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>"Yay, the weekend is finally here Anon! Oh I can't wait to get out of the city tomorrow and finally breathe some fresh air. I hope the weather is nice! I was thinking of packing a picnic so we can park beside the road somewhere and have a quiet little lunch together just the two of us. Would you like that?"

[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9daeuYdgT9c ]
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Reminder, no human being talks like this. Stop worshiping women by the way.
>fresh air
kek no
>get out of the city

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>TFW social media anxiety

I only talk to people on social media if they talk to me first otherwise I think I'm bothering them. Anyone else have this problem? This is why I can't make friends, I never contact them and they start thinking I dislike them.
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Makes it hard to maintain bridges or keep in touch. Sometimes I wish people would just tell me that they wish I would get back to them more or keep in touch.

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>tfw when the only pleasure you've experienced in the past month was the feeling of expelling a particularly fetid shit.
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It's good to get it out of your system

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hey /r9k/

my gf swallows
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But what does she do with yours?

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>be kid
>arguing with another kid
>call them a name
>they say "I know you are but what am I?"
>can't think of anything else
>lose the argument
I swear they used to pull that shit every time
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That was the point you were supposed to either:
1. Derisively laugh if you have back up from the peanut gallery or are cool enough to pull it off.
2. Immediately and viciously physically assault the trolling brat.
You can't let terrorists win.
Yes, I'm aware that it's too late to go back.

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How did the bad people who hurt you turn out in life?
I fucking hate seeing old treacherous friends etc getting lucky in life while my soul has been infected by misery.
The good hearted child has become a bitter sad man. Why is life like this?
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>ex friend horribly betrays me
>now he works in a cell phone repair shop
>lives in a shitty basement
>total shutin
>his mental health issues are getting worse

I've had my share of struggles but I like to think I'm doing okay now.

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So a girl I liked confessed to me yesterday and she just said she isnt sure what her feelings are and broke up with me. Im a kissless virgin and her confessing to me was probably the happiest moment of my life, only to be shattered a day later.
I dont even care anymore, just fucking end me right now.
Why do people do this? Do they play with your feelings on purpose?
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> girl I liked
> broke up with me
> a day later
so you're saying it only took 24 hours with you for her to realize she made a mistake?
W/e play it like its a pizza. If you get her, nice. If you dont, aight time maybe.

Maybe this will cause her to want you to like her, maybe it wont. W/e its pizza, its not like you would kill yourself over it.
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Go to her now anon, if you don't you'll regret it for the rest of your life. You don't need to have a plan just be there.

Are you a lonely piece of shit?
Come join this discord server! We will berate you like the friends you never had!

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get in here it's gonna get coooooomfy


also pineapples suck dick
True dude pineapples are p uncomfy desu

>get buzzcut because hair was getting too long and too hard to take care of
>haircut doesn't fit me (i wear big hoodies and slim jeans)
>friends say i look like a school shooter
>on the other hand, people say it shows off my eyes
It's bittersweet at most, but i don't feel like myself. At least showers are quicker and it'll be easier to find ticks
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at what point / age did you realize youre fucked and youll only be attracted to kids forever
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How do I find a quality colored gf at one of the whitest universities in the country? I'd love to have a modest black or indian gf but I have no clue where they all hang around.
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>tfw no macromastia gf
Fuck it all and fuckin no regrets. I hit the lights on these dark sets.

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I'm an autist looking for other non-normie friends.

I'm 25 and live with my parents. I like to day trade cryptos and I like trading cards and anime.
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What's your best anime, anon-kun?
why don't you move out if you trading cryptos?

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>a qt girl from the semi psych ward invites me to her house to play games and 'talk'
>i think she wanna fuck me
>i cant go because my mom will know im outside of house and she will know im a not a hikikomori anymore and she will talk with my sisters and my dad about this and they will make fun about how im fucking with a crazy girl of the semi psych ward
really makes me think
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call them cunts and go anyway
Stop being a pussay anon
>he doesn't hate his family and use anger to push him forward through his isolation and lone struggle

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>selling tv to blackboi who clearly comes from a rough area (nice guy though)
>puts his fist out for a fist bump after selling
>go for a handshake and shake the fist
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you have to fuck now

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Would you have sex with an American woman?
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