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I remember after that commercial aired my brother started playing that song on guitar. I secretly lol'd because a commercial influenced my brother.
It's really a great song in my opinion... John Denver is one of those odd artists that really are beyond a genre
I like this song too OP

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Why are Filipino guys so sexy?
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In front of her mom
Filipino people are the Mexicans of Asia.
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Oblation Run

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What race of females have the nicest feet?

I tend to like Asian girls but I've noticed they usually have ugly feet.
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why do some asians have the facial structure of niggers but pale?
"tee hee, like that anon?"
I'm with you on that. Asian girls tend to have really flat, stubby feet. I think the "feet" ranking goes


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>watch a random movie
>enjoy it, main actor is really good i wonder what else hes in
>look up what his name was on imdb
>he's a manlet
does anyone else know this feel
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they use manlets in movies so it doesn't look silly when every male character is a head taller than the next tallest female
>they go out of their way to make vince vauhgn look shorter in movies

Tom hardy is 5'8 or something no memes.

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Hahaha the vaccinations gave us braindamage!
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Idk I imagine the reason autism is becoming more prominent in the West is because we're waiting longer to have kids
That or people closer to the autism spectrum are being more successful and thus have more children. We're evolving.
The only thing good about Julia is the porn.

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>Anon, I'm hungry. Go fetch me from food
>No, not from there. It only has 2 stars on Yelp
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Fact: Chinks are the worst people on the planet
Fuck off you ugly chink before I bust your fat fuckin nose open
You know what. I was about to rage again like I did yesterday with the Tinder post, but that girl isn't even that yellow anyway.

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poor + single mother + ugly + autistic + high iq = the abyss
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poor + single mother + ugly + autistic + low IQ = annihilated
i know this feel, it is a rather harsh one

By single mother then you mean you've been raised by a single mother or you are a single mother?

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What are some normie hobbies that I can take up? I have been gaming all my life and I feel like it takes up way too much time, feels bad
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Shopping at antique and thrift stores. Girls love to do that.
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>What are some normie hobbies that I can take up?

Going to raves and concerts, going out with friends, going to the beach, travel, shopping, listening to new generic electronic music on Youtube, eating, sleeping

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>open 4chan
>close 4chan because nothing interesting in the catalog
>open 4chan
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>open eyes
>nothing interesting happens
>close eyes
>open eyes again

It's the perfect metaphor, this whole site
My current Dilemma as well. What the fuck is happening with you 4-Chan. Tumblr may as well of took over with all this gay shit.
>wake up
>go back to sleep because nothing to do
>wake up

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Are there girls out there who like slowcore?
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Do girls like this beyond Ocean Man?
yes of course they do
I've never met a single person who's into slowcore, let alone a girl who likes it. Where do you find them?

>tfw ugly
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Looks aren't everything. Seriously. And it's probably fixable whats wrong with you.

What do you think is wrong with your face, anon? We may be able to help you.

Do you work out?
Its all about the angles
Shave that shit off and you'll appeal to edgy girls. I've had literal 9/10 skinny girls like me just because I looked dark. Just be an asshole and take care of your self, no meme. I'm ugly asf and short

>make your dog only eat poop (your poop, cat poop, dog poop etc)
>it'll be hilarious they said
>dog dies

Why did I listen to you people?
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you should throw him into a pile of manure for funeral
have you no common sense?
would YOU eat cat scat?
>implying it wasn't hilarious

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Hey L if you see this please message me. I really have got to talk to you soon. Please message or add me.
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This is just about my last shot Laura
laura here

ur a faggit and i dont like u lol
No, Light

We're going to need basic income implement fast. Dr. Sam Harris, Joe Rogan, and other prominent people have been trying to get this idea into the mainstream for a long time.

I don't know about you, but it's going to be really hard making money from jobless people.
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Socialism is the future, you can deny it but it's the truth.

Automation is getting rid of entry level jobs atm and it's only a matter of time til it replaces senior jobs. When senior jobs start getting replace we will see a massive shift towards socialism/marxism.

Millennials will be the ones voting good socialists in 20-30 years when they reach their 50s.

They won't be able to survive in that hellscape.

Plus, China is going to implode. Hundreds of millions are going to die this century from smoking alone.

It's fucking great. India or Africa will become the next super power controlled by Chinese Jews.

Pretty much, /pol/ tards can say what they want about muh capitalism but the truth is, it;s failing.

And as per china and third world countries imploding, I don't think it'll happen, but even if it will, it'll only replace high paid jobs since the low paid jobs will be most likely replaced by automation.

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>work at landscaping company
>have non non byori ringtone
>it goes off one day while we're getting ready to drive home
>Mexican coworkers look at me like I'm insane
>laugh at me and call me a "weird nigger" every week since

Why are Hispanics so racist?
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>non non biyori ringtone

Which track senpai
the racism isnt unique to spics. literally every race feels that way about porch monkeys, the difference is some arent allowed to express it.

for example whites. if they say nigger it's game over. but mexicans, since theyre also a shitskin race, can get away with being more liberal with their racism.
I don't Anon...you might literally be a wierd nigger.

Better than being a lazy gross stupid degenerate nigger.

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