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I'm really interested which one of those are most of the robots
picture unrelated
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If a girl has huge tits I will excuse literally all of her flaws
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Whom might this fair maiden be, m'anon?
Same, OP. Fucking same.
You're part of the problem beta loser

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autistic people is so ugly


i havent seen a chad with autism

is it because god hates us?
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We truly were not meant for this world
pic related has aspergers. seems like autists at best get to andro or twink mode, never truly reach chad status. autism and chad status don't really make sense.

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trap, vanilla women are just boring sexually now

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>tfw you can cure depression by just being busy
Why don't you work all day so you forget about your suffering? I'm thinking of getting 2 jobs so I'll be occupied all the time. Having money doesn't hurt either.
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>3rd grade
>word everyone calls eachother was fag, no one knew what it meant
>computer lab thursday
>sit in back row with a child of 2 skinheads and some girl
>in elementary i always had trouble with cause asbergers
>point and giggle like the naive shits we were
>dont understand what we are seeing

Never got in trouble for it but still remember

Pic unrelated
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>ages 5-6
>absolutely obsessed with eyeballs
>draw pictures of eyeballs with arms and legs for every school assignment
>tell really long rambling made up stories at show and tell and then end them with "and then 1000 million eyeballs arrived and started..." (fresh prince of Bel Airing 20+ years ago)
>banned from show and tell for wasting easily upwards of half an hour of class time
>borrowed parents video camera, drew eyes onto a giant pack of cotton balls and tried to make a film about attack of the eyeballs.
>begged my parents for giant pet eyeball for xmas.

No idea why. (Pic related minus the mouth)

Don't worry ladies I have no problem with roastie pussies, plenty of Chads do too.
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you're talking to a bunch of 18 year old males
fuck off to >>>/b/ degenerate

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is this a ironic wagecuck thread? if not the actual lyrics are "check in with me and do YOUR job"

I'm sure you already knew this, tho

i assume i'll be financially reimbursed in some fashion

>tfw no ALPHA FEMALE gf to dominate me
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>he actually fell for the "women like men who are in touch with their feminine side" meme
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>he made a thread about it to make himself feel better about the one time he got a girlfriend by being a tough guy
is this the only way you know how to cope??
jokes on you I'm a KHHV
they do. just don't let it overtake your masculinity. balance. there's always a grey area.

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What's something you guys like to do for fun or in your spare time? I have all this money saved and I haven't spent it on anything. I just sleep in my apartment to make the day go by faster because I have nothing to do.
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don't waste your money save it until you actually need it. do something productive, download a book and read it.

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>tfw my best friend got his gf pregnant.

well his life is over. probably wont see much of him anymore
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That's right, and what have we learned?
To put on your condom, before sexual intercourse.
My best friend did the same 2 years ago. We told him to get rid of it and he kinda wanted to but his gf ended up keeping it. His little girl just turned 1 last month and its not that bad. I still chill with him at least 3 times a week. Thing is I usually have to hang out at his place cuz he can't leave much since he has to watch the kid when he's off of work and his girl is still working. I'm kinda glad he had her I love the little girl.

Hey, fembots, how many times are you comfortable orgasming in a row? Like-- you'd lay down, fuck yourself, and /want/ to keep going for how long on average?

Female sex machine meme has been strong here lately, and I want to gauge a set of answers that hopefully isn't riding it or subverting it on purpose.
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Most times I have ever come was 10 times in an hour with a vibrator, at around 6 or 7 it hurt but I wanted to see how far I could go. With just my hands I do probably 2-4 on average, one is almost never satisfying enough and it takes maybe 20 minutes. How often I masturbate fluctuates it's maybe every 2 days lately? Any more questions you have Ill try to answer
How recently do you have to have cum for it to make an impact on your next session? Like-- you said you do it about every two days lately, would you spend less time or choose to have less orgasms if you started doing it daily or more than once each day?
It doesn't make a difference actually, my libido is basically unlimited, the only reason I don't do it more often is I don't have the time/privacy, and I have some issues with being sexually repressed from my religious upbringing so I feel guilty sometimes

Does anybody else on r9k ever get vagina envy?

l'm not sure if l really want to be a woman, but l look at my dick and just wish l had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I realIy wish l could have multiple orgasms. Good sex and masturbation just seem so much more pleasurable for women it makes me deeply depressed... lt just feels Iike both biology and my body have betrayed me. Anyone else here know this feeling?
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granted, its 1am here.
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that's not a very nice way to reply to someone

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