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I wanna momma
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Okay r9k, defend yourself. Use your editing skills.
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I used to date the Homecoming Queen
Now I love my m60

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How do i get over the fact that my only real friend ghosted me? How do i deal with the fact that i will never speak to that person ever again?. It's been months now and i can't stop thinking about them every day. I don't think there's anything worse, it makes you feel like a complete worthless piece of shit. You meant so little to that person that they couldn't even be bothered to say something like "hey i've got a lot of things going on in my life right now" or "i need to take a break be back to you when i can". One day everything is normal and the next they just stop talking to you altogether. I need to find a way to stop this loneliness and this sadness that is eating away at me.
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What did you do that caused them to ghost you?
A number of reasons i think. But mainly i wasn't really good at open myself up to them and second of all i think they just saw the friendship as a chore after a while

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I don't want to hate any more. I've seen my fair share, and I've inflicted it even more. Now everyone's gone, no one's at the door waiting for me to cheer up. I just stew in this body and watch this screen wasting my few good years waiting to die.

It occurred to me recently, I can't remember the last time I laughed. I see people laughing everyday, it's like God's laughing directly at me when they do, showing me joy that I can't possibly entertain. I just make people feel guilty and sad now, I want to change, I want to make people laugh again.
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I realise now, that all those years they were trying to tell me how much they despised me, how much they wished I would just go away, that I was nothing but an insensitive, selfish asshole. I've got no one to pour this hate on other than myself, It hurts like a dagger. I wish someone told me kindness, I wish I could learn to love but my soul is ugly.
I tried to be normal, I tried. It was too late, now I only associated socialising with pain. I remember looking into bathroom mirrors, splashing water on my face psyching myself up.
"This time will be different, you'll make a new friend if you put yourself out there. All you have to do is believe in yourself."
You can likely guess how it went, I averted my eyes, I couldn't bear to inflict myself on anyone any more. Sometimes they would notice, I would receive glares, maternal pangs, maybe they wanted to help me but didn't know how. I just need that silver spoon of confidence, that's all I needed. Then I'd be made.
It's nowhere, it doesn't exist, I've lost that privilege. People can see it on my face, they can see it in my walk, in my speech, they can look in my eyes and sense that I am the way I am. They know who I am better than I ever did, and they want no part in it.

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ah fuck help me lads mummy found my furry porn!
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fuc u nagger
Dad found me beating off to the rape scene from "The War Zone"

Hakuna Matata

Just saw this on Dumblr, it hits too close to home.
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>still lamenting no gf
>not just mildly inconveniencing women and making them feel insecure
Earlier today, some sat in front of me in the train, even though she could have decided to sit anywhere else in the same compartment. So naturally I stood up and sat down in a different compartment.
>Just saw this on Dumblr, it hits too close to home.
Probably cause tumblr IS your home, normie faggot.

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Why was I doomed to live in this imperfect world?
Everyday it's deformed shapes are making mockery of me.
Where other see beauty I can only see lack of perfection.
People here cry about being virgins but at least their craving can be fulfilled. I abhor such animalistic desires. I want to connect to somebody else in a way none other has done before. I crave the connection of souls. One that will be forever out of my reach.
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>can't form interpersonal relationships because I'm painfully boring and timid and gross
>can't find any kind of inner fulfillment because I have no hobbies or interests and everything is exhausting and uninteresting
>slowly coast from day to day alone, going days or weeks without ever speaking a word out loud, never touching another person or feeling their heat, wasting my entire life cooped up in a room asleep or on a computer until I die

why is doctor assisted suicide not legal in the USA. I'm too scared to take my own life but I'm a waste of a perfectly good one. it will never get better and I will never amount to anything or make anyone else's life better. I really wish someone would just fucking shoot me out in public so I wouldn't have to do it myself
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I was in the same boat for awhile, anon. You're right, it really never gets better. I'd suggest finding a job and putting in the hours for a few months, maybe years if you're persistent enough. Try finding some sense of purpose so nobody can say you didn't try, then invest your money into some new hobbies and see if they make life worth living. Chances are, they won't, but it doesn't hurt to try. By then, you should have a ton of money saved up so you could blow it all on extravagant vacations or donate it to charity and then off yourself when it all runs out.

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Reminder that modern day womens empowerment is a product of capitalism and the industrial revolution.
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Everything is a product of capitalism, good way to shut down that ridiculous argument how your car is German, computer is Chinese, etc. When it was all really the product of capitalism and not socialism.
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which one early 1900s female railroad worker would you like to fuck?
6 is cute. CUTEEEE

how is this not original

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>see girl that looks like dead oneitus
>tear up
>start following her around the store misty-eyed
>suddenly notices that she's being followed
>looks back and she's visibly terrified
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Is she right /r9k/?

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Humans are selfish, self righteous, disgusting beings, i wish that we'd all get wiped out by nature very soon.
Our existence is a sin.
She needs to go back on school.She needs to learn the English more goodly.She might be an retard.
I just want a girl to worship me and only me.
I want her to put me above even her own life.
My word is law and her entire being belongs to me.
Is that so much to ask?

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I'm heading off towards college a KHHV

To prepare for this, I'm starting a nofap, going straight edge, and start actually having a normal human being sleep cycle to prepare; Any advice to help me get ready?
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Lift. Join the nerdy frat (since you won't get into a Chad one). >inb4 paying for friends. You aren't making them on your own. Nerd frats have healthy socialization and academic support. There won't be Staceys but there will be 5/10s and chubby girls around.

Also, start lifting
You can't nofap, cold turkey.
I set out to do a month and barely got past 2 weeks.
I don't have access to any weights, but I'm planning on starting a daily routine with body only exercies (i.e. Pushups, crunches, squats, etc) in order to get a good foundation. I used to workout but stopped only recently, so im not like horribly out of shape but I still need some conditioning.

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>dick is hardest when I need to shit

does this mean I'm gay?
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nah shit happens to me too
Actually it means you're even straighter. Fags dicks get hard when things to in their ass, you'res gets harder when things come out, so negative gay = straight.

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>tfw no black leather-daddy to play with

I'm not even into race-play: I just really like the idea of having sex with dominant, leather-wearing, mature black man.

They're hard to find in porn, though: they're always conflated with race-play shit (which I hate). I just like leather-dads who happen to be black and mature.
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wagekeks btfo once again
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Except the average NEET poster is a KHV living with his parents.

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