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>Just got my wisdom teeth removed 1 week ago
>I have tinnitus now
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This will be you later in life, goodluck!
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saw you on /pol/ earlier my dude whats up?
I dont have to suffer.

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How is it exactly with being white in Japan? I heard they are treated like shit there and blacks have it much better. Is it true?
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Weakest bait of the year award

If you're not liked here, why would you be liked there?
literally this in the most original way. /thread

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> tfw no introverted autistic girl that would want to have a bf and gf
> all of the girls interested think it's just a weekend hump from time to time which is the opposite of what we want
> none of them want to build an actual three way relationship
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3 times the autism
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Triple the fun, triple the mental illness.
It will be hard to find someone interested in that anon. Polyamory relationships are viewed as "by the rules" cheating these days. A way for someone to get some extra sex. Its great when you have partners that are open and want to work on the relationship itself, to nurture it. Keep in mind a two way relationship is already extremely hard. Now imagine three people with autism.
Its great when it works out, but you both will have a horrible time trying. Make sure trying to reach it wont break the relationship that you currently have.

t. In a poly relationship with two autistic girls for 5 years now.

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>spent $150 on chaturbate models tonight
>stayed up until 430 am
>work starts in 3.5 hours

Why am I such a degenerate? How did I get to this point
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You could have gotten a decent hooker for that kind of money.
I'm too much of a pussy to even think about trying that
Those girls are used to getting fucked by fat, bald men. They kinda rely on being reasonably nice to those people.

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I'm going to get back at her. I don't care what it takes. No one treats me like a shit stain on the side of the road and gets away with it.
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ok do what you need to do
stop fucking banning me for oregano[/ spoiler]
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Kill em with success

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>not into feet
>messagin bf
>we talk about what we'd like to do
>he talks about massaging me
>every part of me including my feet
>when he mentions my feet i instantly feel 10x lewder
>he doesnt have a foot fetish either, just casually mentioned it with the rest of his description
>the thought of him being into my feet really turns me on for some reason
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Looks like you're into feet now.

When I'm doing camshows, sometimes a guy will come in and tip me to show my feet, but only he likes it so it pushes lots viewers out of my room. Now I have a no feet rule to stop those guys.
I dunno its not the feet part i think its more that a guy would want some part of me in particular like that
Maybe it's because it's unexpected, like you've discovered another part of you that people like.

Getting compliments on unexpected features feels better than getting the regular stuff. Like a girl complimented my cheekbones for the first time, and it made me feel good even though it's an odd feature to compliment.

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Fembots. What sort of mental illness do you have, are you legitimately a cluster b girl?

How many pets do you have and what are they?

How many men have you had sex with?

And if you owned your own house or apartment, how would you decorate it, in terms of colors, styles and furnishings etc?
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I don't have mental illnesses. Just come to lurk here for laughs.

I have a turtle since the 3rd grade.

I have my own place, and I like to have plants and nice pans and ceramics in my kitchen .
Are you the botanist femanon?
No. Plants just make for good decor.

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When a girl on tinder says she's only looking for friends or she has a boyfriend but she just wants to meet new people is she serious or is it code?

Are they just oblivious or when they say that they mean they want hookup like everyone else on Tinder but don't want to be called a slut?
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>Haha honey don't worry it says I have a bf in the bio no way I'm fucking random Chads on the side lol you worry too much
Yes, they're looking to fuck. Everyone on tinder is looking to fuck. Literally everyone.
It's just so she can pretend to be retarded when somebody calls her out on being a slut.
Something like 40% of girls on tinder have shot like that in their description, while about 80% reportedly fuck. You do the math.

What the fuck is wrong with millennials?
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Their parents

Toxic socialization
so, gen x?

>Just be confident bro

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Hahahaha, very good anon
Don't bee confident, just bee your self.


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are women actually capable of love or do they just love men for what they can provide? why would men pursue women if they couldn't love them back?
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Men pursue because it's a natural instinct
instinct and features
i wish some girl cared for me
apparently its too much to ask for

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Can you imagine yourself not being lonely, anon? Can you actually imagine being with someone and interacting with someone all day?

I feel like I went so far into being alone I wouldn't be able to live with anyone. I don't think I'll ever have a gf, let alone a wife.
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>Can you imagine yourself not being lonely, anon? Can you actually imagine being with someone and interacting with someone all day?

Being lonely has become a part of who I am.
I've been to videogame meetups and it always surprises me when I'm the most outgoing and sociable.
I'm always the one who salvages awkward moments for people by thinking quickly.

I'm worried I might not actually be an introvert at all.
Well im coleader of a guild of like 66 people and i have alot of senpai in a group chat so i think im okay

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What is the worst vegetable and why is it zucchini?

>slimy and tasteless
>needs a fuckload of seasoning to make it okay
>doesnt absorb oil or marinade good like eggplant
>just a shitty vegetable overall

The only reason I grow these fucks is to give them to coworkes I hate and want them to go lowkey fuck themselves with it.
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Fuck you
Fried zucchini, potatos and carrots is GOAT
I like zucchini, it's not bad.


>weird rubbery texture
>stink like crazy
>disgusting metallic taste
zucchini is the best vegetable because it's VERSATILE and DELICIOUS with EVERYTHING fuck you kid i bet you like broccoli

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What is your daily routine robots?
I Will start with mine
>wake up 6:00am
>wagecucking to 4 pm
>smoke bowl
>play wow
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0000-0830; work
0900-1030; gym
1100-1430; sleep
1500-1700; martial arts
1730-1830; cook/shower
1900-2330; sleep
most of my day is boring and mundane
only the evening is good usually i'll
>eat food
>browse internet
>maybe play games
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>wake up anywhere between 5am to 2pm
>browse 4chan in my bed (laptop is conveniently on my bed 24/7)
>after 2 hours of browsing go upstairs and fix myself something to eat
>head back downstairs and browse 4chan more
>9pm hits and anxiety of not having a job sets in. Proceed to browse job boards.
>Get maybe 5 applications out to job postings that vaguely relate to my skills
>Get discouraged, go into my garage and work on whatever project I have going on at the moment
>Work on projects for 2-3 hours, go back inside and browse 4chan some more
>Browse 4chan until I fall asleep
Sometimes I spice things up and have jackoff sessions/naps peppered into this routine.

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Does anyone here remember sniffjizzer? What happened to him? Did he an hero?
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>tfw no one remembers sniffjizzer and he'll just be forgotten
>tfw everybody remembers sniffjizzer but nobody knows more than pic related faggot
I remember. The girl is really cool for being chill with what he did.

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