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Nostalgia edition
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Learn to speak Chinese.

second for kanye

Anon is at his Chinese classes today, Xi

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>S-sorry, Sir. I'm new here.
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Why didn't your manager give you training?
What a shitty guy
>Why didn't your manager give you training?

No one gets proper training in fast food. They just put you up there and you have to either figure it out for yourself or ask your co-workers.
Well that makes me re-think what I'm gonna do in summer when I'm off from uni

oh well I suppose

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Hello there, wagecuck.

I wonder what I should have for lunch... Hmmmm.... I know! How about a DELECTABLE and DELICIOUS sandwich from Subway handcrafted for ME by a certified sandwich artist.

Subway uses only the FINEST ingredients in their sandwiches, making them the best choice for patrician NEETs.

Another day, another dollar
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Honestly, subway taste like shit. I can't eat their sandwiches anymore. But regardless, I support your NEET lifestyle.
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>OP really works at subway
i like the meatball marina

put red pepper flakes on and mmmmm, delicious!

Discord thread
I want everyone to make friends here
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Misery loves company but misery doesn't fix misery. The last thing we need is to pool our collective despair.

also >>>/soc/
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only normies and turbo erping weebs use discord
at least that's my experience with it
Im looking for some normie-free server (preferably without girls because they are always looking for attention)

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Should I run away to the city to live on the streets and try and pursue my dreams?
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NO fuck that shit. You don't want to be living on the streets man. You will be exposed to every kind of stupidity and indecency.

Save $10k-20k wherever you are right now and then you can move where you want.
Sure, but make sure you have enough time to get to Florida by winter. You don't want to be in NYC in the cold.
Yeah but that's the kind of grit of life that will force me to rap

>save up 10-20k

Holy fucking privilege dude. I'll never even look at 1000 dollars

Should I make 70,000 dollars a year when I arrive there also? Just like that

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>you just gotta study bro
the unifag equivalent of
>just be yourself?
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How about you spend more time studying instead of shitposting and you'll actually pass.
>study is learning the information needed to pass an exam
>there are people there to help you do this
>if you can't do this simple thing, you are a brainlet
If you stop fapping to yiff porn and frogposting, you can actually pass a class by learning the material.

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>post something embarrassing
>immediately regret it
>"You must wait longer to delete this post"

What is even the point
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this is an anonymous board you faggot
Is right you know

Just follow through with your autism. No one knows who you are, pussy.
Anon, don't be a fucking coward.

When I was 11 and first discovered masturbation, I would flip through the channels and look for a girl to masturbate to. When I couldn't find any, I masturbated to Dot from Animaniacs, because that was somehow the best girl that I could find.

Until I was probably 9, I wouldn't wash my hands after using the bathroom, because I didn't know I was supposed to.

When I was 8, I humped a remote control and was extremely fearful that I got it pregnant and that my family would find out.

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Is it possible to pay a nice girl with huge tits to suffocate me to death?
I mean it's not like sex or a blowjob, it shouldn't count as prostitution
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Sure, it's not prostitution, but it does sound suspiciously like contract killing, or at least assisted euthanasia.

Just post more of that tan titty monster already.
With her huge tits or?

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Normies = steady job holders

It's hard as fuck to hold a job. Harder as your pay increases.
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nah you just gotta git gud

make yourself invaluable
Depends whether the job is union or not. If you get in with a union and manage to keep an acceptable record for a couple years you become nearly impossible to fire unless you do something flagrantly unacceptable.
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No its not just do what your told

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Just a reminder that prostate stimulation is healthy and can reduce your cancer risk
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Too bad I've got nobody to stimulate mine.
Good, I'd love to die from prostate cancer.
There's plenty of ways to stimulate it yourself anon

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Why are white girls the most basic bitches?

Now I understand why you burgers fantasize about nips so much.
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I don't even care about the appearance, I care about the fact that they're always girls who want to watch 'The Bachelor' and are constantly on Facebook or whatever is popular now.
It's just our culture. Japan has an equivalent of basic bitches too, but we think it's cute because we aren't Japanese.
i refuse to believe that they think this looks good at all

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What's a decent job a huge loser with no skills or references and an employment gap of over 5 years can apply to?

I'm trying to get my life together and hopefully this is a temp job if I can get financial aid to got to school after the summer for IT or some shit.
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you have to lie now on your cv and fake references
Security guard, grocery store worker, fast food worker.
if your looking for IT later in life. Try desk job, easy as fuck, data entry need no skills

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What do my fellow neetbots do when video games and anime just aren't fun any more?
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I came to France to kill myself
I just been browsing /pol/ and using youtube for the last 2 years, but its bad for my mental health so i decided that I need to find a way I can get myself a swell gaming computer and get back into the gaming.
try starting a new hobby

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>new woman at work, small working environment
>I know she's out of my league since I'm a fitlhy manlet among other things
>get to know her and decide to try my chance
>she's not responsive to the things I do, so I prefer to give up
>a few weeks later she starts messaging on her own
>try to keep a good contact, it's a good learning experience anyway
>try to get her to open up but to no avail, even if we have a laugh it's almost only work related.
>finally decide it's dead as dead and to keep my distances
>she keeps messaging out of the blue, the subject is still work related but it's just chatting, not necessary for work

is this normal with women ? am I too autistic to understand how colleague relations work ?
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Idk I don't think any of use get that far with women let alone other people.
You're probably work friends?
If it's the only thing you have in common that it'd make sense that's what you'd talk about.

Congrats, Anon.
Only one of my friends ever texts me at least once a week.
Don't even try to understand the woman.
Just keep your distance from her.

Remain friendly when only when necessary.

Don't get close enough to be cucked.

In a sense, take control now by being the one keeping her at a distance.

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>It's an "Anon is actually popular and has lots of friends who like him for who he is" Daydream
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>it's an "everyone watches anon and can only marvel at how interesting and charming they are" fantasy
>it's an "anon has god powers and stops time and rapes a bunch of roasties" daydream
These dubs relate to me

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