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Who else /sleeponcouch/ here?
>why are you sleeping on a couch
>what are you doing to upgrade to a bed
I'll start
>parents divorced
>mom decides to move into appartment bc cheaper
>sister is going to live with dad but she hasn't left yet and is taking up the second bedroom
>I'm 20 and should already have moved out so I get the couch until she moves in with dad
>I'm doing nothing because I hate myself and I have no motivation
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Why doesn't your couch have a bed?
I guess my family never considered someone sleeping on the couch longterm so they went for style over versatility
>why are you sleeping on a couch
because it's literally just as comfortable as a bed and way cheaper
>what are you doing to downgrade to a bed

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Did anyone else here fuck up and try to become an artist? Also /failed career/ thread
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i want to become a fisherman but i know i would fail
I've been trying to get started on this story I want to write but I can't find the motivation to do it.
i want to play the trumpet but im to scared I'll fail

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>Was born on a farm in the middle of nowhere and worked there untill my 37th
>My family was super religious and i had to wear a special diaper only my parents were allowed to change
>Never had a chance to explore my willy , never felt the need too. Sometimes would get the so called "Wet dream" , but i didn't think much of it.
>My mumma got hospitalized because of cancer and that's where i discovered the real world
>Told the nurses and they eventually told the police
>My father got arrested for child abuse and my mother died before she could get arrested
>Got placed in a rehabillitation family when i became 38 and they taught me everything my parent's didn't about the real world.
>Got my own computer and discovered the internet and 2 years later i'm here and i guess i'm a wizard.
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have yo had sex?
No , am too akward for that.

My friend advised me to hire an escort , but i want it to be pure
So how was your 2 year long masturbation session?

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What are some philosophical animes that will really make me think?
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Not really philosophical but sword art online fucked me up for a bit.
EVA is for thinking men
Saint Young Men

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How long would r9k last in Vietnam
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>implying they'd get past training
>> hell no we won't go
Do you any idea how many Traps are in Vietnam?

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What do the normies hide?

It always feels like im distant from whatever reality they live in, like they always do some wicked shit when im not looking.
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They'd likely say the same about you
a lot of them have pushed themselves on a girl

a lot of them have fucked their buddies girlfriend/ex and they're just waiting for someone to find out

a lot of them have committed crimes and somehow got away with it

a lot of them have suppressed bouts of depression that make sleeping almost impossible

a lot of them are alcoholics and it tears them apart

a lot of them have girls/guys that have left them for other people, and it's heartbreaking

robots only know loneliness and envy, there are a lot of other painful feelings out there.
normies are fucked up, they know that being a loser that posts on 4chan is entry-tier for whatever degenerate shit they do

to them its weakness

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Great band

I wish I got into them more in highschool
I am the man in the box...
Whats more robot core. Alice in Chains or Nick Drake?

Tell me what do you love the most about this world. Besides death and nothingness.
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The quiet nights I have to myself.
The look of joy and achievement on my students' faces when they promote
The days that aren't entirely spent on 4chan.

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How weird is it to only be sexually attracted to 2D women?
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It's pretty weird. But who actually cares? There's nothing wrong with being a little kooky.
it hurts. it hurts so much knowing they're not real. it hurts so fucking much to know you'll never be able to do something as simple as make small talk with them or look them in the eyes. you will never so much as touch their hand, let alone hold it.

i want it to stop. I want them to be fucking real and no, a cosplay gf wont cut it.
2D women do not exist, OP.

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Any robots rich?

>What do you do with your time?
>Do you still stay indoors and order everything you need?
>Did you pay to lose your virginity?
>Does money make you any happier?
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Money doesn't work this way. It makes you forget about misery.
>be me
>family is rich
>given anything i ask for
>we go on vacations
>i play vidya 24/7
>still dead inside
>therapists dont help
>medicine doesn't help

no op money doesn't magically make you happy.
>>What do you do with your time?
Find ways to make more money. Usually through investing.
>>Do you still stay indoors and order everything you need?
I do whatever I want.
>>Did you pay to lose your virginity?
Obsessions with sex is very destructive to the soul. It's also a waste of valuable time.
>>Does money make you any happier?
"Happy" is subjective to each person. I can tell you it doesn't make things worse.

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Post dank shill responses here
California discord server
Currently planning a movie meetup in socal

Please no chads or roasties
Needs more Bay area and Bakersfield desu
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Hey not gonna lie, I'm a shill but this server is lit
Hey! Im a shill too! Love this server
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I'm not a shill but because of legal reasons I have to disclose I am being paid to advertise this server.

It's soo cool lost of cute posters

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anyone up for some feels songs?


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This song always makes me cry because it hits too close to home
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Surprised this post isn't original

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>Mega Millions jackpot won a week ago
>Super Lott jackpot won today for the first time since January
>Powerball jackpot jumped to $510 million
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>Powerball jackpot jumped to $510 million
Damn wasn't paying attention. It jump by about 50 mil. Not sure if this time it billion dollar.
Really need to buy some tickets.
Spend 20 bucks this time got nothing. How much have you guy spends.
don't waste money on the meme, spend it on dat cash for life, Nigerian.

About to WILD into a lucid dream guys. Any other lucid bros have anything cool for me to try?
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Flying is always fun
I have more success having sex with the dream girls when I talk to them first. Smaller chance of them glitching out, disappearing or me waking up
Lucid dreams aren't real. You just dream that you have control over a dream, it's an illusion.

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Why 4chan never uses them?
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Pepes convey a much larger scale of emotion.
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>Pepes convey a much larger scale of emotion.
>Miserable pepe
>Smug pepe
>Angry pepe
Because this isn't fucking reddit.
Also learn to speak English you 3rd world piece of shit.

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