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Why art Kangs sucheth cucks?
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aw hell no

this is me and my king in bed and who is that beggar in the window?

this pic is everything, i thought there was a teddy bear on the chair for a sec the ears !!
What the fuck are you talking about? or

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hey i just realized how much of a failure i am
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that happens about 50 times a day for me
is this your first for the day? 13th? 47th?
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same, wanna jump together? I've been saving up money to fly to japan, i wont make it tho $368.00 i'll buy a ticket tonight
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Hey me too. Oregano Johnson

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How low would you be willing to drop your standards?

pic related. this is about as ugly as id go
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At this point I'd take anything that would love me for fucks sake, I need someone to push me.
I will literally take anyone that is genetically female and not fat or has kids. Those are my 3 standards. Burn victims and paraplegics I will happily date.
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>pic related. this is about as ugly as id go
pretty much same I guess

not fat is a pretty important one
cute with average feminine penis
not stupid

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if you were to cry, the entire world would get drenched. What do people say/do to make you cry?
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I'm unable to cry for myself. So there's nothing people can say or do to me that would make me cry. But I cry easily for others. Other people's moments of joy or grief. Even the cheesiest things trigger my tears.

Is this actual proof that I have no love for myself?

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if you're ever feeling down, at least take comfort in the fact you don't look like this guy
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Must be tough being a Brazilian.
Man. If my son came out looking like that, I would have to love him so hard. How else would he make it through life? Hopefully his parents treat him like a treasure.
>Hopefully his parents treat him like a treasure.
don't mean to be rude but people who look like this aren't gonna have the best, most educated parents

this guy is deep in the favelas and probably never even went to school of any sort

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>Class in 1 hour
>Third shot of brandy already

Will they notice?
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I'd worry about smelling on it - and I'm not just talking about your breath. There's not much else to worry about if you're in a big classroom. If there's <75 people then I'd still be concerned about looking less than sober.
Don't worry about it. I do around 8 ounces of vodka and an energy drink every day before work. No issues here.
I mean obviously there's issues but none that anyone notices enough to call me out on it.

Is Clay /ourguy/?
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Who the fuck is Clay and why would he be our guy?
Checks out desu
u mean clay aiken?

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This is the story of two engineers trapped on top of a windturbine thats on fire.
Here they hug each other for a last time, one jumped, one burned.

I imagine them sitting on top, small minor thingy in the motor, and then, small fire. There is nothing to extinguish it with. It becomes a big fire. At first they were sitting safe from the wind, but the floor got too hot to sit, and later to stand. The fire department is arrived and under the turm, but there is nothing they can do. Both boys were in their early twenties
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>Here they hug each other for a last time
cute boys~
>for a last time
can you post a pic of the first time also
>tfw no early twenties wind turbine engineer bf

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Writing feels ITT

>tfw you spend more time in K-Kisekae designing your characters for your shitty story than actually writing it
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>You spend more time writing your characters for your game then working on said game.

Its not any better on this end either.
>can't stand to read your own work
>delete everything
Try to power through it a couple times. Once you do this enough, you'll find it easier to read through it. It's going to hurt the first couple times but it should go away.

Would you be mad if you're boyfriend didn't take your opinions seriously?
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Hmm not too much, maybe a lil bit. As long as he cares about me.
Depends on what it was really, mostly no though

I'unno. Get out, roastie? Ree?

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Be my gf

No standards

Vagina optional
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am gf
Srs pls
where are you at babe

I'm thinking just asking her outright with nothing special attached.
My mom said I should have my Jazz combo band play while I hold up a card saying. "I'd be jazzed if you'd go to prom with me."

she also lives within walking distance on a culdesac is my age, also a musician if any of that is relevant.
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>My mom said I should have my Jazz combo band play while I hold up a card saying. "I'd be jazzed if you'd go to prom with me."

Jesus fuck do NOT do that. Just ask her, preferably away from other people. She says yes, good for you. No, move on.
this, listen to this dude.

No stupid gimmicks man
normalfag shit goes on bee, redditor

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Why do normies hate nipple pasties?
I run a survey in college and 81% of males and 82% of females said they disliked then and find them not sexy at all.
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You know what's sexier? seeing the whole titty.
Because they've never tried them and because bras are 'sexy' (i.e. necessary for most of the public)/

I have gotten to the point where I don't wear bras any more; I only put medical tape over my nipples.
Wasn't it shown that unless the girl have massive tits bras are useless at best and dangerous at worse?

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What are your worst imperfections?
I'll start:
>horrible acne
>fat as fuck
>horrible vision
>small dick
Pls kill me
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>big crooked nose
>big ears
>compulsive eater
>babyfaced beardlet
I don't know why I am still living, I guess I'm just too afraid to kill myself
>listens to taylor swift
>can't into skyrim
File: 1471890134589.jpg (149KB, 530x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Pepperoni sized nipples
>Mac DeMarco tier tooth gap
>white splotches on front teeth
>skinny fat as fuck
>chubby cheeks

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OHAY MIDNIGHT SNACKS IS LIVE NAO http://stream.midnightsnacks.fm
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No one here probably has no idea who he is. The average age here is like 20.

I miss him. The fact that in two years he will have been gone for ten years is kinda sad.
I like snacks!

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