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Hey there friendorini's!
Post in this thread according to these special instructions and earn a (You)!
All (You) gotta do is say one positive thing about yourself, something that makes you feel negative (sad, angery, scared, etc.), and then one thing you like about anything in the world! I'll start us off!

>I have been improving my guitar playing everyday
>the accumulating and growing debt (my own and a lot of other people's)
>Honey is literally liquid gold

So go ahead and post in here, and get yourself some (You)s! I'll try to be here as long as I can, but I if I ever stop replying, I hope that other anons will jump in to reply as well!
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It's hard to respond to this thread because I have to think.

> I've been doing really well at bike riding.
> I'm a lot more confident now but I'm still scared of girls.
> I like your thread! It's cute.


Nice, what style of music do you play?
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>It's hard to respond to this thread because I have to think
That's why I'm making these! So that positive thoughts will come easier to robots, or at least to break up the constant downpour of negative self-inflicted torturous thoughts. We'll try to get there someday!
grils are pretty intimidating, I agree with you there. But just try to remember that you don't REALLY have to communicate with them. Unless it's some kinda business/professional thing, but that's not s hard if you're thinking strictly professionally. And thanks for the compliment!
I like to play a lot of acoustic fingerstyle stuff, but I'm getting more into classical guitar.
Thanks fr posting!
the positive thing shouldnt be taking so long to think but it is
>I dont feel like dying anymore.(yeah, this was the best I could think of after 5 minutes of thinking)
>The girl I have a crush on didnt look at me at a
all the last time we and other friends hanged out
>Rainbows, they are so rare, so I stare at them whenever I can.
Is it bad that I want (You)s, feelink kinda shallow expecting attention. Btw thanks anon for this thread.

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I could have this one done, with two simple alterations, swapping the watermelon for an armful of mugs and changing the background to white.
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Why would you want a mugmug of worst girl?
Are you /r/ing that, anon?
but that's not rei?

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>tfw smart
>not motivated enough to be hardworking and disciplined

sometimes i wish i was just born dumb, then i wouldnt have untapped potential
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I just treat it like an rpg. Doing the work expected of me builds def. stat to protect from being killed by guilt and learned helplessness
>muh smart but lazy
Go kill yourself
same i cant get any motivation to apply myself to anything even though i know i can do it its like im in prison in my mind

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who here acted like a clown in school
>be me
>chad says give that girl over there "that look" he means this one
>chad says he give me a doller
>i do it

how retarded am i
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That's actually funny.
if you actually got a dollar the chad was the retard
>be me
>scream in the middle of the class about whatever i want
>just start talking about breakfast for no reason

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Were you in special needs classes? Do you remember being treated differently for it?
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>4th grade
>trouble with multiplication tables, cant remember how bad my grades actually were though
>pulled away by one of the teachers from going to music class with only black girl
>something something special education
>couple of spergs and a retard in the room
>do idiom flash cards in that time for the rest of the week
i-its not like i liked music class or anything...
Yeah. I wasn't even fucking mentally challenged ill, but they decided all the way back in kindergarten and didn't remove me until high school.
In elementary it was hell. Can't make friends because it's all spergs, separate recess and lunch from normies.
Got better in middle school, because I was smart and I got to take math, science, and history with neurotypicals (still had to sit through PE and English with the yards though) and I made friends because I ran cross country and am reasonably attractive. Was still behind the curve socially though because I was more or less 5 years behind in social development. Somewhere during middle school talking to my normie friends I learned what the tard class was and started to develop a silent resentment for it, and especially my tard guard.
Thanks to my high scores on standardized tests and stuff I was put in high school. I learned fast to make up for those 5 years, but I still lost the chance with my oneitis, who I miss dearly to this day (only girl I've fapped to for like 5 years).
Now studying to become a doctor. If that fails, education is my backup and I swear to god I will do all I can to make it so you can test out of special needs (maybe a written test+ an interview)?
I was in remedial math from 6th grade all the way to high school graduation. I never really told anyone about and when I did, no one really cared. It was full of kids like me who had learning disabilities not severe developmental disabilities.

I'm still in remedial math in college and I'm still failing. Considering suicide for not being good at life.

