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Practice your eye contact with this attractive female

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her body language and facial expressions were too cringe
making eye contact isnt hard, making the right amount of eye contact is, especially when i am with multiple people and i am trying to give equal eye contact to each person. it's like manual breathing trying to manually look at people in conversation its impossible
>implying staring at a video and having IRL eye contact is the same
>implying this isn't way too cringe to go through the whole 5min
yeah no thanks

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Can we have one thread of this autism test?

Say your score, your absolute maximum and minimum in the past and what you have done to achieve such score?
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Real robot test coming through
I got wiz apprentice last time.

And I am not proud.
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121 points
I am in no fucking way a chad/stacy. At least not in the physical sense.

Tomorrow is my first day of college, share your thoughts and feelings about college.
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It's shit. Enjoy your debt to be indoctrinated.
If community college, just keep quiet and do the work. It's easier, costs less, and you'll have achieved a concrete degree after two years.

If four-year college, get ready to party it up with Chads and Stacies and get tons of wild sex. :^)
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I'm starting this fall (germanfag) and I'm kind of looking forward to it. Gonna study CS and maybe make some new friends? Hopefully

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Are mixed girls cuter than black girls?
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Mixed girls are cuter

Next question?
Mixed race girls are often hotter than any kind of single race girls.
Depends what you mix with.

Shit and not shit is 50% shit, but shit and somewhat shit is like 75% shit

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Can tall girls be cute?
5'10 fembot here
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eh sometimes. Girls that height usually have a horse faces or masculine chins, but some guys are into it i guess
Timestamped driver's license/state ID or no response
Too emasculating imo, they don't have the qt butts and proportions like normal height girls

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Woman disappointed in 1300 engagement ring. Complained to friends and disgusted with husband But was she right maybe? I mean isn't it tradition that a man spends 25 precentor on it?
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Why did you post a photo of a completely unrelated woman? At least post the bitch the article is about.
the photo looks pretty good and they didn't put her picture in the article anyway, at least OP gave us something nice to work with
I gave my wife a $600 ring and she loves it. Whores like this are disgusting.

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>Only have one life
>Born British
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can i save this paypeh?
>one shot at life
>born Polish
Don't complain OP, I was literally born to scrub your toilet
>one chance at life,
>born a autistic ginger burger.

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White boys blown the fuck out by bbc
12 inches long
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Blacks may not be more hung, but they seem to get ripped more easily. I think some girls go for that alone. They hate skinnyfat mutants like us.
I am black and 8x6, all of my black friends and family members are big too.
So you and your black relatives and friends talk about your dicks and compare? That's kind of gay. I thought the black community was rampant with homophobia. Something doesn't add up here.

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Can anyone tell me how to successfully lose weight and keep it off?
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trying to figure this out also
Dont eat shit food. I do nothing all day and only weigh a little over 100lbs.
I started doing stims and I can't even eat unhealthy now. If I even look at processed food I get sick.

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the nazis are coming to my town and predictably, the antifascists are going to try start shit with them because the mayor told them to. You should just leave the damn nazis alone and nothing would happen but oh no you can't do that!

Anyway, all my club would do is show up and hold hands and stand in a line between the groups, and wear blue.

I like the idea of peace and if people won't be peaceful I'll force them to be peaceful and if they still won't be peaceful I'll pack up and go home and say I tried.

The alternative option is to just stay at home. For my club to even work, I'd need at least more volunteers than the nazis themselves, which isn't many. Only ten nazis are expected to appear versus 800 anti-nazis. Could I find even that many people that just believe in peace? I wonder..
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just stay at home and redpill yourself on optimistic nihilism. thats what im gonna do.
if the nazis take over im white
if the regressives take over ill just claim to be bisexual, pansexual and have """depression""".
its gonna be fine.
Both of them will think you're protecting the other side and charge through you. This is a retarded idea anon.
Go to the scene of the protest and start shit. Die for the memes, OP.

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Honestly, why in the fuck do some women not even bother replying in full sentences anymore? And even if they do, they drop out after a few lines.
What the fuck could I do more?
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because they fucking know that a guy will reply regardless of how little effort they put into their own replies
Because there not interested

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What am I supposed to tell my three randomly assigned roommates that I did all summer? I can't very well tell them I spent it jerking off in my parent's house at 21 years of age

also who else is looking forward to meeting the people you will spend the next year living with for the first time in a week?
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Tell them you were hunting wolves in Alaska with your Uncle.
I think I'll say wolverines to sound cooler. Hopefully this will get me my first friend in college
I'm in the same position. Just tell him you had a job or something.

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ITT: Post your very rarest virgin/Chad memes
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Fuck off dankepicfacebookmemespage223.

Why don't you come up with your own in jokes.
We need somewhere to harvest our content from.

And what better place than the fertile meme fields of r9k?
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image (2).jpg
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this one is from a little while back.. pretty rare id say
not sure why chad would be drinking tea though, the cuck

any other bots suffering here too
can we cry together
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bumping in case anyone wants to cry
please help me
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What is happening anon? My eyes are dead so I can't cry anymore, maybe you will feel better if you talk about it
theres no point really
i spend everyday crying for 10 hours over a friend that left me
i feel physically sick a lot and i want to die so bad
i plan on ending the pain soon

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>He doesn't either watch or play sports

This is how people know you're autistic.
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I'm a competitive eater. I decided to turn my burden into a gift
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I watch third worlders kill eachothers in civil wars instead. It's a lot more enjoyable.
That could probably be defined as a sport desu senpai

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