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Name one Hollywood hero/protagonist with a receding hairline.
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John McClane
any role played by SIR patrick stewart.

Hes full shaved, but hes a balding man

>also pic related is a hero.
Have you ever seen Bruce Willis with hair? He shaves his head for a reason.

Jason Statham too. Hell, pretty much every "bald" actor.

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anime4 life.jpg
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does anyone here watch anime?
lets have a anime thread
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oh boy i sure do love me a little bit of anime
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Just finished Evangelion, any hope i had for the human species prior is now gone.
Holy smokes this is cringy as hell.

>Be me
>Look in mirror
>See chin covered acne
>None are ready to pop(trying for a week)
>Finally get sick of it
>Find a sewing needle
>Spend the next 20 minutes stabbing and puncturing my pimples and squeezing the puss through the newly made holes
>Ended up tearing and destroying a lot of flesh, but every pimple was removed
>Blood, puss, and clear fluid everywhere
>Hurts ridiculously but the relief is worth it
I won't fucking lose to this

Pic related; I got the needle to go straight through lol
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Enjoy your scars, retard.
Yes, you made a perfectly sane decision and I applaud you for it.
Dog you're going to regret this , your chin will look like shit in the future.

Enjoy scars

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why do normies spend their entire lives willingly doing things they don't want to do?
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It's the shit you don't wanna do that makes you grow
why do robots avoid responsibility and intimate relationships?
because comfy life is king

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Do schizophrenic or bipolar people realize how annoying they are and how much pain they cause their family? I have a family member like this and they are bar none the most annoying, terrifying """person""" I have ever been in contact with.
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Depends, do normies like you realize that they're not in control of their behavior
You can only deal with so much before you start to hate them and not care. You sound like an idiot
>said one thing not definable by metrics
>you sound like an idiot
Uhhhhhhhhh ok have fun with your shit thread normie brainlet

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Anyone with mental problems?

I have schizophrenia and because of it I dropped out of quite good university.
I am NEET with auditory hallucination now, my life virtually ruined.

Anyone with similar experience?
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OCD and Depression.

I can't make any friends because of OCD.
I graduated from college while going through. Major psychotic episode
>all of your problems are literally in your head
Try being a normal person and actually try to show some mental self-control.

Redpill me on sucking dick
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Big, aesthetic dicks are rare. You're going to end up with some fat fuck holstering a pencil dick and end up crying. Stop being prision gay, men aren't 2D like your fap source.
i have a 7.25 and it's thick and veiny. I cum heaps and im straight so no faggots will ever have the pleasure of sucking it.
onli sugg the bigg

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>If you have depression just open up to your friends about it and you'll feel better
>open up to my friends about it and none of them talk to me anymore

should I just do it senpai
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>had friends to open up to

It can get worse, don't lost hope yet
Maybe it will be comforting to know that you can kill yourself any day
>tfw the reasons you are depressed are not politically correct
>tfw people just tell you that you're a horrible person when you explain why you're depressed
what's the reason?


Why are you not in the military?

it will give your life a purpose.
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they want to waste my life
I live in literal where which is located in europe

I wanted to join military but I dont want to end up protecting rapefugees
>>it will give your life a purpose.
Lol no it won't.

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>bitches whomst fucked in the head is best in bed
is this true?
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why the hell are you asking us you slapnuts
well i have like six different mental illnesses,but guys I've been with have never complained about the sex?

Ex gf with Bipolar Disorder been to the psych ward 3 times and she was pretty boring in bed other than being down for anal.

Probably not worth it desu.

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>tfw so socially anxious that I barely dare to make posts on 4chan cuz of the fear of being criticized, even though no one knows who i am

>tfw so socially anxious that i'm very hesitant to going to buy stuff at the grocery store since i dont want to meet anyone that i know.

>tfw so socially anxious that i have never gone to the school cafeteria to buy anything, and if i did i would screw up in some way and that would make them realize i've never done such a basic thing as buying something in the cafeteria and that would spread as a rumour
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This is a safe place.
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r9k is made for people like you
>no actual socialisation
>take as much time as you want to respond
>no reputation
>people have to take what you say at face value
i know those feels, i wish i could help you somehow. try not to not worry about the post thing, who cares what a neckbeard on the other side of the world thinks? and even if you say something stupid you can always start fresh without anyone ever knowing it was you who screwed up. there are many many people like you on here, including me. good luck, robot-kun.

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>tfw born before humanity transcends into god like entities
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>born just in time to fap to trannies
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>supercomputers and 3D printers start resurrecting dead people
think about it the other way around, you were born soon enough to die before being used as a guinea pig for the alpha version of humanity 2.0 by some big corporation.

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Think about it. They are soulless beasts sent from hell.
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White people always seemed a lot more soulless to me. Blacks are usually nice and funny, at least the African ones.

The ones in America are all mixed with whites, btw.
Beware the Black Man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.
That's Jews you're thinking about. Blacks are just mindless animals

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What's the biological reason for why girls get aroused when you hurt them?
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Not all of them do, but for the ones who do, it's most likely that you're showing you're a big aggressive strong male but not actually hurting them, which can imply a sense of protection for them. You're not really hurting them, and a small bit of pain can increase adrenaline, release natural painkillers, and other things that seem pleasurable.
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How do you know if a girl is into this shit? do you nudge them playfully or something? I need the signs
damn i love how her anus convulses

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How many of you have actually attempted suicide? What was being dead like? Are you still suicidal?
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>attempted suicide
>still alive
File: 1419829.jpg (56KB, 1278x1181px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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do you know what that word means anon
File: 1490322612728.jpg (25KB, 236x287px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Make an effort to achieve or complete
>An effort to achieve or complete a difficult task or action.
If you're actually ATTEMPTING to kill yourself, how can you be alive? How can you possibly fuck up something as simple as killing yourself?

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