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Terry here. Parents are committing me to a psych ward tomorrow. See you guys in a few months. Tell /pol/ I said farewell for a while... Stay white.
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if that's really you, god speed man
You're not the real Terry
your not terry he wouldnt save a meme picture of himself and probably doesnt even know what 4chan is

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How do you keep a conversation going?

I've never talked to people for long amounts of time, whenever I try to talk to someone I never know what to say past an opening line.
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When the conversation starts dying ask questions about the person.
s-say... anon...... uhhhh..... do-do you like uhhh...... rice?
I used to try too hard to keep the conversation about them and not myself but I realized that if you talk more about yourself they will have material to work with as well. Also OP your pic is hitting home too hard for me today since it's my 20th and I can't even afford a cake this year ;_;

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>So what did you do this summer, anon?
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Travelled to four countries with friends, Stayed in a monastry in China for 20 days without electronics, lost shit ton of weight
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Failed everything, again.
died a little more

>I've started to have frequent hallucinations over the past few weeks
>Vision warps and distorts, sometimes shadowy figures will dash past me or stare at me before running behind cover.
>Think I'm going insane
>Talk to parents about it
>"It's probably just sleep deprivation, you're fine"
>I say "I've never had anything like this, I already have paranoia and delusion problems, I'm worried it could be something bad like schiz-"
>"Don't be ridiculous anon! Wait did you say you saw shadowy figures? I've seen those too! It was probably just a ghost!"
A ghost. My parents think that I'm just being fucking haunted. Welp if that's what they think then surely I have nothing to worry about, right?
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Evil spirits
I had same problem
Smudge your house
After I told them this my parents then decided to burn some sage to get the spirits out or something. It was not effective at all.
>After I told them this
After I told them about the hallucinations I mean

>No anon, we broke up months ago. Why do you ask?
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>terrorist wallet

No thanks Fatima
>tfw when shit like this doesn't effect you anymore because you're too old to realistically be with that girl
I have short-term memory loss problems.
Why did we break up?

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How do I cure my porn addiction?
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Find another addiction

Also fap to imagination only
I don't even masturbate to porn anymore. I just watch porn out of boredom.
Watch the most degenerate porn possible

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Im not trying to be edgy.
Religion is actual bullshit on matter how you look at it , and yet many retards. Still swear by the bible , many of them black . How can we advance so much in terms of technology and yet the common person is still just as retarded as they where in the times of peasents and kings ?
Still mindless drones that believe anything news broadcasts tell them and then spew toxic bullshit at each other.
Honestly the human race should just go extinct we are a failure as an "Intelligent" species
We ignore global warming
We still believe stupid ehit invented centuries ago to keep people in check
The common man is absorbed in vanity and chassing after fame .
The common woman is a whore , with no dignity and whose only contributing factor is the whole between their legs .
The earth is fucked , the human race is too absorved in its shitty media and luxuries to focus on moving forward
Honestly everything is fucked and im very happy if i can interact with less retards until the day i die and leave this self destructive race behind .
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Because without religion people are too pathetic to adopt a better value system.
To keep their sanity
If we still followed religion you'd get married to a cute virgin instead of dying a virgin yourself.

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>try tinder
>nearly no matches
>must be that women don't like me
>and... m-maybe I didn't like most the women I saw

What happens if I try looking at guys on it?
Would anyone find out?
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Try Grindr dumbass. There's gay hookup apps.
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>What happens if I try looking at guys on it?
>Would anyone find out?
who cares if anyone finds out? if anything that's a good thing.
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>Would anyone find out?
Of course not. Try it out.

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woman plane.jpg
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>on flight to visit family
>woman's voice on the PA
>"This is the captain speaking."

What do?
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stop being a sperg and realize women are exactly as capable as you?
Unzip my pants and start masturbating
Thankfully, this has never happened to me.

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That does it you dumb kids.

You're going to turn gay RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

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>That does it you dumb kids.
>You're going to turn gay RIGHT FUCKING NOW.
Dumb sissy Jap posting boi.
Asking for a friend. Is it possible to be romantically interested in people of the same sex, but not at all sexually?
File: 1467259300145.jpg (89KB, 1213x833px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You're going to turn gay RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

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