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>anon complaining about his city being infested with [my countrymen/ethnicity]

Post feels whities could NEVER understand
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When white people say that we Native Americans were not that discriminated against and then go on to say that their great grandmother was a Cherokee princess so it's okay to say that
>thinking anyone but annoying, white, teenage "" edgelords"" are on /r9k/
>tfw white people keep making the non-white feels thread

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>be firefighter
>rescue all males first
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>be me
>running into burning
>people are burning
>save all males first
>not even bothering with females
>TFW roasties get fucking roasted
>be me
>do creative writing and post it on r9k
Burrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnn roastie btfio

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I'm gonna ask her out guys. Tips for if I get rejected? I have a gun and don't want to shoot myself.
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well, there are plenty more fish in the sea for me. farewell "friend" hehehe
You either have the girl or have the board. Chose wisely
>having a gun in case she says no
here's my advice: don't be a pussy?
Kek mate, if she says no just move on, don't put her on a pedestal, she's probably been railed by twenty chads already.

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How do you prevent madness?
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By embracing it.
It depends on what you mean by madness. If by madness you mean the desperation and panic brought on by realizing that the structure we believe inherent in our world is one big LARP session whose rules are determined by sociopaths, then you kind of just have to roll with it.
It's actually pretty fucking hard.

There are a lot of pitfalls you can fall into in life. My main one is tolerating a job that I don't enjoy much at all. In fact, I hate most of the people there. I've enjoyed every single job before this and liked the majority of the people.

This has been driving me mad to the point of banging my head against walls.

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>want to masturbate
>roommate is still awake
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Masturbate quietly, I did it all the time in college.
My room mate thought I couldn't hear him jacking, don't make the same mistake as he did
Sounds like his problem desu.

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Does anyone here have experience with St. Johns Wort capsules?

I've been taking them for a little more than two weeks now and I've become an emotional wreck. I don't know if I've ever cried as much as I have within these past couple of days. I've always been a sensitive little INFP pussy, but I'd rarely cry. Now even the smallest things like wholesomeness from a cartoon or a meme makes me cry. The Simpsons made me burst into tears tonight ("don't forget, you're here forever"). I miss my parents, all my old friends, all the girls I used to love.
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They work on me. Gives me a slight buzz and I feel less anxious.
redpill me one st. johns wort

what does it do?
Reuptake inhibitor of a lot of neurotransmitters (not just serotonin)
It doesn't get you high or anything, though. Not directly all that noticeable but it helps with general despair.

They work on me too. Better than scripted antidepressants

Look at this. What do these men talk about when they meet?

The main reason I hate going to parties is I have no idea what to talk about. Even if I'm lucky to get a date, I'm just trying to avoid being awkward.

None of these men are exceptionally good looking, yet women flock to them like crazy.
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>"Next time, we're taking YOUR yacht!"
you know?
ahhh yes, yes.
absolutely, yeah of curse, business business
very important, very important
and i agree.
very well
economy yuchanayaanachu?
ill have to disagree
oh what a shame
yes, yes.
oh it's time for the speech
*ding ding*
shhh shhh
we will discuss this later.
*speech starts*
Did you get a stroke or something?

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>it's that time of the night when everything becomes really funny
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>it's that time of the night when you regret not spending more time with childhood friends and actually enjoying the good times as if things would get any better
I used to get a little delirious after staying up a long time but now i just get tired
I am a colossal failure.

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Chris Cuomo.jpg
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Daily reminder that according to this journalist from CNN, if you don't want adult men stripping naked in front of your daughter, you're a bigot.
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He is right you know. It's 2017, penises are 2 click away on any smartphone, no one is going to be traumatized, if she's 12 chance are she has already had sex with her classmates, who cares if she sees one adult penis in a locker room..
a penis is just a body part, anon.

your kids will never grow up if you teach them to be adultphobic from a young age.
Why does it have to be her "dad" and not her mother? The question doesn't say anything about it

I love you so much, my husband.
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>"Umm.. that's cool."
where is this fanfiction going?
who talks like that dude

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>tfw your board wasn't merged

I wanted to know new friends :'(
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/r9k wasn't merged but some /pol guys realized they were robots

>I came to /pol to save the white race
>but someone put ponies all over the place
>now i can't face these feelings inside
>now i can't speak to my brothers with pride

>since Trump was elected many things have been good
>but gazing at ponies gave anon some wood
>now i'm lusting for pinkie pies gash
>and rainbowdash hiney with a raw diapey rash

>shed not a tear for this plight of mine mates
>tonight i shall leave n post in /r9k
>for i am a robot and should never breed
>i submit my ausitsm now weaponize me

>but please dont cast your judgment on me
>truly i tried not to become a NEET
>i bid you farewell with this final psalm
>I was a faggot but now I am gone
I wanted to see us merge with [s4s]
also checked friendo
I would want a merge with /k/

We could see the new Elliot Rodgers or various an heroes. Either way it would be funny as hell.

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Picture unrelated
Oregano text Oregano
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Where is that picture taken? I love cold weather and dream of one day going to a place like that.
Antarctica famm
Why are you so angry and why did you vote Trump? Also, why do you hate women, why are you racist, and why are you a far-right loon?

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stop eating.png
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>Blocks your fridge
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yew need tew lewze 50 pounds before sujury
jokes on you, it's empty anyways
i was starving myself anyways and your misplaced assumption only serves to further my goals.

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ITT: Advice that triggers robots
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>scale bug yourself
ok I will
Just put yourself out there brah.
Bro, just start talking to as many girls as you can

I've been diagnosed as schizophrenic and they're talking about sending me to an in-patient facility upstate. I'm so fucking scared of being trapped somewhere without internet where I can't distract myself from my horrible thoughts.

Who else /schizophrenic/?
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I'm schizophrenic too. Spent 4ish years in a facility but that was slightly unrelated. if you get sent, it's not that bad, don't worry. It's just boring, that's all. But they shouldn't be able to send you there unless you're really messed up and you don't seem it. Or at least, that's my understanding of how it works. I've been schizophrenic most of my life, I'm one of the rare childhood schizophrenics. My symptoms mellowed with age though so I'm somewhat normal now. I take it these symptoms are very new to you right? Most of the time it comes about around when you're 20 or so.
I only have one of the positive symptoms but pretty much all of the negative, I was just diagnosed last week. The symptoms started developing over the last two years (I started smoking weed once every few months, and I moved to DC which I think triggered my paranoia because lol terrorists and government).

They want to send me because I can't take care of myself at all. Can't take my meds unless basically forced, haven't brushed my hair/teeth or showered in over a week, never get out of bed.

How do you deal with the boredom? I am constantly on the internet when I'm awake just because the bad thoughts take over if I'm sitting and doing nothing.
What do the hallucinations sound like for you guys?

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