of days then just suck it up.
You're lucky to even have a job. Don't quit and find yourself despairing later
The area I live in has a 97% employment rate and I seriously doubt I would have any issue finding another job in concrete, likely even better pay now that I have a good amount of experience.

>just suck it up

Thats what I tell myself in-between his appearances, then he shows up yells at everyone and ruins my day
This happens at every job you idiot.

Every job has that "guy" or "gal"

Sometimes they leave

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>1998 winter vacation
11 days before Christmas
> constantly snowing so we get out of school early
>spend all day playing outside with friends
>come back inside after a long day of play to be nice warm and comfy
>watch animated Christmas specials with sister on the tv before bed
> mom is cooking a nice hot meal in the kitchen
>eat a delicious meal and pass out
>get Nintendo 64 the following Christmas day
>give mom a bug fat kiss and hug saying thank you
> she hugs me back as hard as she can and says the same
> spend the remaining vacation having fun outside during the day and at night play with the new vidya mommy got me
True peace
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Fuck you i will not let this potentially good thread be bumped off the board by trap threads and female user attention whore threads!
fucking words words and even more words
>staying up all night playing video games with a friend over the internet

>woman defamed me
>about to see a lawyer
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Wtf have you done?
Greentext it OP. I wanna hear the story
I was friends with her, wanted more than that. It didn't work out and we stopped talking. We were still friends on FB though, and her account started to like lewd articles. I think it's a bait and switch scam. She liked FB posts that were designed to be mass liked and then sold to an advertiser.

Anyway, I asked her about it, in a caring way, through CHAT which was my mistake. She said she didn't know about it. I took screenshots and sent them to her. Mind you, the pictures weren't actual porn, though lewd (drawings of body parts, far away shots of people doing stuff in public places). She got angry, blocked me, told some people. Those people stopped talking to me. Now, I think she outright told them I sent her actual porn to tell her I want to make out or something, which is inaccurate.

Happened last year. I don't see her anymore. We're geographically far apart now (she left) but we're pretty well connected and it eats me inside she's continuing on telling people that shit story.

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Is chip Chan the perfect woman? Is she dare I say it our girl /r9k/??.

>tfw no chip Chan neet gf
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She's perfect in every way maybe a little crazy but I like crazy.
>how does she obtain fresh food and pay bills or take care of errands?

Well she goes outside for stuff like that but isn't out for very long as for paying bills I don't know she doesn't have a job she's a neet.

You really do have good taste anon.

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How can I be submissive to people in a fun way? Like not a depressing "I'll do whatever you want," but a "I'm practically a child so it's up to you to take control" ?
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Be good okay. I know it's hard but do your best. I'll take you out for ice cream on Friday if you make it the whole week, promise.

No matter what I just hope you know that I'm proud of you.
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if you're a grill then you don't need to do anything, just be open to suggestions and praise everyone else's ideas, make it known you want to follow them and think they're brilliant.

if you're a G.I.R.L (guy in real life) then same thing but with other males

Just be a huge kissass OP
Wow, that's a really great idea. It's refreshing to see someone who can respond very well to a post. thank you!

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>names chad
>isn't actually chad
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how does one acquire teeth like this?
>how does one acquire teeth like this?
Be raised by a white single mother
apparently he has some disease where if he eats anything his teeth has no protection

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What do you want?

Seriously, what is it that you want from life right now?

I want a little place sorta like pic related I stole from /diy/ that would take the least amount of money possible to build and maintain far from society, so I could work the least amount possible and just kinda exist and maybe draw or read once in awhile.
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That bed would be uncomfortable as HECK to sleep on, that doesn't even look like a twin size
i just want for it to be over.
>What do you want?
A woman who isn't a child (mentally).

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How do I get my little sister back for mooning me?? I'm so freakin mad. She had no right.
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she didn't do anything and this thread is full of larping gross losers
You should pull down her underwear and lick her butthole while she's sleeping haha that would be funny like as a prank lol haha
Age this started.
Age you are now.
Further details.

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My best friend wants to become a trap. He's taking a "feminine male diet" and is generally adopting female traits in social situations.

He's redpilled as fuck and is openly bi, but he and I think it might be social suicide, and he may not be able to attract anyone, fag or not because they will notice his transformation. He's naturally tall, too, and has been in relationships with girls (female) before. He's more of a cyborg than a robot.

How does one have a social value as a trap, and how should I respond?

Oh, and we're both in uni.
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What does his first name begin with
It's originally B
An original bump to this original thread

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What's it like to be black? It must be a very fun existence. A free existence. When you're white you can spend 20 minutes thinking what breakfast cereal you want or fretting over what colors to get on the wallpaper in some room no one is ever going to use. but if you're black, then you might end up killing some fool on the way home because they stepped on your shoes or something. you might just steal a car or something and then just leave it somewhere. Every day is a new adventure with endless possibilities.
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It sucks

Sauce on the qt nigress
why does it suck though

or if isnsl

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there's no point in having a gf if you have a small dick

there's no point in even wanting a woman. it's only gonna tear you apart in the future.

of course not all them will cheat on you but they sure will DO want those big dicks inside them. this matters a lot. whatever i have, it should be what women like.
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>Another big dick thread.
Okay these threads are starting to wear thin.

According to this study:
> Women recalled model size accurately using this method, although they made more errors with respect to penis length than circumference. Women preferred a penis of slightly larger circumference and length for one-time (length = 6.4 inches/16.3 cm, circumference = 5.0 inches/12.7 cm) versus long-term (length = 6.3 inches/16.0 cm, circumference = 4.8 inches/12.2 cm) sexual partners.
Which is larger than average, but not by a huge amount.

This suffers from small sample size, so I supplemented that by looking at the best selling dildos on amazon.com, the average of the top selling 13 is:
However there are two clear outliers here, removing those gives:
Which is more or less average, if you wanted to be more precise you'd produce an average weighted by popularity. Now this might be informal, but it concords pretty well with the previous study. If we couple this with the fact that about 85% of women are satisfied with the size of their partners, but only 50% of men are (source: http://psycnet.apa.org/journals/men/7/3/129/), I've come to believe that:
>Big dicks are a niche female fetish
>Big dicks are a male fetish

Your dick is probably fine.
So, 6.5" long, 5.5" around. Do I make the cut?
tfw no pingy

I want to be a cute boy

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