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I'm not either shy or afraid to talk to girls, but I feel like I'm not interesting at all and have nothing to talk about. Actually, the only thing I can talk about is anime and videogames, but I don't think that will help me to get a female human interested in me so..

What should I do? What kind of things should I get into in order to talk easily to the ladies?
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Anon, if you like anime you can get close to girls by aiming for weeaboos. Believe me, those will fall for anyone, but they will more commonly fall for "funny" guys who treat them like they are cute (because they wish they were) and who will replicate anime scenes in real life. You know, those cringe lovey dovey ones.
>replicate anime scenes in real life
And people say vaccines don't cause autism
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Eh, weaboos are autistic. That's the whole point.

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>tfw finally got my wageslave life started
>nervous energetic and excited to start
>go to office for a week 8 - 4 every morning
>end up shit posting for hours
>literally get paid to shitpost

NEETs can suck my dick. You pathetic losers
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How do l get your job?
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>work closing shift at retailor
>no customers ever come in after 9:00
>shitpost til 11:00
>12.50 an hour

25 shitpostbux a day for me
Desktop support at an army base

Talked to the guys here and they literally say that there is not much to do. They get 2 - 3 jobs a day.

Also since I dont have a security clearance I cant go outside so I am kust reading comptia+ books and listening to music whilst chatting on discord. To answer your question. Just find major IT service providers and look for field service technicians and junior IT roles.

Enjoy cleaning up a big fat nigger shit

>See ad for crappy poorly translated mobile game on YouTube video.
>"Attack other schools! Steal their waifus!"
>NTR gets me horny.
>Download and play the game for months.
>Build my school up to kick ass and have tons of waifus.
>Search around the map.
>The only waifu anyone has is the one you start with, because it's nearly impossible to unlock any others without Pay2Win.
>Fucking mobile games.

NTROnline will never exist, bros. Why even live?
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what's your opinion on the so called "incels"?
are you one of them?, please share your thoughts here.
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I wish these "incels" would just call themselves virgins ffs. Involuntary celibacy sounds like some terrible condition has been thrust upon them. I don't think there's anything wrong with being a virgin but calling yourself an "incel" makes you a whiny faggot

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>look at dick in mirror
>it looks like it could satisy a women
>look at it with my own eyes
>it looks average
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Hahaha op is a dicklet hahaha
>>look at dick in mirror
>>it looks like it could satisy a women
>>look into my eyes
>>know I won't ever satisfy a women
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get out of my head pIease

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TFW time Warner blocked Pbebbit
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bouncy ball.jpg
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Is this the new "fidget spinner"? Kids are always walking around bouncing them and they're fucking annoying.
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Kids have been doing this shit for decades you sheltered mong
I call it "Ring sphere" because the black youths that usually carry them throw them at this ring shaped object in parks.
I think its some kind of brutish game
Not where I live.
They did just install an elevated ring up the road. Interesting.

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Is this the /r9k/ anthem?
>Cause if they catch you slipping, you'll get schooled
>And they'll get you for your money, son
>Next thing you know you're getting their hair and they nails done
>Fool, and they'll let you show em off
>But when it comes to sex, they got a bad cough
>Or a headache, it's all give
>And no take
>Run out of money, and watch your heart break
>They'll drop you like a bad habit
>Cause a brother with money yo, they gotta have it
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No rap music would be the r9k anthem, we aren't that uncultured. Our anthem would probably be a the stooges, sonic youth, death grips or radiohead song.
>negro noise
Fuck off back to Facebook
>implying it isn't this

>measured my dick today
>it's 5 and a half inches
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ron jeremy will help you

Is falling in love outside your race a big dick power move ?
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Falling in love is never a big dick power move
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ofc it is ya faggot!

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How much truth is in here?
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About 5%, people who carefully structure their lives tend to be more successful. The rest is projection and whinging. If I had to guess a 17 year old /r9k/ poster made this, gave it a fancy typesetting to appear genuine and shitposted for other inadequates to circle jerk over.
I don't see any room in there for religion, so it's a trash schema.
Beta = Reactionary
Delta = Semi-alphas
Alpha = Proactives
Omega = Can be both Reactionary/Proactive
People who heavily influenced history were most Omegas, alphas tend to be stubborn and thats backfires sometimes, they make the best war vets tho

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Hey guys! I just helped a guy on here with some questions about his co-orientation leader, if anyone else has questions for a normie ask away! I just want to help some robots out.

Sorry for bad photo, new laptop & it's the only one saved.
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What do you think about regarding people and the world? What is your overarching philosophy of why people act the way they do. Long form if possible

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sometimes there are someone talk about their problems , issues , suicide...that is not because they joke , that is because they really don't have anyone to tell or anywhere to tell ! they just want reveal for get help ! but unfortunately too many asshole don't understand about it , only think that is weird , think that is troll , only favorite to attack offensive insult them ! cyber bullying was result of over 6000 deaths in last year at the age 15-25 & myself was also a victim of cyber bullying

i was really want kill all assholes saying i'm stalk , troll , kill yourself...stab them until their gut fall out by machete in my house ! i don't care if you think i'm monster , evil , murder , psychotic...if i'm cruel demon savage deserve must die then those asshole cyberbullying hating me also deserve must die

i was really very angry , very rage because of this , even it made me insomnia in a few days ! so sadly when some human just need get hide behind anonymous are they can show their wild animal instinct , get free say all everything terrible , coldblood , cruel , heartless...only favorite to drag people like me down more collapse

cyber bullying is literally very dangerous same as bullying in real life , no less ! i also have ever been bullied at school but it's really not too bad , too terrible as i am on internet when i am getting words "kill yourself"
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English isn't your first language is it

If you want help take it to /adv/ if you want to furment in your own juices and self hate and lay in bed then welcome to /r9k/

Daily reminder: led zeppelin will eventually be dismissed as just a bunch of white men and by extension without merit
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It's not like they had much merit to begin with and besides, they're already going the way of the Beatles - i.e., no one cares
Led zeppelin fucking sucks.
Just because they were a band in the 60s-70s doesn't put them in the holy pedestal of music.
i like Led Zep

but there's no denying most of their tunes and riffs have been straight out stolen

just look at how many artists are suing them and listen to the original recordings

which type is the least hypocrite one?
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ENTP obviously, we aren't hypocrites at all.
intp description is pretty much spot on (t. self taught programmer in multiple languages and also learning some instruments) but it fails to mention the utter lack of any feeling or satisfaction whatsoever towards anyone or anything as well as the inability to actually apply gained skills to worldly benefit
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